Coaching is one of the most fulfilling, inspiring and exciting professions in the world.

Coaching is life-changing for both you and your clients.

But let’s get one thing straight.

It’s not easy being a coach.

Coaches who want to be truly effective, successful coaches who want to make a difference in the world, coaches who are focused on creating real results for their clients have their work cut out for them.

So how do the world’s best coaches do it? How do they consistently create exponential transformations and results for their clients?

Their secret is simple – they are masters at understanding personality types.

When you have clarity on what motivates your client, and the communication methods that will help you get through to them…

When you know exactly what makes them tick – their beliefs and values, their inner world – coaching for results becomes a whole lot easier.

Here are some of the most common personality types that will instantly give you a greater understanding of your clients.

Type #1: Loyalists

These are people who are devoted to who and what they love. Clients who are loyalists are usually supportive, detail-oriented, reliable and stable. They value relationships almost to a fault and they are likely to stick around long after it’s time to walk away. Loyalists respond well to structure, and consistent, reassuring support.

Type #2: Motivators

The Simple System Successful Coaches Use to Create Exponential Results

A motivator is sociable and loves to connect with others. They live to inspire and they are happiest when they are serving others. They put themselves last on their own priority list and this can lead to exhaustion and burnout. Motivators respond well to gentle guidance and thoughtful communication methods that show them you truly care.

Type #3: Lone Rangers

These are essentially introverts who enjoy their own company. Clients in this category like to work on their own. They are systematic and rational and they enjoy crunching numbers and data rather than vague ideas. Lone Rangers respond well to facts and a calm, logical approach to problem solving.

Type #4: Givers

The Simple System Successful Coaches Use to Create Exponential Results

As the name suggests, Givers are people who give their time, energy and effort freely to others. Clients who are Givers are creative, warm-hearted and loving. They dislike constriction or routine of any kind. Givers tend to be sensitive so connect with them with kindness and consideration. “Tough love” and a hardcore approach never work with Givers.

Type #5: Leaders

Clients who are leaders will demonstrate a powerful ability to take control and quickly move toward their goals. They are action-oriented and find joy in achievement. Never assume that a leader will follow your advice as they like to come up with their own solutions. Never ever try to push a leader to do what you tell them – a strong, firm approach won’t work with this type of personality.

Type #6: Spotlight Lovers

The Simple System Successful Coaches Use to Create Exponential Results

Clients who are Spotlight Lovers enjoy being the star of the show. They are outgoing, warm and love being surrounded by others. They are able to attract and simultaneously hold the attention of a great number people and have very little or no fear of speaking or performing in front of a crowd. Spotlight Lovers respond well to supportive insights rather than harsh feedback or criticism.

Type #7: Enthusiasts

These are people who have a zest and enthusiasm for life that are hard to match. Clients who are enthusiasts are visionaries. They might be entrepreneurs or involved in some other creative line of work. They have multiple passions and they have big dreams. Enthusiasts are good at juggling more than one project at a time and respond well to creative ways to solve problems and challenges.

Type #8: Problem Solvers

The Simple System Successful Coaches Use to Create Exponential Results

Problem solvers are analytical and data-driven. They can easily pick things apart and put them back together again in a better way. This includes any issue or challenge that they may be facing. They have answers or at least suggestions to almost any question or problem that you can throw at them. Clients who are problem solvers will respond well when you approach them with clear, step-by-step solutions that make rational sense to them.

Knowing how to categorize your clients according to their personality type will give you a massive advantage over just about every other coach in the industry because you’ll be able to effectively connect, communicate, and motivate your clients. You’ll easily recognize all of the core issues that hold them back from reaching their potential so you can guide them to their goals.

It’s the simple, systematic approach that will allow you to seal your reputation as an extraordinary coach and quickly rise to the top of your niche or field of expertise.

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