How To Overcome These Common Fears About Selling


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You're an amazing coach.

You invest time and energy in honing your coaching skills and leaving your clients satisfied.

But you can't expand your impact unless you also know how to reach more people.

And if you've ever felt like selling is not your strength, then you might be facing some common fears coaches have around selling that are holding you and your impact back.

Maybe you dread picking up the phone and starting a call.

Or maybe you don't feel comfortable with offering your services at a price.

We all have fears that limit us but don't let them stop you from doing what you love and helping people with your coaching.

Watch this interview between Ajit Nawalkha and sales expert Lindsay Wilson, where they discuss the most common fears coaches face when selling and their best tips on how to understand and overcome them.

In this 11-minute video, you'll discover:

  • (0:06) - The most common fear when having a conversation with a potential client;
  • (2:02) - Why we have the fear of closing sales and receiving value for our services;
  • (5:02) - How to overcome the fear of making an offer;
  • (6:33) - The difference in sales and bonding between men and women.

Being aware of your fears is the first step for overcoming them.

Once you embrace the challenge and work through it, you'll see a world of opportunities open to expand your reach, impact, and business.

And become the world-class coach you've always dreamed of. 

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About The Author

Lindsay Wilson

Sought-after sales coach who sold everything from eyeliner to Britney Spears’ piano and has trained hundreds of others to do the same - with integrity, honesty and love.

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