How To Develop Spiritual Intelligence


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Throughout our lives, we often hear the word intelligence as a factor of success in life, but what do you know about spiritual intelligence?

Intelligence is our ability to learn, understand and incorporate new skills in life. This helps us tackle different situations in the best way possible.

But what you probably don’t know is that there are three dimensions of intelligence: cognitive, emotional, and spiritual.

Cognitive Intelligence is our ability to learn, remember, reason, solve problems, and make good judgments.

Emotional Intelligence is our ability to perceive, manage, and regulate emotions.

And Spiritual Intelligence is our ability to be conscious of ourselves, our environment, and our ability to tap into a higher source of wisdom. This is related to knowing that we are all connected. No matter who we are, where we are from, what our beliefs are, or how we perceive ourselves.

Why Is Spiritual Intelligence Important?

When we are working in the field of human transformation, Spiritual Intelligence is a key area to develop as a coach. Both for yourself and for your clients.

Once you understand that everything is connected, that we are particles of a greater source of infinite love and wisdom, you will reclaim your personal responsibility for what you want to create.

You will no longer let fear stop you from taking action, as challenges will no longer seem daunting.

You will understand that the Universe is abundant and unlimited. You will know that everything that you wish is possible for you, and help is always available if you ask.

Think of yourself as a supercomputer. 

Your brain allows you to process massive amounts of information from your world. Your emotions gauge all your experiences so you can navigate life. This is all great and awesome, but it is limited. There is a cap to what our brains can do and the emotions that we can process at a time.

This is when Spiritual Intelligence comes in.

Spiritual Intelligence allows you to tap into a greater source of infinite wisdom and unconditional love. 

Imagine connecting this supercomputer to a high-speed internet connection that has access to all the wisdom and resources in the world!

This Infinite Source will allow you to tap into everything you need to thrive.

Benefits Of Developing Spiritual Intelligence

Spiritual Intelligence

As you incorporate the fact that everything and everyone is connected; that you have the innate ability to access higher sources of wisdom, you will start to connect to your intuition. 

You’ll be more present in the now. You will be able to establish deeper and more meaningful relationships with others, and access guidance from a higher plane every time that you need it.

You will be more resilient. You will understand that life is a benevolent path that guides you to live the higher expression of your soul. And that every challenge and setback is just a way to get you on the right track of what you were meant to live.

You will feel happier, more at peace, and confident that everyone conspires to help you win. Knowing that love conquers all tribulations, that you are never alone, and that you came into this planet for a very important reason.

You will know exactly how to help others thrive. You will be able to connect directly to them and have a clearer sense of what they envision for themselves, and what you can do to help them live their purpose.

When you develop Spiritual Intelligence, you will be holistically attuned to the world, and you will no longer be constricted by man-made limitations.

So now, how do you go about developing it?

5 Ways To Develop Spiritual Intelligence

Spirituality talks about the fact that there is another aspect to an existence apart from the physical/material realm, and you need to develop certain capacities in order to access it.

Here are 5 ways you can develop your Spiritual Intelligence:

#1 – Practice Stillness

Your Spirit exists in a subtle realm of reality. It’s important that you give yourself space to quiet your mind, away from all the noise and movement of the outer world, so you can connect to your Spirit.

Your soul “whispers” to you. In order to hear the messages coming from your higher self, it’s important that you make room to hear.

You can practice stillness through different practices, from meditation to taking a quiet walk out in nature, to sitting below a tree. Anything that allows your mind to focus inward, instead of figuring out how to deal with the ever-changing elements of the outside world.

Stillness is a place to just be. No judgment, no rush, no guilt. Just a moment in time for you to be aware of who you are.

#2 – Develop Your Self-Awareness

This is about connecting to your true self, discovering your inner world, and living your life aligned to your soul’s purpose.

We are all beautifully diverse, this is what makes our life experience so rich! The best way for you to discover your own path is to explore yourself. What are your values? What are your beliefs? What do you want to learn? What patterns do you want to let go of? What is your greater vision? What is standing in your way?

The moments of stillness will allow you to know yourself at deeper levels, but being self-aware is a practice that you should really focus on. Be aware of the sensations in your body, of the smells around you, of the task you are doing, of the thoughts that roam your mind. 

When you are coaching a client, be aware of what they say, and most importantly, what they are not putting into words. Watch their body language, listen for what their inner world looks like, and put yourself in their shoes. By doing so you can really understand where they are at.

#3 – Live Your Purpose With Intention

Intention is the why behind everything you do. It’s your internal GPS system.

Knowing what you want to create and why it’s important for you will fuel your intrinsic motivation and guide your thoughts.

Live your purpose! I believe we come to this planet to live our purpose. Our soul already knows what this purpose is, and all we have to do is remember.

Ask yourself:

If I had all the resources that I need, what would I love to create in the world?
What do I want to experience?
Why is this important for me?
What is the legacy I want to leave in the world?
Why does this matter?

Purpose is the long-term mission of your soul. 

Your intention helps you align to this purpose on a daily basis. Helping your clients find their purpose and consciously attune with it is key for them to be self-accountable. 

#4 – Understand That Everything Is Connected

Every element of creation is intertwined at a cellular level, and everything that we think, do, and say has an effect on our surroundings.

Everything is made up of energy. We are 4% physical and 96% energy beings. 

The tree outside your window, the cat walking down the street, the clouds, everything has energy, and we are always exchanging this energy between one another.

High-vibrational energies, such as love, empathy, compassion, and joy, help raise the energy vibration of everything around you. While low-vibrational energies, like fear, guilt, anger, or shame, do the opposite.

The outside world will always be a reflection of what is going on inside yourself. So in order to change the world, you have to change yourself. 

Understanding that everything is connected also increases our personal responsibility and accountability.

If a client is triggering something in you, know that it’s because there is something that you need to work on within yourself. Go deeper into that instead of rejecting the lesson.

#5 – Be Open

Open your mind to receive new information. Open your heart to give and receive unconditional love to others. Open your senses to learn about the world in different ways.

Being open means your willingness to perceive everything as it comes, not the way you think it should, but the way it is, without judgment. It’s the concept of allowing your intuition to guide the way, without our intellect trying to label what comes.

When you are open, you will also learn to see beyond the surface of every situation. You will learn to view life from different perspectives. You will learn to reframe every challenge from another perspective and access different solutions.

Be open to receiving guidance and intentionally ask for it. Be open to let go of control and allow your higher self to guide the way when you need.

And be open to fully accepting where your client is at, what their beliefs are, and the speed at which they choose to move forward. Trust that love and compassion can make a huge impact!

Now that you know the ways to develop Spiritual Intelligence, we invite you to test the different strategies for yourself, see how it feels for you, be present to what your senses are telling you, and go with the practices that feel close to your heart!

About The Author

Francesca Facio

Francesca Facio is a Human Optimization coach, international speaker, and trainer in life design. She is also the Learning Experience Designer, and one of the head coaches for Certified Business Coach by Evercoach.
With a postgraduate degree in Happiness and Organizational wellbeing, and certification in Pranic Healing, she combines the Western practices of coaching with the Eastern practices of healing to help her clients find their life purpose, ignite their passion and take the steps towards their personal freedom.

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