Secrets Top Coaches Use to Create Phenomenal Enrollment Conversations


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Coaching Conversations.

It’s at the heart of what we do as coaches. It’s how we serve our clients. It’s who we are.

For many coaches, starting coaching conversations are as simple and natural as breathing but there is one situation where conversations stop feeling easy and start to feel painful…

And that’s during the enrollment process.

So many coaches are truly exceptional at what they do but clients don’t sign up to work with them.

Many of these coaches think it’s because their website looks bad or their marketing funnel isn’t perfect, so they hire an expensive copywriter or start creating pricey Facebook Ad campaigns to build their email list.

But this is a massive waste of time and money.

You could have an awesome website…

You could have the best ad campaigns…

You could be running the most amazing marketing funnel…

You could even be a world-class coach …

None of that matters if you don’t know how to invite clients to work with you.

Top coaches regularly use the following insider secrets to skyrocket their signup rate. Put them all into practice and you’ll start to notice a massive improvement in your signup rate.

Pick a Power Practice

Pick a Power Practice

Even the best coaches in the world suffer from anxiety and self-doubt. They overcome this by turning to a personal power practice.

This is the practice you use to boost your confidence and step into a positive mindset a few minutes before your enrollment coaching conversations.

Your power practice should not be complicated or difficult. The more complex it is, the less likely you are to do it so keep things simple.

Some of the top coaches I know like to meditate for a few minutes. Others listen to upbeat music or watch a motivational video. It’s a well-known fact that Tony Robbins jumps on a mini trampoline before getting on stage for a live event.

It doesn’t matter what you do to get in the zone. Just make sure you do it.

You know you’ve hit on the right power practice when you feel centered, motivated and excited about the conversation ahead.

When this happens, you’ll find it easy to connect deeply and authentically with your potential client…

And this is the essence of a successful enrollment conversation.

Watch Yourself… Again and Again and Again

Watch Yourself… Again and Again and Again

Even if you’re an experienced coach, taking time to regularly practice your enrollment skills will dramatically boost your client signup rate.

Have a family member or best buddy pose as a “client” and then record your conversation with them. Watch the replay at least 3 times.

Do the same thing with a couple of different people.

This is an invaluable method you can use to pick up on what you did right and what you need to improve.

Yes, it can feel awkward – nobody likes to watch themselves on video - but it’s a power move that separates rockstar coaches from everyone else.

Successful coaches never stop fine tuning their enrollment skills throughout their careers and neither should you.

Don’t Enroll. Ever.

Don’t Enroll. Ever.

The world’s greatest coaches are never in enrollment mode.

They are always in listening mode and in serving mode.

I mean, they do it all the time.

They listen and serve when they’re with friends. They listen and serve when they talk to the person sitting next to them on a flight…

They listen and serve when they chat with strangers they meet at the local coffee shop.

So, when it comes time to start an enrollment conversation, they just do what they always do…

Listen. Serve.

This is one of the most powerful insider secrets you’ll ever learn as a coach.

When you come from a place of service during an enrollment conversation, something magical happens.

Your potential clients will pretty much fall over themselves to work with you. They’ll knock on your door, get on a waitlist and do everything they can to sign up with you.

They know you’re there not to sell, not to enroll…

But to help.

It’s is an irresistible call. A magnetic pull that will create an endless list of clients. Try it and you’ll see.

Some of the most successful and well known coaches in the world have used these insider secrets to build credibility and grow a highly profitable coaching business.

The methods are simple but you need to be patient.

It takes time, and effort to get them right.

But when you do, your anxiety, fear and self-doubt will disappear, you’ll actually start to look forward to connecting with potential clients and you’ll finally master the art of the perfect enrollment conversation.

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