How to Build an Unforgettable Online Presence for Massive Success


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Your online presence is essentially your digital footprint and your online persona rolled into one.

It includes your website, your social media presence on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, or other online platforms, your blog posts, your emails to your subscribers…

You get the idea.

Think of your online presence as any bit of written or visual content that triggers interaction and leaves an impression on your audience about who you are and what you stand for.

When you consciously build an authentic, purposeful online presence that connects with your target audience, business profitability and growth are pretty much guaranteed.

Here are smart, simple methods to build an unforgettable online presence.

Method #1: Do it With Intention

So many entrepreneurs get caught up in all the different pieces that need to be in place to create a profitable, successful business. They get totally lost in an endless cycle of “getting things done” and forget to set goals.

This is a huge mistake.

If you want to build a powerful online presence that helps you create success, it’s extremely important that you do it with intention. If you don’t, you might end up sharing misguided or unfocused content with your audience.

This can drive away ideal clients and the damage can take months or years to correct.

So set clear goals from the start and begin at the top.

Look at the big picture vision for your business.

Do you want to be known as the go-to expert in your field? Do you want to become a respected author or speaker? Do you want to grow your business and then sell it for a profit? Do you want to turn your one-person enterprise into a giant corporation?

Clarity on your big vision will help you create the right kind of written content, videos, visuals, and images, so you can project a congruent, purposeful online presence to make that vision a reality.

Method #2: Be Generous

No matter where you are in your business and no matter which industry you belong to, giving away high-value free stuff will get you noticed for all the right reasons.

You could create a free video series, free eBooks or guidebooks, and even short online programs or courses around your zone of genius or expertise.

This is one of the most effective ways to build a powerful, positive online presence people will love.

Your audience will be drawn to you and they’ll keep coming back for more because they’ll see you for who you truly are…

An entrepreneur who cares.

Method #3: Watch the Data

Online personal brand as a coach

Your website is attracting a steady stream of visitors.

Your emails are opened and read.

Your Facebook posts are receiving “likes.”

So, you conclude that you’re connecting with your audience and your online presence is in great shape.

But are you sure?

Likes, opens, and visits are great but they’re not enough.

Your online presence – all of your content – must motivate your readers, followers, and website visitors to do one thing…

Buy from you.

Always keep track of the data and make sure your online presence converts into purchases.

If all of your work isn’t turning into dollars and cents, it’s time to go back to the drawing board and look at what’s missing from your game plan.

You might need to improve your copywriting skills or create offers and programs that fit your customers’ needs. Sometimes, a handful of design tweaks – on your website, your emails, or your sales page – might do the trick.

Keep experimenting until you find the perfect formula that works to transform one-time website visitors or unresponsive followers into paying customers and clients.

Method #4: Get Involved

Commit to being active in online communities related to your expertise.


It’s one of the fastest ways to build a memorable online presence. People rarely forget those who are always ready to help or contribute valuable input to a conversation.

When you make it your goal to share insights and advice around your area of expertise on online forums or in social media groups, you’ll build trust – a critical foundational element for a great online presence.

When you’re ready to take things to the next level, look into creating your own online community.

Facebook groups are free and extraordinarily easy to set up. Starting your own group will naturally put you in the spotlight. You’ll be seen as a leader and an expert.

And when you consistently share comments and posts that group members find helpful, you’ll easily establish a powerful, purposeful online presence that will quickly grow your Facebook group and expand your ideal client base.

How To Market Your Online Coaching Business

Put these methods into action by creating your own marketing plan. Follow the 7 simple steps from this video to get started:

If you haven’t put much thought into creating your online presence, don’t wait.

Use these 4 methods and get started right away.

Consciously building a great online presence is a smart and effective way to attract ideal clients and create a great reputation.

You’ll quickly achieve your goals and create massive success in your business.

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