The highest form of personal achievement comes when you leave a positive imprint in the world.

And who better to explain this life-changing concept than the man who's been voted as one of the top 5 leadership experts in the world?

Meet Robin Sharma.

Introducing legendary Robin Sharma for Mindvalley's new masterclass

Robin went from humble beginnings to a successful legal career, but he ended up walking away from his job because he didn't feel happy or fulfilled — he didn't feel like he was making an impact. 

After studying the mindsets, heartsets and rituals of the most extraordinary individuals, he's gone on to sell ten million copies of his books, which include the international bestsellers, The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari, and The Leader Who Had No Title.

He's become one of the most trusted leadership experts in the world.

Watch this 5-minute video to hear:

    • (4:17) — How Vishen has incorporated one of Robin's most invaluable teachings into his business and personal practice.
      • (1:24) — How to become a masterful leader, no matter your title or position;
      • (3:17) — The poignant lesson that caused Vishen to add this 60-minute habit to his day;
      • (3:40) — The simple secret to becoming a visionary;

Remember, the highest version of yourself comes when you step forward and take your personal transformation and skill sets into the larger community.

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