How To Tune Into Your Intuition As A Coach


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Want to know the one word I don’t buy into when it comes to growing a business?


Forget those stories that say in order to be successful you need to ‘hustle’ for 12-15 hours a day.

I’ll say it as it is – I am my best mentor! More specifically, my intuition is.

But what is intuition and how do we tap into it?

Intuition is defined as ‘the ability to understand something instinctively, without the need for conscious reasoning’.

But what does this mean on a practical level?

Well, one thing I know to be true is that learning to listen to your own intuitive ideas can make a world of a difference. It helped me create demand for my coaching programs, create a queue of high-end clients and quadruple year-on-year earnings, twice.

So yes – I can safely say the return on investment of letting your intuition run your business is very high.

The inspiration for what to do (or what not to do) has the ability to grow your business fast. ROI on your actions will be through the roof and your productivity will multiply by hundreds.

You might be asking,
How do I get it?
How do I go from always hustling, to taking inspired action?
How do I welcome more ease into my business?


I like to consider intuition as my sixth sense and internal compass. No matter how you refer to it, that gut feeling you experience when it comes down to making important life and business decisions demands to be felt/heard.

Our intuition and inner guidance has the ability to access information well beyond our programmed mind. Our inner-tuition has the capability to access “all-there-is” and is continuously whispering the answers to all our questions.

I firmly believe that our entrepreneurial mindset is what can hold us back from being our greatest, not our business knowledge.

It is our struggles with self-esteem issues, self-confidence, and self-assurance.

I have no doubt in saying that many entrepreneurs rely on their intuition just as much as they rely on their business brains to create successful business ventures.

And with that in mind, today I’ve decided to share with you five things I have learned about intuition and five things you need to know about yours (and how you can use it to grow your business with ease).

1. Sometimes you’ll get loads of ideas, sometimes you get nothing. It doesn’t matter. Just listen

Of the five things you need to know about your intuition, the first is learning to listen.

We are all subliminally receiving ‘divine guidance’ – there’s no doubt about that. Some of us can ‘hear it’ better and with more east than others.

The good news is that we are all about to work on opening this communication channel and make our inner voice louder – so to speak.


By simply listening.

Intuition is just like a muscle, it takes time and practice to perfect.

Include ‘listening time’ into your daily morning routine – it has worked wonders for me and allowed me to receive guidance with ease.

‘Tune’ into your desires by simply imagining what it would feel like to be experiencing all that you want right now (not in the future).

Ask yourself: “What is my part in this?”, “How can I overcome this?”, “How can I achieve my goals with ease?” – then, just listen.

Listen for that piece of ‘inspired action’. If it doesn’t come straight away, it will ‘pop up’ throughout the day.

Listening is the key – the more we do it, the more that inspiration flows.

It’s important that we acknowledge these ‘unexplainable’ urges and recognise that this is our inner tuition.

Nurture your intuition and become conscious of those inescapable feelings, and over time you’ll learn to rely on these instincts.

2. Observe your energy – your intuitive ideas will be a perfect match

Next, focus on your energy.

Inspiration can be received through lower vibrational states (such as anger, fear) and from higher vibrational states (excitement, belief, love).

Focus on your vibrations before seeking answers from your divine self; visualise what you want to accomplish and notice how you would feel if you already had that which you want.

Instead of switching on my phone and computer first thing in the morning, I attend to my vibrations.

I do so by practising gratitude, connecting with my desires, playing with my child and pets – you name it.

Take time to reflect.

All successful entrepreneurs use an equal balance of strategy and initiation to guide their business.

Take time to listen to your inner guidance – you’ll be able to receive divine guidance more easily and the ideas will be a perfect match to that of what you desire.

3. Don’t be afraid to let your inner guidance scare your ego

Let your inner guidance run wild.

Your intuition will often tell you important and intimate things nobody else would dare to – and it’s in our DNA for our own minds to argue with this advice.

The human mind is not designed to let us make changes easily. Our local (programmed) minds will fight any ideas that will make you expand beyond your comfort zone.

Your ego wants to keep you safe – screw what your ego thinks. Screw how it fights back.

If the inspired ideas excite your soul, follow through and follow through real quick – before you give your mind the time to over-think – so to speak.

Shock your ego! Do it again and again, and over time, it will become powerless.

4. Intuitive ideas often sound irrational

Intuition is arguably a person’s highest form of intelligence, it holds energetic data ripe with the potential to boost drive, transform your world and fulfil your purpose.

Your intuitive guidance knows far more than what your logical mind does – it’s only natural that it sounds irrational!

When intuition hits, refrain from judging the idea on how much sense it makes. Ignore the part of your brain telling you “this doesn’t seem right”.

Instead, evaluate it by considering how it makes you feel!

If the idea feels expansive and exciting (but often scary at the same time) you can bet this is your inner self-showing you the way!

5. Action, action, action

Intuition – everyone has it, but not everyone applies it – intuitive ideas have no value without action.

Follow your premonitions, trust your instinct and act upon your intuitive ideas – no matter how illogical or scary they might sound.

This is by far the most important take away; without listening to your intuition and acting upon your intuitive ideas, you are unable to allow your mind to flourish.

When we trust our intuition, we start to make the right business decisions that have the ability to change our lives in unimaginable ways; our projects and clients align effortlessly, and business goals are met swiftly.

Intuition is difficult to define, despite the mammoth role it plays in our lives. It’s is power over intellect – the unconscious reasoning that drives us to do something.

Although sometimes this is the most challenging part, we must act on the inspirations.

As entrepreneurs, it’s important that we come into alignment with not only our intuition but also our business goals and intentions.

Tapping into our inner guidance is the first foot forwards.

Tuning into my intuition has enabled me to help thousands of women become world-class-coaches, run an accredited NLP coach course and scale a multiple-six-figure business that feeds my soul!

It’s often illogical, and at time scary. But it’s 100% right for us; it’s how “miracles” and quantum leaps are made.

Looking at your fast-expanding list of amazing clients will only confirm this to you! So next time you’re wondering what steps to take next in your business, tap into your intuition and let it guide you, I promise it won’t you won’t regret it.

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