How to Master the Art of Completion (and Change Your Life)


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Complete. Done. Finished.

It’s something we aim to do every day.

But how often do we actually finish what we start? How many projects remain undone, incomplete, unfinished?

How many books do we begin and abandon, after a couple of chapters?

How many courses and programs do we walk away from?

How many ideas do we never follow through?

Think of all of the things you might have accomplished, the people you could have met, the places you might have seen and the changes you could have made if you just learned to finish what you start.

I’m not saying this to be negative or to make you feel bad.

Far from it.

I’m saying this because you have the power to create a different reality because completion isn’t a gift from above that’s given to a lucky few…

It’s a craft that anyone can learn and implement. Including you.

Here are 4 easy techniques you can use to master the art of completion.

And change your life.

Technique #1: Don’t Start

Don’t Start

Don’t start on a project or activity that you don’t care about. You’re bound to end up with an “incomplete.”

Here’s what I mean…

If you’re running a marathon just because your friends are doing it, you’ll never cross the finish line. If you’re learning Japanese just because you want to impress your new partner, you’ll give up in the middle of week 2.

Look back on your life and you’ll see a pattern…

The projects you completed were the ones you believed in. They mattered to you on a deeper, emotional level. They gave you a feeling of satisfaction and accomplishment.

It’s not just your mind that has to be in the game, your heart needs to be all in too.

Psychologists call this intrinsic motivation.

So, give yourself permission to get picky.

Don’t start on anything that doesn’t inspire you. Get going only on projects and activities that truly matter to you.

It’s a highly proficient way to finish what you start.

Technique #2: Gamify

Limitless coaching

Let’s face it…

The human race isn’t very good at dealing with delayed gratification.

This isn’t anything to be ashamed of.

We simply do not have limitless willpower so we can’t go on forever without rewards for our hard work and persistence.

The people who make the world’s most popular video games know this.

Every time you get to a new level, you’re rewarded with more points, new equipment or an awesome new superpower.

Use this principle in your life.

Gamify your projects and activities to guarantee completion

Give yourself rewards each time you hit a milestone and celebrate like it’s going out of style.

When you do this, quitting will be the farthest thing from your mind.

You’ll be energized and motivated to keep going even when you hit major obstacles and challenges.

Technique #3: Fail at Perfection


Perfection is the enemy of completion.

If you’re focused on getting everything 100% perfect, you’ll get nothing done.

This is an undeniable fact.

You’ll stay stuck in a frustrating cycle of going through every detail again and again because “it’s not where you want it to be” or “it’s not up to standard.”

Meanwhile, your big project remains unfinished. Your goals and dreams remain out of reach.

Don’t fall into this trap.

Look at your project and prioritize the tasks or steps that make a difference to the overall result. Focus on the aspects that will create success and then let go of the rest.

Think about outsourcing or delegating elements that are not important. Give yourself – and others – permission to make mistakes.

Allow yourself to fail at being perfect.

It’s a counterintuitive yet effective way to achieve art of completion.

Technique #4: Get Real

Coaching techniques to get things done

We all have limited resources – time, energy, focus, money, attention.

When we don’t take these limits into account, we’re setting ourselves up for incompletion and failure.

Before you start on your project, get out a piece of paper and list out everything you’re going to need to get it done.

Estimate the amount of time, energy and money that it’s going to take.

Then look at your calendar and your bank account and start budgeting.

When you get real in this way, you’ll have a clear understanding on what it’s actually going to take to get to the end of what you begin.

You won’t run out of time, money or energy without warning.

There will be few – if any – nasty surprises or curve balls.

This is a powerful way to equip yourself with everything you need to keep going until you can finally say with pride, “it’s done.”

The bucket list. The to-do list. The grocery list.

We want to get things done. We want to move forward.

We want to achieve our goals.

We want to win.

And mastering the art of completion with these proven completion techniques will help you do all of that and more.

You’ll become the kind of person who gets things done.

It will change how you look at the world. It will change how you look at yourself.

It will change your life. You will become the master in the art of completion.

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