How to Master the Enrollment Process and Create Clients with Ease


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Client enrollment is a critical part of your journey as a coach. It doesn’t matter if you’re the world’s greatest coach, if you don’t get this piece of the puzzle right, you’ll never get your business off the ground. You are always worrying about how to enroll your coaching clients?

This is what happened to master coach Christina Berkley.

She’s one of the most respected and reputable coaches and in-demand speakers in the industry today and her clients include celebrities, politicians, entrepreneurs and moms but not too long ago, Christina was living a different sort of reality. She was a struggling coach who could barely make ends meet.

Nothing changed for a long time.

Then, Christina discovered specific processes and techniques that transformed the way she handled the enrollment process. Almost immediately, she began to create coaching clients and in a short time, she was signing pretty much every client she spoke to.

In this high-value video, Christina shares some of her insider secrets and power tips to gracefully overcome challenges and obstacles during the enrollment process so you can create a growing list of ideal clients with ease.

Watch the video once on how to enroll your coaching clients and then come back and work through the following reflections and action steps. These questions and activities are designed to help you absorb and implement key learnings so you’ll quickly start to see amazing results in your upcoming enrollment conversations.

Action Step #1: Boost Your Confidence

What can you do to raise your confidence level before you get on a call with a potential client? (example: hire a coach to help you master enrollment conversations, purchase a sales program, read a book about selling with integrity etc). List all your ideas in a journal. Pick one and follow through on it in 24 hours or less.

Action Step #2: Identify Pitfalls

Think of the enrollment conversations you’ve had so far with potential clients. What are some of the challenges and obstacles your clients have shared that stopped them from hiring you as their coach? Is it the price point? Timing? Maybe they told you they need to check with their husband/wife, first? List everything you can think of in your journal.

Action Step #3: Be Prepared

Look at the list of challenges and obstacles from Reflection #2. Go through each of them one by one. Now, think of answers, ideas and coaching techniques you can use when your clients share these challenges and obstacles with you. This will get you prepared ahead of time, get rid of anxiety and panic and allow you to connect powerfully and confidently with clients in your next enrollment conversation.

Action Step #4: Get Centered

It is extremely important to stay centered during enrollment conversations no matter what your potential client says or does. List at least 3 methods you can use to subtly find your center during enrollment (example; taking 3 deep breaths etc).

Action Step #5: Inspire Inner Peace

Training yourself to stay calm in your everyday life will help you stay centered during enrollment conversations. Choose an activity you can incorporate into your daily routine that will inspire feelings of inner peace and calm such as journaling, meditation or yoga. Start to practice this activity every day.

Action Step #6: Stay Unattached

Commit to staying unattached to the outcome of your enrollment conversations. Give yourself permission to work ONLY with clients who are excited to work with you and ready to sign up for your coaching packages and programs. Allow yourself to gracefully let go of everyone else. Write down your thoughts around the concept of staying unattached and letting go during the enrollment process. Capture any ideas or insights that come up for you.

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About The Author

Christina Berkley

Christina Berkley is a passionate advocate for people that want to stand in their own POWER. As a life coach and speaker living in New York City, she has worked with clients that include moms, politicians, celebrities, musicians, activists, entrepreneurs, and other coaches. By working with people to develop their unique strengths, she thrives when she sees her clients transform and make huge impacts in the world. Her mission is to pass that wisdom to others and ensure people are connected to their own infinite reserves of power and tremendous capacity for love.

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