How To Coach Successful Clients


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How to Coach Clients More Successful Than You

Want to learn more about how to coach leaders?

Do you ever feel you're not ready to coach clients more successful than you?

Whether they're CEOs, high-impact individuals, leaders or entrepreneurs, it might feel daunting to consider coaching clients who are more successful than you.

But it really doesn't matter if they have more experience, reach or influence than you...

You are capable of helping them if you know how.

As world-class coach leadership Michael Neill shares in this video, you will never "be ready;" you just have to be present.

Watch this video to discover how!

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  • The 2 fundamental truths about human beings backed by universal scientific principles of human nature which will change the way you approach coaching, unlock your infinite creative potential as a coach, and expand the results you get for your clients;
  • The #1 misunderstanding many coaches have about transformative coaching -- and the surprisingly simple truth of what you actually need to powerfully coach high-achieving individuals and leaders;
  • “The Simplest Coaching Method in the World” which is more powerful than any tool or technique to achieve deep connection and long-term transformative results;
  • The hidden dangers of relying on “a box of coaching techniques”, and why trying to imitate the “processes” of other master coaches could work against you and hold you back from mastery;
  • …and much, much more!

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