Do You Want to Sell with Integrity? Follow These 3 Fundamental Pillars


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Making a sale means having to sacrifice your integrity. Is selling with integrity possible?

And that’s the key reason you hate to sell. You love your clients and you’re dedicated to helping them achieve results.

You know you can get them where they want to go, if only they’d purchase your services — that package, that event, that session, that program.

If only you could get them through the door.

You’d be able to work your magic as a coach and help more people, create more impact and grow an incredibly successful and profitable coaching practice.

But that hasn’t happened.

Not because you lack the skills…

Not because you’re low on passion and ambition…

But because you want to sell with integrity.

And no one ever hits their sales goals if they sell with integrity, right?

I’m here to tell you that’s just not true.

You can sell with integrity and call in a long line of high-paying clients.

You can sell millions of dollars worth of packages, events, sessions and programs by ditching the sleaze factor during a sales conversation.

The 3 pillars of integrity that I’m about to share will set you up for success in your very next sales conversation.

Start to use them all the time and you’ll be astonished at how much you’ll begin to like sales and selling.

Pillar #1: Focus on Connection and Conversation

We’re more connected now than at any other time in human history.

But we’re also more disconnected in very crucial ways, now than ever before.

We thirst for real human relationships.  

As we spend more and more time online, we drift further and further away from face-to-face conversations and true relationships.

That’s why it’s so important to demolish that distance.

To create an emotional bond even if you’re on a sales call with a client who is oceans apart from you.

The only way to do this?

Focus on authentic connection and conversation.

NOT on selling.

Talk to your clients. Really talk to them. Ask about their lives. Find out what makes them happy and what makes them sad.

Allow them to reveal their goals and dreams…

I mean the real ones and not the ones they think everyone wants to hear.

Truly see them for who they are…

Vulnerable, flawed, amazing human beings on a journey to reach their highest potential.

When you bring your heart and soul to every sales conversation in this way, you’ll succeed every, single time.

Because your potential clients will feel seen, heard and understood.

They’ll experience the power of authentic, unapologetic human connection and they’ll feel compelled to work with you.

And you’ll make that sale.

Without even trying.

Pillar #2: Bring Your Whole Self to the Table

You will become a master at selling with integrity.

Yes, you.

I won’t say this about everyone but I know it’s true for you.


Because you’re a coach.

And as a coach you care.


You want to create positive transformations for people.

Your heart is already in the game.

So there’s no need to try and be a “sales person” or to try and “sell the right way.”

What I want you to do instead is to take a deep breath and be yourself. That’s all you need.

Allow the real you to shine through.

The “you” who dreamed of becoming a coach.

The “you” who cannot think of anything better in this life than making a great living helping others.

When you bring your authentic self to the table, your clients will feel your love, your commitment and your desire to help.

This is what sells. This is what inspires clients to pick one coach over another.

Not credentials or testimonials  — although these are helpful.

When it’s down to the wire, your clients will choose to work with you because they can feel how much you care.

So ditch those sales methods that don’t feel right, the frameworks and strategies that feel nothing like you…

And be yourself.

It’s the secret to selling with integrity and hitting hundreds of thousands — even millions of dollars — in sales.

Pillar #3: Create Transformations

Don’t wait until you’re in a paid session to be a coach.

Be a coach. All. The. Time.

And that includes sales conversations.

When you get on that call, ask what your client is struggling with.

Do everything in your power to help.

Reach deep into your coach’s toolkit and help them find the solution they need.

Even if you can’t come up with a full solution, give them something that they can work with.

Something they can take action on as quickly as possible.

Create that transformation. It’s a taste of things to come when your client works with you.

They’ll appreciate your concern. They’ll love that you care.

They’ll find themselves drawn to your work.

Serve first and always.

When you do this, your services, packages, events, sessions and programs will sell themselves.

Commit to using these 3 pillars of integrity and be sure to take action the very next time you’re about to start a sales conversation with a potential client.

You’ll find that when you choose congruence and alignment…

When you choose to be nothing but yourself…

When you choose selling with integrity.

You’ll start to hit the kind of legendary sales goals that you never even dared to imagine…

We’re talking hundreds of thousands, possibly millions of dollars worth of sales.

The best part?

You’ll get do it all by sticking to your values and beliefs and being who you truly are.

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