If you’re running a coaching business, you’ll already know the struggles of having to juggle a million different jobs.

You’re not just a coach… you’re a book keeper, social media strategist, adverts manager, diary manager, lead generation wonder woman, record keeper, analytics guru, oh and you probably have a life with a whole other realm of responsibilities too.

It’s a lot. But this is where automation steps in.

Being a coach in 2017 with a wealth of technology at our fingertips is a blessing.

Here are some quick automation tools you can implement straight away to soothe your brain-fry and free up more time to do what you’re best at… coaching!

1. Ditch the book work


Automating my invoices, receipts and expenses, was probably the best gift I ever gave myself.

I use Xero as my accounting software. It’s cloud based and third-party integrate-able, meaning it can talk to other softwares without you having to intervene.

What’s more is that Xero is one of those ‘simple, easy to use’ accounting packages, and is very intuitive. You won’t need to read a manual to figure this baby out.

I connect my Xero, to Stripe (my card payment processor), via Commerce Sync. It is possible to connect Xero to Stripe directly, but the inclusion of Commerce Sync, means that all your invoices, receipts, and expenses, are created inside Xero automatically so that you don’t have to do it manually.

Every payment that I take online (and that’s the only way I take payments now), is perfectly accounted for inside Xero. I log in once a week, and simply click ‘Reconcile’. My accountant gets direct access so when it’s time to submit the accounts, his work his painless too because everything is so clean and tidy!

FYI… you can set up all of these softwares in under half an hour. Less than 10 minutes each. It’s really minimal effort, and so worth it!

2. Automate your diary management


How much time do you waste trying to find mutually convenient times to coach your clients? It’s agonising and completely unnecessary!

Hello, online booking software with API skills!

I personally use Acuity, but 10to8 is also a great contender. All my clients book in for solo, and group sessions, using Acuity, which, conveniently syncs to my Stripe payment processor so all payments can be made online (and subsequently all the associated accounts are automatically dealt with).

Acuity also allows me to sell products and packages online, and, with a simple bit of code, I can embed it in my website!

No more emailing back and forth.

And, just to make my preferred booking and payment methods super clear to clients, I use an autoresponder on my contact email which directs everyone to my website to book and pay online, so I don’t waste time manually typing emails sending people to the right place.

Acuity also has the capacity to connect to Zoom for those of you who coach via the net, plus a whole host of other nifty softwares which you might already be using.

3. Create an evergreen stream of new clients


Ok, so without going in to headache inducing digital marketing strategies here, there’s a few things you can do to automate this process and consistently attract new clients.

The basics go something like this:

Facebook adverts >>> drive traffic to a landing page >>> potential clients enter their email address >>> receive a free offering from you.

Their email then goes into an email marketing funnel, through which you build the ‘know, like, trust’ factor, and turn potential client, into paying client. Bravo!

But this involves lots of Facebook advert analysis and tweaking right?


AdEspresso can do this for you!

AdEspresso is a Facebook ads software which automatically optimises your adverts and runs split tests for you, massively increasing your opt-in rate, whilst reducing your headaches, your ad spend, and your time spent away from coaching.

So what about the landing pages and the auto responder sequence?

This does not require a lot of tech. In fact ClickFunnels can create your landing pages, and your auto responder sequence all in one place with minimal effort. Granted, ClickFunnels is expensive if you want the all singing all dancing version, but you have options.

Ontrapages is a great FREE alternative, and the Ontraport family of softwares offer some really clever tools to automate your lead generation (amongst a ton of other things).

Thrive theme plug-ins and Optimise Press for Wordpress are also great solutions, depending on what you’re looking for.

4. Automate the ‘Know Like Trust’ Factor


Email autoresponders are my life! Ok, slight over exaggeration, but this discovery eliminated awkward conversations and time intensive sales pitches.

If you’re coaching, I’m sure you’re already using something like Mailchimp or Convert Kit to send your newsletters and weekly or monthly mails, but are you using auto responder sequences to maximum effect?

I have so many different freebies and giveaways for my potential clients, that if one doesn’t resonate with someone, I’m pretty sure I have something else in my goody bag that will help find a solution to a problem.

The best bit about Mailchimp (for me) is that I don’t have to figure out how best to serve someone. With the help of Mailchimp, the client does this themselves.

Each opt-in (or freebie) has it’s own mailing ‘list’ with it’s own auto-sequence, which builds the ‘know like trust’ factor, and presents opportunities for clients to buy in to one of my courses, members club, or one-to-one coaching.

Now if someone isn’t responding to those emails, and they’re not clicking links to pay me, then Mailchimp can automatically offer them a different gift based on their behaviour. And so, they leave one ‘list’, and are sent into another ‘marketing funnel’.  Hopefully this one works (!!), but if not, Mailchimp follows behaviour patterns, and can put them into a different list instead, and so on… until I’ve fixed the world’s problems.

Ha! I wish! But I’m sure you get my point. The work goes on behind the scenes whilst I stay busy doing what I’m good at… mindset and business coaching.

5. If all else fails, use Zapier!


Ah, my love affair with Zapier. I honestly do not have an affiliate scheme with these guys but the way I rave about them, you’d think they send me free chocolate!

They don’t.

Zapier is the automation queen. There’s nothing she can’t fix. If you want something automated that I haven’t walked you through here, you can either ask me, or, you can head over to Zapier and check out all the amazing options for you there.

You might even be inspired to try out new software you’ve never heard of before, just because you saw it on Zapier’s Explore Dashboard. This is exactly where I found most of my life changing tools.

Even the simplest things can be automated, like your social media and blog sharing schedule. You have better things to do than typing out 30 hashtags three times a day. Automate that!

Final Tip

Do not run away from automation because you’re a self-labelled ‘tech catastrophe’.

You do not need to be tech savvy to up-level your success with automation.

And trust me, if you can do it… a robot can do it better, and faster, and without the need for espresso shots at 11pm when you’re still working through that to-do list.

I have a music degree, a creative background, and 10 years experience in business trying to do it all. No one ever taught me ‘tech’. I’ve never touched a computer course. I just persevered until I figured out what worked.

And now I’m sharing with you. Because trust me, it’s easy, it’s necessary, and it’s time you cut yourself some slack, and delegated to a robot.

Remember, you are at your most successful when you’re doing what you’re best at. Coaching.

You can thank me later.

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Harriette Hale

Harriette Hale

Harriette Hale is a mindset and business coach for creative and spiritual freelancers and entrepreneurs. She is also a singer/songwriter and the owner of a portfolio of businesses including a music academy, a music agency and a record label, generating multi six-figures in revenue.

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