How To Attract High-End Clients to Your Products and Services


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Selling a high-end or premium product or service isn’t hard.

Yes, it requires serious thought and clear strategies to hit your sales targets but this is certainly not out of your reach.

Even if you’re fairly new to the coaching industry, you can sell out your premium coaching program or retreat when you have the right mindset and marketing strategies.

But even before you start looking into strategies, there’s a critical piece of the puzzle that needs to be in place.

You need to do this one thing to attract the right coaching clients for your premium coaching product or program… I’m talking about getting into the mind of a high-end client. Long before you create your offer and begin your sales and marketing process, you’ll need to truly understand how your ideal high-end clients think.

Why? Because you’ll gain nothing from creating a premium coaching program or setting up a marketing and sales strategy that doesn’t appeal to them.

If you do it wrong, you might even repel these clients and this is definitely not what you want.

While they’re like any other client in many ways, high-end or premium coaching clients demonstrate a number of important differences in their thinking.

When you set up marketing strategies without understanding these differences, you are pretty much setting yourself up for failure.

So, let’s take a quick yet in depth look at how high-end clients think so you can create an attractive premium offer and marketing strategy that magnetizes massive sales.

Perceptions of Price and Prestige

Perceptions of Price and Prestige

What I’m going to say here may be hard to believe but it’s a fact… High-end coaching clients are not overly concerned about the price of a product or program.

The truth is, they are accustomed to paying high prices for what they want. They may even be expecting high prices.

Think about this: would you expect to pay $30 for an hour of coaching with Tony Robbins? Of course not!

Whether we want to accept it or not, the price of a product or program lends color to our perception of it. In general, the higher the price, the more prestigious and valuable the product.

The important thing to remember here is that setting a high price isn’t enough. You must follow through with value (an hour with Tony is likely to change your life, after all).

When you do this, you’ll earn a reputation as a premium coach who can create the results your high-end clients are looking for.

Avoid the “Air of Desperation”

Avoid the “Air of Desperation”

No matter what happens, you need to do everything in your power not to appear desperate for a sale.

An air of desperation sends out the signal that you’re NOT an “in demand” coach… And if you’re not in demand, most people will come to the conclusion that it’s because you’re not very good at what you do.

This is the last thing you want your high-end clients to believe.

So how do you convey that you are a professional, in demand coach? Set clear, strong boundaries from the start.

Coaches who have a long list of clients naturally need to guard and protect their time. They do this by setting a number of boundaries like “no calls or messages will be entertained after 6pm” or “expect email replies within 24 to 48 hours.”

Coaches who have few clients, or none at all, reply emails and messages the instant they receive them and this could be at all hours of the day or night, including on weekends and major holidays.

These are also the coaches who will never successfully attract high-end clients because it appears that they do not respect their own time and needs.

High-end clients expect to work with professional, successful people who know how to set boundaries and when to say no.

Make Every Minute Count

Make Every Minute Count

The more expensive your product or program, the simpler it needs to be. Just to be clear, simple does not mean easy. It means that your product or program is powerful but uncomplicated.

Your high-end clients do not want to sit through hours of audio or video. They don’t want to turn in pages and pages of homework or complex assignments.

High-end clients are exceptionally good at making every minute count. They expect to walk away with a ton of value in short periods of time.

So make sure your coaching sessions, videos or live calls are jam-packed with a ton of game-changing insights and strategies.

Getting inside the minds of high-end clients will help you anticipate their needs and understand their expectations.

With these powerful insights on hand, you can start to create premium products and programs that solve their problems and that are presented in a way that appeals to them.

This is an awesome combination that even the most selective high end client will find hard to resist.

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