If you’re ready to achieve massive success as an entrepreneur and coach, do yourself a favor…

Find a mentor.

The world’s most successful coaches, CEOs, authors, entrepreneurs and leaders have mentors.

Great mentors can offer you guidance, expert input, motivation and inspiration. A mentor will cut your learning curve in half, save you a ton of time, money and energy, and show you how to get past obstacles in your journey to success.

But here’s something you need to consider: making the decision to find a mentor is easy, but choosing a great mentor is remarkably hard.

There are endless options out there and many coaches get lost and confused. Even worse, some end up picking a “False Legend” instead of a mentor.

False Legends constantly talk about new ideas, innovations and exciting marketing and sales techniques...but none of these methods actually work. False Legends are essentially master marketers who will tell you what you want to hear…

Never what you need to know.

Just as a great mentor can lift you up, a False Legend can break you down.

So how can you tell them apart? How can you avoid a False Legend and pick an amazing mentor?

Look for the 4 traits all great mentors share…

Trait #1: They’ve Already Achieved Your Goals

4 Traits All Great Mentors Share And You Should Look For

Your mentor must be someone who has already achieved what you want to achieve.

If you want to be a world-class coach and speaker, pick a mentor who has done these things exceptionally well.

If you want to run sold out coaching programs and retreats, pick a mentor who has done that successfully.

Your mentor is essentially your guide to greatness, and a guide that hasn’t walked down that path first can't show you the right way.

There are some exceptions to this rule…

Some mentors are able to guide others to achieve success in areas outside their zone of genius.

But this is rare.

Play it safe and look for facts and evidence that your mentor has already achieved your goals and dreams.

This way you can be confident they have the experience and skills to lead you to where you want to go.

Trait #2: They’re Honest About the Good…And the Bad

4 Traits All Great Mentors Share And You Should Look For

If your mentor is all about praise and kind words, start looking for a new mentor.

Successful people know it’s important to look closely at their losses and failures so they can learn from them. You won’t get very far if you have a mentor who only focuses on your wins.

Find someone who will tell it to you straight, pick apart your failures and help you improve.

When this happens, you’ll learn to face your challenges with grace and hit your goals in record time.

Trait #3: They’re Happy to “Open The Kimono”

4 Traits All Great Mentors Share And You Should Look For

A good mentor will “open the kimono” without thinking twice…

They’re completely transparent about their journey and they’re generous about sharing every lesson and every insight including painful or even embarrassing mistakes, challenges and struggles.

This is like having unlimited access to a magic map – you’ll see the pitfalls and problems that lie ahead of you because someone else has already scoped out the terrain.

The best part? You can now easily avoid and learn from a whole lot of mistakes without having to experience them yourself.

When you find a mentor who’s open to sharing their personal experience in this way, never let them go…

You’ve hit the “mentor jackpot.”

Trait #4: They Avoid Water Cooler Talk

4 Traits All Great Mentors Share And You Should Look For

Great mentors can be trusted to keep your deepest, darkest secrets.

Here’s a simple litmus test that will tell you if your mentor is someone you can trust…

Ask yourself, “Does my mentor gossip about others?”

If your mentor talks to you or anyone else about another person, they’re going to share your personal affairs with others as well.

Great mentors avoid water cooler talk…they don’t gossip. Ever.

There’s a power quote that’s attributed to Eleanore Roosevelt and it captures my sentiment on this point…

“Great minds discuss ideas; average minds discuss events; small minds discuss people.”

Studies have shown that having a mentor helps you achieve your highest potential, stay accountable as you create forward momentum in your life and business, and they significantly increase your overall chances for success.

But pick carefully.

A False Legend can be easily mistaken for a great mentor.

Use these 4 traits as a guide and you’ll always be able to tell them apart.

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Ajit Nawalkha

Ajit Nawalkha

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