Top 12 CRM For Coaches To Manage Their Work Effectively


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Coaches need to manage multiple tasks and facilitate good customer relationships with their clients. For this purpose, relying on CRM (Client Relationship Management) software is effective for coaches to improve their client relationships accurately.

Statistically, coaching services are high in demand and their market value is expected to grow to $20 billion by 2022. With CRM integration, coaching professionals can ensure lower costs, streamlined workflow, and better administration of their coaching business.

Thereafter, you, as the coach, can focus on your main goal of guiding your clients and their performance while the CRM handles the organizational tasks.

In this article, you’ll get a list of the different CRM platforms available for coaching purposes. Choose yours wisely.

What Is A CRM?

CRM or customer relationship management involves practices and tools that individuals or businesses can utilize for enhancing client interactions effortlessly.

Plus, you as the user can manage your communication and tasks with potential clients, too. Statistically, approximately 75% of sales managers are of the opinion that CRM is effective in boosting client relationships and sales evenly.

Typically in this career field, training professionals need to track the progress of their clients (i.e., players). Overall, with the best CRM at your disposal, you can organize yourself or your team better, and stay up-to-date with your clients routinely.

Best CRM For Coaches Platforms Available

The following are 12 of the best CRM options for coaching professionals for their team management and client management purposes.

1. Profi

Profi is an effective CRM for coaches to scale their business methodically. It allows its users to manage their clients and sessions all through one platform. The payment and communication features of Profi CRM are as powerful as its overall client management characteristics.

Indeed, coaches, consultants, trainers, and therapists can utilize this software for developing customized plans for their clients. Moreover, connecting with the clients is not difficult due to the diverse communication support tools available.

The users can apply interactive mediums like chats, phone calls, and video sessions to engage with their customers. Not to mention, the community discussion area is an efficient sphere that boosts more helpful engagement. 

Via the Profi coaching platform, you can produce professional-level landing pages and offer courses for your clients. This, in turn, helps you manage your business activities better and your players and team to improve their performance.

Notable features include:

  • Users can enable SMS notifications for clients. 
  • Easier communication with solutions like video conferencing. 
  • You can set online coaching sessions, in groups or one-on-one.
  •  Users have the ability to co-author their coaching programs with other professionals.
  • Payment settlements are simpler, secure, and automated.

2. HoneyBook

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Another expandable and top-notch CRM software with coaching services is HoneyBook, an all-in-one system for customized training solutions. Health coaches, business coaches, and life coaches find this program versatile and useful.

With its suite of features, you as the coach can customize your brand and client-specific plans well. Not to mention, the client-coach connection enhances favorably due to the automated communication features.

You can schedule meetings and manage them effectively through HoneyBook. Moreover, you can organize well-defined marketing strategies with pre-set contact forms and brochure templates for selection.

Plus, the online payment software of HoneyBook makes it easier for users to manage their revenue points and boost sales. For example, setting up recurring payments for clients is easy to handle for coaches while utilizing this CRM.

Notable features include:

  • Invoicing and online payment options are quick and secure. 
  • Coaches can create proposals and send them fast to clients for quick verification and enrollment.
  • The CRM integrates with other systems like Zapier, Gmail, and QuickBooks.
  • Easier task/program scheduling available.
  • Automated features like customized emails, reminders, and questionnaires.

3. Coach Logix

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To note, Coach Logix is mainly web-based and free to use for coaching businesses. Typically, small-scale companies or independent coaches find this CRM most suitable for their client management tasks.

The scope of Coach Logix and its usability is vast. Not to mention, you would notice a diverse variety when it comes to the features you can use via this CRM. Indeed, you can schedule your coaching sessions, track client progress, plan their goals. And manage invoices and billing.

This versatility is visible in the context of payments too. Users can avail of different Coach Logix plans with a separate pricing structure to choose one within their budget. Indeed, the free version is useful but it has limited features. For starter coaching businesses or individual coaches, this is acceptable.

Yet, the paid versions include multiple advanced benefits and tools; you can upgrade as your business expands.

Notable features include:

  • Full-scale analysis of players and gameplay for smarter teams and players. 
  • Players and coaches analyze stats together for more solid workflow and communication. 
  • Free trial available for initial users.
  • Organized billing and invoice management.
  • Session scheduling and intuitive video-based performance breakdown.

4. Bitrix 24

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This CRM is a collaborative suite of tools and integrations that are valuable for startups and large enterprises alike. Indeed, the management techniques are very effective for the coaching professionals to manage their business activities and plans.

Not to mention, the automated communication tools make client interactions easier to control for coaches. Indeed, you can utilize the Activity Stream to keep note of all of the tasks and coaching measures of the team. This applies mainly to the bigger coaching companies.

Besides, with the Bitrix 24 CRM, you can manage your projects, contacts, emails, messages, tasks, and files systematically.

Notable features include:

  • Multi-account access.
  • Manage and track tasks and meetings. 
  • Communicate via emails, video-call meetings, and phone calls. 
  • Password-protected file sharing.

5. Satori

Source: Satori

Another CRM software platform for coaching services is Satori, which includes a vast array of features. Coaches of different fields can use the tools and solutions available under Satori to monitor their business and coaching practices.

The interface of this CRM is dynamic and user-oriented; coaching professionals would find the platform accessible and intuitive. Users can generate and then advertise their coaching programs here easily.

Moreover, the CRM provides capabilities like arranging quick payments and online bookings to collect leads. While employing the Satori software tools, you can collect and distribute customer-oriented plans and proposals. Also, all coaches using Satori can send questionnaires pre-session to the clients.

Notable features include:

  • Easy-to-use interface.
  • Sign agreements and onboard client management.
  • Manage all client accounts safely. 
  • Simple meeting scheduling options.
  •  Create and send customized and detailed questionnaires.

6. Nudge Coach

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Nudge Coach CRM is an online CRM-based coaching platform for these professionals to remotely track their clients’ stats.

With this platform, users can verify and notice the habits and health activities of their clients between sessions. Also, they can create customized plans for the consumers, based on their main needs and goals.

This user-friendly program was originally a customer-oriented habit tracking application for individuals. Coaching professionals and their teams in the life coaching, business, and health industries utilize this system currently.

Overall, the tools available for coaching and client tracking allow coaches to send real-time messages and schedule notifications to clients. Tracking the in-between session behavioral data of the players enables coaches to quickly understand who needs extra attention and guidance.

Medical environments and healthcare professionals can use this software for managing their programs, too. 

Notable features include:

  • Coaches can customize daily tracking for entire programs.
  • Individual client tracking and stats analysis for personalized solutions.
  • Integrated support from other movement-tracking apps for better data collection.
  • Communication options for Zoom-based personalized sessions and social forums available.
  • Coaches can organize monthly step challenges and similar offers to boost group-based coaching programs and customer engagement.

7. Practice Better

This CRM for coaches is suitable mainly for practice management solutions. Typically, nutrition coaches utilize Practice Better to manage their books, recommendations, and payments regularly. To note, the CRM platform is HIPAA compliant.

Users can connect it with other systems to streamline their workflow better. Plus, the platform works well with different cloud-based systems too. Indeed, coaches can pull their documents from cloud-based platforms like DropBox and Google Drive directly.

Mainly, the coaching professionals apply Practice Better CRM to create coaching programs, market their brand, and interact with clients.

Notable features include:

  • The users can organize video conferences for easier communication and session management. 
  • Create and distribute forms.
  • Easier schedule booking, cancellation, and rescheduling. 
  • Automated payment features and invoicing.
  • ClientHub for simplified client detail management.

8. MBody360

Source: MBody360

This integrated CRM for coaches platform is an efficient tool in the coaching industry, mostly for wellness and health coaches.

With MBody360, professional users can develop personalized lifestyle plans for their clients. Indeed, the points one can cover here include parameters like supplementation, diet, sleep schedule, and activities.

Here, clients can control their stats manually for coaches to review. Or, they can sync their data into the program from apps like Google Fit and Apple Health.

Users can integrate the CRM with associate platforms like Shopify here; this is effective for increasing sales traffic and client satisfaction. With MBody360, you as the coaching company owner can operate multiple programs. Here, professionals can schedule both group-centric and one and one programs.

Notable features include:

  • Create customized meal plans.
  • Daily session scheduling. 
  • Sleep and exercise monitoring. 
  • Easy-to-navigate interface with real-time tracking. 
  • Recipes for health diet maintenance.

9. Quenza

Source: Quenza

This particular CRM software mainly focuses on mental health coaching and related conditions for well-being.

Compared to most of the other options, Quenza is very new in the market for coaching companies. The manufacturers are currently adding multiple administrative features and more future updates are possible.

The platform includes multiple useful features for customer engagement improvement and relationship building for coaches and their clients. A notable benefit here is the Pathway Builder; coaches can send a series of tasks automatically to the clients.

Moreover, the users of Quenza can custom-build their workflow or use a pre-formed pathway available in the library.

Notable features include:

  • Pre-set proposal templates and quotes.
  • Product sourcing and cataloging.
  • Sales reporting. 
  • Automated workflow management.

10. TrueCoach

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This platform is mostly compatible with coaching service providers in the fitness business, like personal trainers. They can launch their training and coaching sessions remotely and interact with the clients easily. Typically, clients and users of TrueCoach can share workout videos and guidelines via this platform.

To note, the main objective of TrueCoach is oriented towards accountability and coaching engagement measures. Here, you can focus on health tracking measures and communication primarily instead of business-oriented management, for programs and payments.

Notable features include:

  • Workout tracking.
  • Workout session management. 
  • Tracking nutrition intake of clients. 
  • Real-time messaging feature.

11. CoachesConsole

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This CRM for coaches is mainly centered around coaching and consultancy-oriented activities and was designed accordingly. Here, professional coaches can manage multiple aspects of the business, like agreements and appointments. Plus, it is easier to monitor and maintain payments and invoices via CoachesConsole CRM as well.

Moreover, it is effective for scheduling sessions with prospective and current clients. Coaches can manage different one-on-one sessions more freely here.

Notable features include:

  • Client detail updates via the online calendar.
  • Manage pre-uploaded content. 
  • Access client portal with online scheduling and documentation tools. 
  • Pre-built website templates.

12. My Coach Office

This CRM software platform operates via a cloud connection. Here, coaching professionals can manage their coaching packages and online courses for interested applicants comfortably.

Also, the available resource library is full of tools, solutions, and guidelines for more organized business management. From tracking new clients’ programs to creating custom invoices, the My Coach Office is simple to adapt to and utilize.

Notable features include:

  • Cloud-based tools and solutions. 
  • Client management. 
  • Goal tracking/setting. 
  • Schedule appointments quickly.


All in all, coaches find CRM applications useful for controlling, tracking, and generating custom client coaching packages based on useful data. Plus, team members in coaching companies using the software tools and integrations can manage their workflow better.

From scheduling coaching sessions to tracking customer health and client activity data, these professionals get real-time client progress information quickly. Also, they can easily interact with all clients, too. Overall, the advanced features of CRM are highly serviceable to coaches for creating personalized training programs.

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