How To Become A Confidence Coach In 2023


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This video blog is a crash course on how to become more confident, so you know exactly what to do as a confidence coach, with your clients! 

Think about this… have you ever chastised yourself for not being “confident” enough? 

We all have, right? 

You see, confidence is always situational. 

Which simply means that you can develop confidence by training yourself properly. 

It is a skill that you need to practice. 

The work of a confidence coach is to help people realise their innate potential for confidence, and practice the skill more and more. 

In this video, Ajit explores the topic of confidence in-depth – how it can be developed, how to think about it, how to change how you feel about being not confident, and how the work of a confidence coach comes into use. 

What Is Confidence?

How to become a confidence coach in 2021

Becoming a confidence coach in 2023 is a great opportunity.

You’d agree, that with the world being more shut down than ever, people are wrapped up in their own world. This has heavily affected community building and mental health – both really important factors in helping us become more confident and well-rounded individuals. 

That is why, before we delve into discussions of how to build confidence or how to think about it, it’s super important for you as a confidence coach, to understand what confidence really means. 

Confidence, simply put, can be your ability to deliver to a particular requirement that you have committed to. To finish a particular task that you said you would, in the way you would. 

It’s important to understand that confidence is not an innate trait or ability… but a skill that you can develop. It’s more of learned behavior that needs patience, practice, and consistency. 

When you are feeling a lack of confidence, it is simply that you are feeling a lack of confidence in that particular situation. It is not that you are feeling an innate lack of confidence as in yourself. 

Therefore, confidence is constantly developed, harnessed, and always practiced as we move through life.

Why Do We Lack Confidence?

While there may be many different situations that can dictate a lack of confidence, here are two specific ones that mostly encompass all that follow… 

1. You are being hypercritical of yourself. You end up judging your response to life, instead of taking your experiences as learning lessons. 

2. You are procrastinating. When you avoid doing things, you are encouraging the self-dialogue of not being ready enough… and thus losing your confidence on the way! 

As a confidence coach, it is your role to bring awareness to these possibilities that you or your clients may be subjecting themselves to, often unconsciously… 

And working with them to re-look at these instances as learnings and opportunities for growth. 

How To Build Confidence As A Confidence Coach

The first step to building confidence in yourself, as a confidence coach, or in your clients, is realizing that you must start trusting yourself. 

Self-trust is a great place to inspire confidence. 

Any activity that will help you build more trust will always help you build your confidence. 

As a confidence coach, start trusting yourself with imperfect actions and also encourage your clients to do the same. 

The idea is to start small, and then develop competence in that particular action over time because competence is instrumental in developing confidence. 

Ask yourself… 

What is it that you can do today, to take imperfect action? 

Every imperfect action is going to compound into more competence and confidence.

So, go back to this video for an in-depth understanding of how you can build confidence, in yourself, and in your clients as a confidence coach. 

And then tell us in the comments below… what imperfect action are you going to start with today, in an effort to build up your confidence? 

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