How To Enroll Coaching Clients on Facebook Chat


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Did you know that you could just as easily get coaching clients on facebook chat as you would using paid advertising? 

In fact, you’d get even better leads and coaching clients on facebook chat! 

This blog is an adaptation of a conversation with Taki Moore, renowned coach and marketing expert, who went no further than organic facebook chat, to get his clients… that too, for products worth $2000 and more! 

Watch this video to know how he did it, or simply read through this blog so you can adopt his steps for your coaching business too!

The Proven Method For Selling Through Chat

Selling Through Chat

Most people make the mistake of optimizing their marketing for conversions. Which is fine, and is not to be counted out from your marketing efforts. 

But, it’s also interesting to explore the possibility of optimizing your marketing efforts for conversations instead. Real time conversations with people who talk back. 

For years, we have already done this over cold emails, and calls. But now, with a plethora of direct message tools available at our fingertips… such as messenger, insta dms, and so on, it’s become an untapped opportunity to sell through chat! 

A simple example of this would be asking people to comment below a particular post where you’re showcasing a new product… instead of asking them to click through and register. 

This is an act that prompts people to start their side of the conversation with you.

Moreover, by putting in the effort to leave a comment, they have just demonstrated their interest in your product, and their demand for it. 

  1. Start conversations with permission, usually involving a promise to give something cool, or just to send across more details. 
  2. Create some conversation starters that have a direct call to action to start a conversation in your dms. 
  3. Start engaging on chat with a pre-defined chat flow, so you know how and where to steer the conversation.

5 Step Flow To Get Coaching Clients On Facebook Chat

Facebook Chat

Here’s a pre-defined chat flow that you can refer to and adopt for your coaching business, as demonstrated by Taki Moore in this video:

1. Opener: 

This is a really simple question that’s designed to have your prospects reply to you. Keep in mind that you’re looking for a prospect who knows what they want, when they want it, and would like some help from you. 

2. This/That Question

This step is about building trust. Having a this/that question will help you probe deeper into your prospect’s needs, while also leading them to more possibilities with the different options you’re giving. 

3. Gap 

Sometimes it’s important to give spaces and gaps in the conversation. Especially when you are ready to go deeper with your questions, but you know it’s too soon.

4. Find Their Needs

What are the top 3 things you need right now? 

Questions like these help you speak to their exact needs, instead of talking about all the things that your programme offers. 

5. Offer Help

Would you like some help? 

If you feel you can specifically help them with one of their needs, simply offer it. And this is where you go to your call to actions. It could either be to book a call with you to dive deeper, or to simply sell your product!

The Real Question Behind Getting Coaching Clients On Facebook Chat

Coaching Clients

The point of having all of these conversations, and engaging deeply with your prospects, is, of course, to get coaching clients on facebook chat! 

But, on a deeper level, it is simply to understand whether you and the prospect are a good fit or not

It is so much easier to get coaching clients on facebook chat because you’re having a running conversation with your prospects where you are actually trying to understand their problems. 

They don’t feel like you are selling them anything. 

To them, it’s a simple conversation… as it is to you. 

Sales calls can most often always feel like sales calls. You’re there feeling all nervous and jumpy, and you lose your prospect’s trust along the way. 

Replacing heavy sales calls with simple running chat messages can feel not only easier, but also totally free flowing! 

Do you agree? 

If you’re interested in trying out this new and exciting technique to get coaching clients on facebook chat, comment below and share your thoughts with us! 

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