8 Ways To Achieve Inspirational Coaching


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Imagine you just finished a coaching session with your client. You had the most amazing conversation, where time seemed to fly, and everything flowed in perfect serendipity.

Your client had so many aha moments, her face full of hope and curiosity as she discovered a new life unfolding in front of her.

Tears of joy let you know that you just helped transform human life and helped elevate the consciousness of our planet.

Powerful right? That is Inspirational Coaching!

Why Inspirational Coaching Is So Important

In a culture that is obsessed with measuring people against each other and promoting
competition instead of cooperation, we often forget how incredibly important inspiration can be.

Inspiration is a driving force that moves you to do something great. It moves you from within, moving you towards embodying your life’s purpose.

It allows you to transcend your limitations and create extraordinary experiences. It moves people from apathy to full engagement and has the power to lift your mood and elevate your energy instantly.

This is a key area to work with your clients, and contrary to popular belief, inspiration is not something that happens randomly. It is actually a state that you can consciously drive yourself into on purpose.

And that is where Inspirational Coaching comes in!

How Do You Create Inspiration?

Inspirational Coaching

Even though we are all different, there is a common factor that sparks inspiration, and that is related to our emotions.

Our emotions are the internal radar that lets us know when something is making our heart sing when there is something that fills us with satisfaction and endless possibilities.

Before you can create inspirational coaching, you have to discover what creates inspiration for you.

In inspirational coaching, these are some of the ways that you can create more inspiration for your life, and then for the lives of your clients:

1. Develop Your Curiosity

The first thing we have to do to find more inspiration in our lives is to be curious about what moves us. Some people find inspiration in music, others in beautiful art pieces, and others in nature.

As an inspirational coach, if you want to help your clients find inspiration, you have to encourage them to explore different activities, even if they are related to what is done every day in the life, or even if they have no idea how to do them.

Be curious and open to exploring. It is worth it, believe me.

Start by asking: What does inspiration mean to me? How do I feel when I’m inspired?

Try random things, you never know when you will find something completely unexpected that you love.

You can’t connect the dots looking forward; you can only connect them looking backward. So you have to trust that the dots will somehow connect in your future. – Steve Jobs

He attributes a lot of his inspiration and success to trying new things, even if he couldn’t understand the connection to what he was doing at the moment.

2. Increase Your Awareness

How to become an author as a coach

As you explore what moves you, take note of what you feel. Keep a journal with you if you like, but be aware of what your body feels as you explore. Look for common factors between the things that inspire you, and consciously include more of them into your day.

This will help you find what energizes you and what drains you of energy. It will help you be more open to trying different activities, it will spark your creativity, and it is fun!

This brings me to the next step…

3. Incorporate Joy In Your Life And Share It With Others

There is no greater thing you can do with your life and your work than follow your passions. – Sir Richard Branson

We live in an era where social media has impregnated every part of what we do.

As we get more connected in real-time with the rest of the world, and people are finally having an uncensored outlet to defend their different causes (which is amazing), we are slowly shifting our focus on what is wrong with the world, and feel embarrassed when we want to share what is going great in our lives.

This is not to ignore the problems of the world, but rather to create a way to nurture hope and inspiration in yourself and others by focusing on what is going great as well.

As an inspirational coach, encourage your clients to cultivate joy in their daily routine, share their wins, their dreams, and what excites them, it not only allows others to connect to the emotion of joy themselves, but you also help elevate the energy vibration of others.

Remember that everything you do, and every state you are in is your choice and under your control (unless you have a mental situation that requires special therapy, everything you choose to experience is in your hands).

4. Move Your Body!

Exercise not only helps you stay healthy, but it makes you feel great!

When you move, your blood flows and it oxygenates your system, stimulates the growth of new brain cells, releases stress, helps you sleep better, improves your immune system, and produces a whole bunch of amazing hormones for feeling happy and inspired.

When you exercise, it increases endorphins, dopamine, adrenaline, and endocannabinoid — these are all brain chemicals associated with feeling happy, feeling confident, feeling capable, feeling less anxiety and stress, and even less physical pain. – Dr. Kelly McGonigal, Health Psychologist

So if you are serious about being more inspired, move! It can be any type of exercise, from yoga to running. Even walking is a great option you can choose

5. Look For Awe

Have you ever sat down to observe a toddler playing? They go out into a world that is full of possibilities and wonder. Everything they do and everything they see has a pinch of magic attached to it. This is a great way to feel inspired!

So allow yourself to be surprised, try to see the world from the lens of an explorer that is experiencing something for the first time, like when you visit a new place in the world and you are taking everything from the experience for the first time.

Go out in nature, stop to admire the vastness of the sky or the immensity of the ocean. Admire a beautiful sunset, absorb the beauty of a fresh-bloomed flower, wonder in the smile of a child.

Look for awe everywhere!

6. Create A Vision Board

Start by asking yourself: If I had unlimited resources, and I could create anything, how would that look like?

Allow your imagination to run wild, letting any idea flow through you without any limitation or stopping to see if it’s possible.

Then paste everything you dream into a vision board that you can see regularly. Incorporate elements that inspire and excite you, and keep adding as new ideas come.

7. Look For People Who Inspire You

There are so many people who, just like you, wanted to make our world a better place to be.

You can read an inspiring biography, watch a documentary of a change maker, listen to a podcast or have a rich conversation with another human being that you find amazing.

When you feel inspired by other people, and experience all the positive thinking and emotions that are born from seeing others be the best version of themselves, it will invite you to be more inspiring for others as well.

8. Move From Ego To Service

When we get out of our ego and our overthinking mind, we are free to do what we really love, and have full energy to serve love to others around us. There is no greatest pleasure, and biggest source of personal inspiration, then when you get to help others and see that what you have to share has an impact!

I remember when I gave my first seminar. I was super nervous at the beginning, but when I let go of my ego and went into a full-service mode, I was able to fully connect to my audience from a place of love.

At the end of the seminar, one of the attendees, a woman in her 50’s, approached me full of tears in her eyes. She told me it was the first time in more than 40 years that she had felt she had permission to dream.

That spark of inspiration in her eyes really moved me. It made everything I had prepared completely worth it, and it reminded me why I love Inspirational Coaching so much!

We never know which soul we can inspire unless we put ourselves out there.

About The Author

Francesca Facio

Francesca Facio is a Human Optimization coach, international speaker, and trainer in life design. She is also the Learning Experience Designer, and one of the head coaches for Certified Business Coach by Evercoach.
With a postgraduate degree in Happiness and Organizational wellbeing, and certification in Pranic Healing, she combines the Western practices of coaching with the Eastern practices of healing to help her clients find their life purpose, ignite their passion and take the steps towards their personal freedom.

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