There’s more to extraordinary coaching than just being “universally acceptable” and doing things by the book. “

Great coaching goes way beyond convention…

Way beyond “business as usual.”

And many of the most successful coaches in the world understand this on a gut level.

They know that being a phenomenal coach is about being fearless.

It’s about doing things that no one else has done before…

Or dares to do.

It’s about being who you need to be to create the results your clients are looking for.

Sometimes, this means adopting what most people would call unusual – and maybe even “negative” - traits.

Here are 5 unconventional personal traits that have helped some of the most extraordinary coaches in the world, get to the top of their game.

Unconventional Trait #1: They’re Unmoved

5 Unconventional Personal Traits of Extraordinary Coaches

Great coaches understand that love and care play a big role in the client-coach relationships.

But only up to a point.

The best coaches know there are times when they have to get tough for their client’s greater good.

And when this happens, they are unmoved by tears and pleas and excuses.

When a client repeatedly doesn’t do what they say they’re going to do…

When they keep making the same mistakes…

When they are not committed to the transformations that will help them hit their goals…

Extraordinary coaches don’t hesitate.

They call these clients out.

They tell the client the truth.

In some extreme cases, they show the client the door…

And they don’t look back.

Unconventional Trait #2: They’re Rebellious

5 Unconventional Personal Traits of Extraordinary Coaches

Extraordinary coaches know when to follow the rules…

And when to break them.

They have a rebellious streak they don’t bother to hide.

They openly challenge coaching “rules and regulations” they don’t believe in and then they go ahead and create their own approach.

Extraordinary coaches are all about finding new and better ways to get results for their clients.

Innovation and creativity has to happen to boost the overall success and growth of the coaching industry…

And amazing new coaching methodologies and modalities often come from extraordinary coaches who aren’t afraid to go up against old methods that don’t work and create new ones that do.

Unconventional Trait #3: They’re Self-Centered

5 Unconventional Personal Traits of Extraordinary Coaches

The extraordinary coach understands they can only serve their clients if they serve themselves first.

Great coaches are not shy about taking care of their own needs.

They’re big on self-care and they are dedicated to nurturing their mind, body and spirit.

They don’t feel guilty when it’s time to take a vacation or a long break and they encourage their clients to do the same.

Extraordinary coaches are happy, healthy coaches and they are remarkably disciplined at taking good care of themselves.

Unconventional Trait #4: They’re Picky

5 Unconventional Personal Traits of Extraordinary Coaches

Extraordinary coaches value their time and their expertise and they’re not afraid to turn away clients who aren’t a good fit.

Some may call this “arrogant” but it’s not.

It’s just smart.

Extraordinary coaches know that some people are ready to be coached and some are not.

This is a simple fact.

They watch for warning signs – such as excuses and blame – from clients and potential clients.

They focus on differentiating between clients who are truly committed to creating a better life and the ones who aren’t…

And they choose to work only with the first type of client. Never with the second.

This personal guidance system protects an extraordinary coach from working with resistant clients who won’t see results, and it gives them the time and space to work with clients who are ready to hit amazing levels of success.

This is one of the quickest, most effective ways for a coach to create an unshakeable reputation…

And it’s the method that allows an extraordinary coach to rapidly hit high levels of success and create massive impact in the world.

Unconventional Trait #5: They’re Stubborn

5 Unconventional Personal Traits of Extraordinary Coaches

Extraordinary coaches are incredibly stubborn…

Specifically, when it comes to helping their clients.

Once they make up their minds to serve a client…

They will stop at almost nothing to help that client achieve their goals.

No challenge, obstacle or problem is too big, too complicated or too hard.

Extraordinary coaches remain persistent, motivated, innovative and determined long after everyone else has thrown in the towel.

And this is the trait that puts them miles ahead of every other coach out there.

Kindness. Drive. Motivation. Authenticity. Courage…

These are universally accepted as some of the positive traits every coach should have.

But great coaches know that conventionally positive doesn’t always lead to authentic significance.

So, if you’re ready to skyrocket your success and become known as the coach who creates phenomenal results for your clients…

Forget fear. Forget typical. Forget normal…

And embrace unconventional.

When you do, becoming an extraordinary coach will be easy…

And a lot of fun.

Ajit Nawalkha

Ajit Nawalkha

Ajit Nawalkha is the Co-founder of Evercoach. He is passionate about disrupting industries and creating positive change. Ajit is a business coach himself.

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