My friend and world-class coach Rich Litvin began his coaching journey on the beaches of Thailand.

I myself started without being aware that I was actually coaching.

No matter how you started on your path, the capacity to coach at a high level and to grow an exponential coaching business is already within you…

Just as much as it is within me and within every coach who loves what they do.

The secret is to learn and then implement principles that will bring out the best in you as a coach and as an exponential business owner.

Over the years, I’ve distilled countless tips, techniques and strategies into the following power principles. These insights work as a guideline to help you create a profitable, coaching business and a rockstar reputation as a coach.

Power Principle # 1: Become a Successful Giver

5 Proven Power Principles to Create an Exponential Business

Who doesn’t love a coach who gives their time energy and effort to create success for their clients?

But giving without taking is a dangerous habit and it will lead you to failure.

Here’s what you need to do instead…

Understand the difference between giving your all and giving it all away.

Giving your all happens during a coaching session, program or live event. It’s about listening deeply to your clients, focusing 100% and doing everything in your power to help and to serve at the highest level.

Giving it all away is mostly about what you do outside your sessions and official coaching hours.

It’s about not having boundaries and not knowing how to protect your energy and time. It’s about taking messages and calls days, nights and weekends. It’s about coaching 24-7-365.

This will drain you and deplete you. You will be physically, emotionally and mentally exhausted.

Doing this will dilute your ability to coach at an exponential level. It will hurt your reputation and you may never recover from this.

So, reframe your concept of giving.

Don’t be a giver. Be a successful giver.

Power Principle #2: Stay in the Zone

5 Proven Power Principles to Create an Exponential Business

You must feel aligned and in flow as often as possible and for as long as possible if you want to do extraordinary work as a coach.

This means you must know your zone of genius.

One of the best ways to find that zone is to think about the tasks that only you can do and that you love to do.

What is it that you could never outsource to someone else? What is it that lights you up each time you do it?

For me, that’s coaching clients, creating content and programs, and also exchanging ideas with incredibly successful people in and outside the coaching industry.

Take time to discover your zone of genius - it’s the secret to consistently serving your clients at an exponential, impactful level.

Power Principle #3: Be Decisive

5 Proven Power Principles to Create an Exponential Business

Research shows that our brains use more energy during the decision-making process than almost any other activity.

Taking too long to decide or moving back and forth about your business decisions will cost you an incredible amount of time and energy. These are limited resources that are better spent on improving your coaching skills and moving your business forward.

Remember this: the more successful you become, the more decisions you’ll need to make.

I use a very simple filter to make decisions on everything and anything…

From partnership projects to proposals and client enrollment, plus scores of other decisions that come my way on an hourly basis.

My filter, as Rich Litvin would say, is: either it’s a hell yes or a hell no.

There’s no such thing as a “hell maybe.”

If you’re not excited about joining or participating or working on something, don’t do it.

Train yourself to follow this principle even if you’re a brand, new coach. It’s what top coaches do and it’s never too early to begin thinking and acting like a rockstar coach.

Power Principle #4: Be Okay with Turning Them Away

5 Proven Power Principles to Create an Exponential Business

This one’s related to power principle #3…

Training yourself to stick to “hell yes” decisions will help you on another level…

You’ll be able to make tough choices about clients.

If you want to get to world-class status, you must run your coaching business based on who you can help, and not anyone and everyone who happens to reach out to you.

This means not jumping up to connect with everyone and not trying to enroll everyone who gets on a call.

When you do this, you’ll start to notice that more and more people want to work with you.

Your ability to say no and to work only with clients you know you can help is one of the most powerful things you can do for your reputation as a coach

And it’s one of the most profitable things you can do for your business.

Power Principle #5: Follow Your Energy Cycles

5 Proven Power Principles to Create an Exponential Business

Personal growth books and some success gurus will tell you that you must maintain a high-performance level at all times.

This does not work for coaches.

Coaching is “energy hungry” work because there’s a lot of thinking, focus and deep listening involved.

If you don’t understand your personal energy cycle – when to push forward and when to step back and rest – you’re headed for burnout and failure.

There will also be times when you must take longer breaks from your business. A couple of weeks or more.

This needs to happen because life happens.

You may find yourself in the middle of a difficult time in your personal life and you may need space for deep reflection and thought…

Or something may change in the coaching industry that requires a change in direction.

You can’t be the leader in your business and you can’t come up with innovative, effective ideas and solutions if you’re working nonstop.

Remember, you are the heart and soul of your coaching practice. If you’re drained, exhausted, tired and empty, your entire business will reach a standstill and you don’t want that.

When you look closely at the core of each of these power principles, you’ll notice something important…

Every single principle is about you.

Growing a successful coaching business is about taking care of yourself and your personal needs.

It’s about training yourself to consistently improve and upgrade your coaching skills and doing whatever you can to create amazing results and real world impact for your clients.

This is the path to creating a rock-solid reputation…

It’s the path to an exponential coaching business.

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