Transform Your Business With These 5 Content Marketing Techniques


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You may love or hate it but you can’t escape it.

Content marketing is here to stay.

Through the years, it’s proved to be one of the most powerful and profitable marketing strategies in existence.

Whether you’re already crushing it in this area or you’re just starting to master this marketing phenomenon, it’s critical that you stay on top of current trends.

Here’s a list of collective predictions on content marketing techniques that are set to make waves this year.

These techniques and strategies will help you kickstart your journey to content marketing mastery so you can crush it.

Crush It Technique #1: Get Interactive

Get Interactive

Blog posts, social media posts and other types of static content will remain popular but interactive content will stand out more than any other.

Quizzes, presentations and videos are slated to be huge in the coming year.

Here’s a helpful hint…

Look at ways you can repurpose your existing content for that added interactive element.

For instance, transform a long social media post into a mini quiz or choose a popular blog post and create a video out of it.

Crush It Technique #2: Pay to Play

Pay to Play

Changes in algorithms on Facebook mean that it’s getting harder and harder for your posts to get into the spotlight even if you write amazing copy.

Essentially, this means you’re going to have to pay to play.

Don’t shy away from this.

Facebook is a remarkably powerful marketing platform you can use to attract ideal customers and build an ever-growing tribe of loyal fans.

So, think about allocating a percentage of your business budget to Facebook ads if you’re serious about expanding your business.

Crush It Technique #3: Streaming Rules

Streaming Rules

If you’ve been avoiding it, now’s the time to get off the couch and start doing it…

Live streaming on social media is marked to become incredibly popular in the next year or so.

Think about it this way…

Live streaming is the closest thing to in person communication.

Yes, it has its limitations but streaming allows your audience to feel connected to the real you.

This creates a level of connection and context that is hard to match — except via face-to-face conversations.

Either way, streaming can help you get closer to your customers and create relationships that can lead to increased conversions and repeat buyers.

Crush It Technique #4: More Than Numbers

More Than Numbers

For quite a few years now, marketers and entrepreneurs have focused on increasing the number of subscribers on an email list or increasing social media followers.

This remains essential but there is one element that is just as important…


It’s no longer enough to increase the number of people in your audience to boost growth and sales.

It is now critical that you motivate and inspire your audience to engage with your posts and emails so you know you’re creating the kind of content that will attract and retain loyal customers, clients and buyers.

To do this, you need to look for ways to optimize your content.

The best place to start? Analyze your past posts and videos that attracted comments and inspired interaction.

Look at the topics, the headlines, the length and other aspects of the content that fired up your audience and motivated them to engage with your content.

Then repurpose this content. Use variations of it to reignite engagement and connections, months and even years down the line.

Remember, there is no rule around re-using content you’ve already shared.

So go ahead and connect with your audience using repurposed content that you know will inspire and ignite engagement.

Crush It Technique #5: Picture This…

Picture This…

Content that’s heavy on images will play an increasingly important role.

Search engines are getting better and better at analyzing still and moving images (such as GIFs) which will allow for greater search capabilities and higher SEO rankings.

This is great news for entrepreneurs because images are a great way to attract and capture your ideal customers’ attention. Now that you know it’s also good for SEO rankings, you have one more reason to weave pictures, photos and other relevant images within content that you share.

Don’t feel like you need to implement every single one of these content marketing techniques right away.

Always keep in mind that you know what’s best for your business. You know the strategies and connections that work for your audience.

Use this knowledge and choose the techniques that will work for you.

Then measure the results.

Make sure that you’re getting the outcomes you’re hoping for. Keep the ones that work and forget the ones that don’t.

You’ll quickly create a powerhouse toolbox of content marketing techniques that you can use to achieve exponential income, reach and growth for your business this year and beyond.

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