These 5 Beliefs Are Holding You Back from Selling with Ease and Integrity…


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The best salespeople in the world spend 80% of their time on mindset work and 20% of their time on sales techniques because they know the truth:

You could be the best at what you do…

You could offer incredible products or packages…

You could have a fantastic sales script…

But if you don’t have the right mindset – the right beliefs – none of that matters. False beliefs about sales and selling, are guaranteed to make you fail, again and again.

So, if you want to hear an enthusiastic, “Yes! Where can I sign up?” after every sales conversation with potential coaching clients, you must work on your mindset.

Start by getting rid of these 5 false beliefs so you can begin selling with ease and integrity and get success as a coach.

Belief #1: I Have to Become a Sales Rockstar… Right This Minute!

Actually, no you don’t.

No one is born knowing how to sell or how to persuade and influence.

The truth is selling is a skill and just like riding a bike or learning how to play the guitar, it takes time and practice to get really good at selling.

If you start out with high expectations – I need to create 30 new clients in 2 weeks, I need to go from 0 to $20k in a month – you’ll end up disappointed.

Worst of all, you might be tempted to quit even before you get started.

What to do instead:

Give yourself time to learn and to practice the art of selling. 3 to 6 months is a reasonable timeframe to aim for. If you’ve never sold anything before, you’ll probably need even more time than that.

In the meantime, keep your eyes open for books, training courses and sales coaches who can help accelerate the process and learn as much as you can about improving your sales skills.

Belief #2: I Need to Succeed More Than I Fail

This is an admirable goal but it will set you up for the exact thing you want to avoid…


If you have a strong need to succeed at selling, you’ll unconsciously start to project an air of desperation.

You’ll approach potential clients thinking, “I NEED to get her to say yes,” and guess what?

They’ll sense this “needy energy” and say no.

And who can blame them?

Think about it…

Would you sign up with a coach who seems desperate or needy?

What to do instead:

When you’re on a sales call, think of it as a coaching call. Focus on creating transformation for your potential client. Ask them about their key challenge and then coach them through it.

This provides a taste of your coaching skills and gifts as a coach and it’s the most powerful way to turn potential clients, into happy, paying clients.

Belief #3: They Don’t Want Me to Sell

This is a rookie mistake and it’s a big one.

Many coaches think their potential clients hate being sold to.

This is far from the truth.

People don’t dislike being sold to.

They dislike those who sell without integrity.

What to do instead:

When your potential clients get on a call with you, they want the truth…

They want to know about your coaching skills, they want to know how you can help create transformations in their lives and, if they feel good about what they hear, they want you to share how they can work with you.

In other words, they want you to sell.

So, tell your clients what they need to know and give yourself permission to share your offers with them.

When you do, you’ll instantly feel relaxed and inspired to sell.

Belief #4: I’ll Attract More Paying Clients if I Lower My Price

This belief is one of the most damaging on this list.

So many coaches – even those who’ve been in the game for a while – believe that their challenges around selling have to do with price.

So, they go ahead and decrease the price of their products, packages and services, and end up wondering why their sign up rate dips even lower.

What to do instead:

Here’s the truth: Clients don’t sign up based on a dollar amount, they sign up based on the value you can provide.

This is why there are coaches who can charge thousands and thousands of dollars for a few hours of their time and STILL have a long waitlist of clients.

If you want to improve your sign up rate, forget about shifting the price.

Focus on becoming the best coach you can be and your sign-ups will skyrocket on their own.

Belief #5: I need to perfect my sales pitch

No matter what you may have heard, “pitching” a client during a sales call is a bad idea.

A very bad idea.

Yes, you do need to know what to say and how to answer your client’s questions during a sales conversation.

But don’t rely on a highly structured, prepared script.

What to do instead:

You’re not a used car salesman. You’re a coach. So, don’t pitch your client.

Talk to them.

A prepared sales script will seem canned and inauthentic. Your client will lose their trust in you and when that happens, it’s all over. So, forget about pitching and have a conversation instead.

Your client will feel at ease and you’re far more likely to hear a “yes.”

Even the highest-paid coaches in the world started out with zero sales.

And they all worked on their mindset and practiced their skills to get to where they are today.

Getting rid of these 5 false beliefs is a great place to start shifting your sales mindset.

And when you do, you’ll connect with potential clients from a place of love, authenticity and genuine confidence.

Your clients will feel your heart and your deep desire to help…

Selling will start to feel natural, even fun…

And you’ll easily achieve extraordinary sales success as a coach.

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