The 4-Step Secret To Selling Out Your Premium Coaching Services


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It isn’t hard to sell premium coaching products and services, even if you think you’re the worst salesperson on the planet.

Selling high ticket coaching packages isn’t any different from selling a single, individual session.

I know this might be difficult to believe but it’s true.

I’ve seen gifted, experienced coaches struggle to sell low-priced sessions.

And I’ve watched coaches, fairly new to the game, sell out high-level packages without a hitch.

The secret to selling out premium coaching packages comes down to just one thing — preparation.

Almost everything you need to do to create epic sales success with your high ticket coaching services and packages needs to happen long before the actual sales conversation.

Here are 4 things you must do to sell out your premium coaching packages.

Step #1: Uplevel


Before you go premium, take a long, hard look at your brand.

Does your website look like it belongs in the 90s? Does your logo look like it was sketched by a 10-year-old?

Clients who are ready to purchase high-end coaching packages and services expect exceptional service from the moment they land on your website or connect with you via email, all the way through to their last session with you.

Everything — from your personal photo on your Facebook business page to your email service provider — needs to reflect very high-level professionalism.

So how do you know if you need to upgrade your brand?

Look at the colors on your website, your logo, the images on your blog posts, and your personal photos on social media.

Then ask yourself this question, “Would I buy a premium package from this coach?”

If the answer is no, you need to update your brand. Stat.

Step #2: Prepare to Go High Touch

High Touch

Clients who purchase premium coaching products consider value, not price.

So right from the get-go, be sure to create premium packages that offer personalized, abundant value.

Don’t be afraid to go all the way.

Consider offering multiple high-touch extras such as limitless emails throughout the duration of the coaching package and extra 1:1 calls with you.

You should also offer great bonuses and gifts. If you have self-paced courses or a membership space, throw those in as freebies.

This will significantly boost the overall value of your premium packages.

And here’s another great reason to offer extremely high value…

You’ll feel confident and congruent about charging a higher price point for your services.

When you know that you’re giving your clients a transformational experience, you won’t hesitate to charge a much higher price — even if it’s a number that’s outside your comfort zone and way above all of your other products and services.

Step #3: Don’t Overstate

Improve selling skills

Clients who have the means to purchase high-end products and services are bombarded with over-the-top promises all the time. 

They’re tired of overstatements and false advertising.

So, do it differently. Be authentic. Stay in integrity.

Make sure all of your marketing messages are clear, precise, and sincere. Give your potential clients an opportunity to ask you questions.

And answer every, single question, honestly.

This will create deep trust and the right clients will be more than happy to purchase your premium coaching packages.

Step #4: Become a High-End Client

High-End Client

If you’re serious about offering high-end packages then consider becoming a high-end client yourself.

Don’t break the bank but look for opportunities to get coached at a high level.

The aim is to get past your own imagined limitations around what clients will pay to receive high-level coaching.

And while we’re on the subject…

You should also consistently invest in your own education so you can continue to grow and hone your skills as a coach.

This will help you feel confident about your ability to create transformational results and charge well.

Going premium is one of the best things you can do for your reputation as a coach.

Premium packages typically allow you to work closely and on a long-term basis with just a handful of clients.

When you do this, you’ll be able to give them your full attention and help them achieve — and possibly surpass — their goals.

This is a very effective way to establish your reputation as a world-class coach.

The next time you feel anxious or nervous about selling premium coaching packages remember this…

The more you sell, the more powerful your impact as a coach.

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