In August 2016, we launched our first-ever event designed exclusively for coaches: the Evercoach Summit.

If you haven't heard about this event yet, you might be wondering what the Evercoach Summit is really all about.

Let me start by telling you what the Evercoach Summit is not. The Evercoach Summit is not a pitch fest. It’s not an event designed for dabblers or event junkies. It’s not a quick fix solution to any of your biggest professional challenges.

No, the Evercoach Summit is definitely not that.

Instead, think of the summit as a transformative experience designed to ensure you emerge the other end knowing how to really build your practice, increase your impact, have more freedom, transform more lives and live a life of abundance and purpose.

It’s an immersive event that is meant to challenge you, shake you, inspire you, fuel you and ultimately, transform you.

If you’re a coach, here are 4 reasons you need to attend the Evercoach Summit 2018:

Learn from incredible speakers

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Getting inspired is easy, but feeling empowered is a whole different story.

Our aim was not to merely get amazing speakers to inspire you. Instead our goal was to luminaries to take the stage and digest their key personal and professional learnings into a single presentation in a succinct and easily applicable way.

At the summit you will get a chance not just to hear their stories but also get major takeaways and ideas that you can implement directly in your life and practice.

These speakers have been carefully handpicked exclusively for this summit.

From Michael Neill and Vishen Lakhiani to Rich Litvin, Christine Hassler, Preston Smiles and Jennifer Kem, we've rounded up some of the world's greatest coaches and brilliant minds to share their knowledge with you at the Evercoach Summit.

These professionals from the coaching industry will offer you never before heard insights into their struggles, learnings and outcomes – so that you can take these learnings and transform your life and career.

Join a global tribe of coaches

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Currently we have over 60,000 members in our global tribe of extraordinary coaches, just like yourself. We pride ourselves on attracting some of the world’s most amazing coaches into our tribe. As a matter of fact, many of our speakers are also members of our tribe.

When you attend the Evercoach Summit you get an opportunity to interact, engage and become a part of this global tribe.

This means that you can continually learn - not just from the people on stage but by the people sitting next to you too.

Becoming a part of this global family of coaches driven to maximize impact and abundance, will give you the foundation, encouragement, support and learning you need throughout your coaching career.

Many who have met through the Evercoach tribe have had powerful & restorative mentorships and friendships emerge from it.

Accelerate Your Learning

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The Evercoach Summit is an accelerated learning experience.

Get ready to elevate your coaching impact to new heights and get equipped with everything you need to attract your dream clients and accelerate your business.

Learn the systems and tools to grow your coaching business as you deepen your skill as a coach as well as hands-on skills you need to accelerate your business and scale into a thriving 6-figure practice – from processes of defining and creating your dream clients, to confidently having enrolment conversations and getting past your limiting beliefs to close sales.

Combined together, these 2 days will encompass an accelerated learning path designed for coaches, by coaches. The techniques, skills and methods you will learn have been carefully curated and developed especially for you.

Unleash your inner potential

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Many coaches often struggle with a lack of confidence that stops them from giving thier 100%. There is a nagging sense of self-doubt and negative self-talk holding them back.

The Evercoach Summit is designed to help you have personal breakthroughs that will allow you to really see your inner light. To move past the self-talk and dangerous self-beliefs. Learnings at the Evercoach Summit go beyond just textbook techniques and one-way methodologies.

These 2 transformative days will help you unlock and unleash your inner potential.

When the Evercoach Summit was being designed, we made a promise to ourselves. This was not going to be a “once a year event” everyone goes to and forgets about straight after. That was never the plan.

If you don’t want to change your life and profoundly increase your impact – the Evercoach Summit may not be for you.

Because the truth is - this event is going to change you.

Think of it as your own personal metamorphosis. Our intention is for every delegate, speaker and attendee to leave the summit feeling transformed, liberated and equipped to take on the world.

And don't take it only from me, here's what some of our fellow coaches and attendees said about their experience at the Evercoach Summit!

So if you're a coach looking to transform your life and take your coaching career to new heights, we can't wait to meet you at the Evercoach Summit 2018 happening this September 8th to 9th in Los Angeles, USA! Click here to secure your spot.


Ajit Nawalkha

Ajit Nawalkha

Ajit Nawalkha is the Co-founder of Evercoach. He is passionate about disrupting industries and creating positive change. Ajit is a business coach himself.

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