These Popular Mantras Could Be Sabotaging Your Chances for Success


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“Good” behaviors can go bad in a heartbeat.

They keep you from achieving your long-term goals and they hold you back from being your best, most powerful self.

The truth is many “good” behaviors, personal mantras, traits and habits aren’t good at all.

They’re actually self-sabotaging mistakes in disguise.

That’s why it’s important – even critical – that you regularly reflect on your own life and on what you believe.

Take some time and think about the behaviours and beliefs that are keeping you from achieving your highest potential.

To get you started, here are 3 personal mantras that are secretly sabotaging your chances for success.

Personal Mantra #1: Don’t quit

Turning ideas into reality

On the surface, “don’t quit” appears to be a powerful personal mantra.

The ability to stay in the game and see things through is often paired with other great qualities such as perseverance and hard work.

But here’s something not many people talk about…

Not knowing when to quit leads to one of the biggest problems of the 21st century  – burnout.

When you’re determined to stick to something no matter what, you’re blind to signs that show you you need to slow down.

You could be sacrificing your health or time with your growing kids just so you can make a million dollars in 12 months instead of 24.

A much smarter and more effective approach is to create multiple milestones when you chart your plan for success.

Do this and you’ll be able to reflect on how far you’ve come and if you’re on the right track, every time you hit a milestone.

You’ll also be able to correct your course, change direction or even stop and choose a different goal that truly makes you feel happy and fulfilled.  

Personal Mantra #2: Never blow your own horn

Think back to when you were growing up.  

Did your well-meaning parents tell, “Never blow your own horn – never talk about your own achievements. Your work will speak for itself?”

Maybe it was your aunt or a godparent who told you that “good girls” or “good boys” never bragged about themselves.

The truth is, the world we live in now is very different from the world inhabited by previous generations.

Inventions and innovations we take for granted today could only be found in the pages of science fiction magazines, just a few decades ago.

While there is more opportunity now to achieve success and happiness, than at any other time in history, these same opportunities have also created a highly competitive marketplace.

Unlike the 20th century where lots of people went to the same place of work from the moment they joined the workforce right up until the day they retired…

We are living at a time when jobs come and go in a flash. Entire technologies become redundant, pretty much overnight (remember the typewriter?).

The only way to stand out from in this noisy, ever-changing world is to talk about yourself.

You need to speak up about your achievements, wins and abilities or run the risk of getting lost in the crowd.

This isn’t about “bragging.” It’s about legitimately sharing what you can do and how you can serve others in your own, unique way.

Personal Mantra #3: Always Do Your Best

There’s nothing wrong with trying to do your best.

But things can quickly go wrong when “doing your best” turns into perfectionism.

Perfectionism is hard to overcome because it appears to be such a good habit.

Why not try your best and get everything absolutely “perfect” before you hit publish, stand up in front of a crowd or sell your art?

But here’s the thing…

Perfection doesn’t exist. Not in the real world.

When you seek it out, you end up spending weeks, months, years or maybe even decades looking for “perfection” that will never come.

Undiscovered genius. Hidden talents.  

The world will never know countless works of art, ingenious ideas and life-changing inventions because the people behind these amazing achievements are waiting for the day when they finally achieve that elusive thing called “perfection.”

If your life isn’t where you want it to be and you are falling short of your goals, it’s good to back to the basics and reexamine the beliefs and ideas that are driving your behaviour.

Don’t quit. Never blow your own horn. Always do your best.

These mantras seem harmless until you dig deeper.

If you find yourself following any of these without thinking about the external circumstances or long-term consequences, you need to stop.


Don’t look back. Set your sights forward.

Then make a commitment to change and adopt new mantras that will move you toward the life you want.

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