3 Core Coaching Techniques Every Brilliant Coach Must Know


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The framework of coaching is built on asking questions, right?

If you said yes, you’re only half correct.

Asking the right questions is absolutely important if you want to get your clients the results they’re looking for but the process of coaching, especially if you’re talking about high-level coaching, is based on a lot more than that.

Over the years, I’ve experimented with countless coaching techniques. Some have worked like a charm while others are less than impressive.

I’ve found that an extraordinary coaching methodology - the kind that produces amazing changes and results for clients - is made up of a simple but powerful combination of specific coaching techniques that go beyond the fundamental question and answer method.

The following is a refined list of 3 brilliant coaching methods that have proven to work again and again. These coaching techniques have the power to create life-changing results for clients.

Brilliant Technique #1: Play the “What if?” Game

Play the “What if?” Game

As coaches, we often focus on the “what” and the “how.”

The “what” has to do with goals, visions and dreams – your client’s big picture aspirations.

The “how” has to do with the process of getting to these aspirations. This is where we look at the tools and methods that will help a client achieve their goals.

This is all great stuff but it’s not enough.

Brilliant coaches have another step in their repertoire and that’s the “what if” part of coaching.

“What if” has to do with future possibilities that exist for the client. This is about the impact that each of their goals and decisions can create.

Spotlighting the impact has many benefits.

You’ll uncover risks and obstacles that the client may face along the way so you can help them come up with a solid, game plan.

Playing the “what if” game also creates crystal clarity on what the client actually wants.

For instance…

What if building a 7-figure business means giving up a lot of personal time? Does your client still want to hit that mark?

Play the “what if” game early on in your coaching relationship.

When they get clear on what they truly want and understand the risks and sacrifices involved, your client will be far more motivated to stay committed to their goals.

Brilliant Technique #2: Shine a Light on Hidden Demons

Shine a Light on Hidden Demons

One of the very first things you must do to create incredible results for your clients is to understand who you’re working with…

As you know, a lot of who we truly are is hidden within our subconscious mind. This is the programming that runs our life.

This is where hidden demons - the fears and limiting beliefs that hold us back - live and grow.

Your job as a brilliant, effective coach is to shine a light on these “demons”. Bring up to the conscious, the blocks hidden within the subconscious mind of the client.

When you do this, you’ll understand your client’s fears and limiting beliefs as well as the key beliefs, thoughts and ideas that govern their lives.

You can do this using whichever method you choose. You could create an evaluation tool such as a quiz or some kind of an assessment.

Whatever you decide, make it a priority to uncover subconscious programming pretty much from the get go.

This will give you an amazing head start to create rapid transformations for your clients.

Brilliant Technique #3: Reengineer Their Viewpoint

Reengineer Their Viewpoint

Most people get caught up with what’s in front of them and forget about what’s truly important.

This is why insignificant emails from other people take priority over going out for a healthy evening run.

It’s also why personal goals and dreams turn to dust.

Everyone else’s priorities are constantly battling for our time, energy and attention – the 3 most precious and limited resources we have.

Keep your clients focused by having them see the difference between other people’s ideas of what’s important and what’s truly significant to them on a deep, intrinsic level.

Help your clients reengineer their viewpoint so they can see the difference between their own dreams and other people’s agendas.

Show them that their target of completing 200 words a day for the book they want to write is far more important than breaking focus to go check emails or reply random messages on social media.

These are 3 of the core coaching techniques that can take you from “good coach” to “absolutely brilliant.”

Take these techniques and run with them. Make them your own.

Find ways to tweak and fine tune them but stick to the core principles.

When you do, you’ll find yourself becoming a highly skilled coach who has the power to build authentic connections and create transformational, lasting changes for clients.

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