A Remarkable Opportunity for
 our Certified Coaches

A 13-month Intensive to Make Your Boldest
Business & Life Goals a Reality

Achieve Peak Mental, Physical, and Emotional Performance & Blast Past Any Challenge with World-Class Mentorship, Coaching & A Dynamic Support System Perfected Over Thousands of Hours of Life & Business Mastery.

Congratulations! You’re reading this and that means you’re a Mindvalley Certified Coach.

There’s no question you LOVE coaching and the Evercoach learning portal and community was a safe space to learn and grow.

But now that you’re out in the world, and looking to apply everything you learned so you can establish your reputation as a successful result-driven master coach with a highly profitable business…

You find yourself struggling with something BIG.

You’re anxious & overwhelmed
about next steps…

…And you’re worried your coaching income will stay stuck at painfully
low levels for months or even years!

It’s keeping you up at night because right now you don’t have clear answers to critical questions like….

  1. 1
    What do I do now? Do I need a professional website or should I build a social media presence? Do I need to offer free coaching sessions or dive into paid offers right off the bat?
  2. 2
    Who are my clients? Is it a good idea to serve just women entrepreneurs  or maybe I’m better off working with stay-at-home moms? Maybe I should be serving empty nesters?
  3. 3
    How much should I charge?  What’s the “going rate” in my niche? Maybe I should charge less than other coaches so I can attract clients? I don’t feel I’m good enough yet to charge for coaching sessions so what do I do?
  4. 4
    What should I offer?  How do I design my coaching packages? Should I go with a 3-month, 6-month or year-long packages? Can I offer group coaching programs right now or continue with 1:1 sessions?
  5. 5
    Do I need to give up what I love?  How long does it really take to grow a profitable coaching business? How many hours a week do I need to invest? Will I have to give up spending time with loved ones? Can I take breaks to travel?

The truth is building a successful, profitable coaching business brings up a lot of internal and external challenges and sooner or later you’ll see…

Dangerous, destructive problems start to
creep in

For you it might look like some or even all of these…

  • Endlessly experimenting with business strategies and marketing trends where you end up investing thousands of dollars and depleting your energy to the point of burnout or even a total breakdown
  • Ongoing “Imposter Syndrome” and lack of confidence because it feels like you’re not ready to create deep transformations for coaching clients
  • Serious personal issues like health or relationship problems because you’re working all-the-time trying to get everything done in your business
  • Feeling insecure around money and finances and your dream of creating lasting wealth feels like an unreachable fantasy
  • Stuck coaching part-time --  you’re too afraid to give up the 9-to-5 job because income from your coaching business can barely cover your grocery bills
  • Having a lot of trouble attracting clients even though you’re creating high-value free content, getting on social media every day and doing-all-the-things to get in front of potential clients
  • Feeling deeply unmotivated because you don’t know where you fit when it comes to your niche, ideal clients or coaching offers and your income is stuck at rock-bottom
  • Thinking of quitting because you keep hearing a big NO from potential clients on discovery sessions and sales conversations… and more

You’re not the only one grappling
with these challenges

Thousands of coaches in every niche, specialization and industry struggle with these exact problems every day…

Sadly almost ALL of them will never achieve their dream of becoming a successful coach.

And there’s documented evidence to back this up.

According to research by the International Coaching Federation, over 80% of coaches are forced to call it quits in the first couple of years. 

This essentially means that…

8 out of 10 coaches will fail in 2 years

And this scary truth highlights  just what’s happening on the business side of things. 

What about the astronomical hidden costs behind the scenes?

Building a successful coaching business is incredibly stressful even in the best of times…

But now in a volatile global economy and overcrowded coaching industry, it’s even tougher to achieve.

Most coaches tell themselves if they just “work harder,”  “push more” and keep going no matter what…

They’ll finally rise above challenges and become a respected, high income high impact coach with a stream of eager clients.

But this is flawed thinking that leads to heart-breaking failure not just in business but in all important life domains


It’s why so many coaches are stressed, confused and overcome by doubt as they watch their marriage fall apart or ruin their relationship with their kids, family and friends.

They drain their bank account investing in multiple marketing and business tools that promise to solve their problems but fail to deliver results…

They totally neglect their health, which leads to severe long-term problems like depression and heart disease.

Even worse, despite this sacrifice and hard work, they are nowhere close to achieving their goals and statistics show they’re likely to fail anyway.

It’s not that these coaches lack talent, drive or passion so what’s going on?

Empty heading

What the experts don’t tell you about becoming a sought-after, financially successful coach

When you’re looking to create success, most business experts and leaders will get you to invest your time, energy and money on business-building strategies.

They offer cookie cutter templated tools, and techniques that are supposed to get you to your goals in no time (some even promise overnight success!)

But what they don’t talk about are the core components -- the REAL “make-or-break” factors for success --  building peak mental, physical, mental, emotional fitness…

Plus an expert support network of coaches and mentors to help you create consistent progress toward your goals.

In other words…

To beat the odds and achieve lasting success in the  coaching industry, you need to STOP focusing solely on your business

Yes, you read that right! 

The world’s most respected, prosperous coaches who have enjoyed sustained success over years and decades understand it’s  NOT about working around the clock or juggling 10 different business strategies at the same time….

It’s about committing to ongoing, enhanced personal growth…

And leaning on a powerful support network to stay inspired, motivated and consistently taking the right action at the right time for unstoppable momentum.

It’s why you need a radically upgraded approach that can fluidly integrate peak mental, emotional and physical performance, and game-changing accountability…

So you can consistently quantum leap your success month after month, take control of your future and become an unstoppable force for good as a world-class coach.

The visionary custom-designed 4-Pillar Holistic Blueprint That Gets You to Outstanding Business Success and Peak Fitness in Key Life Domains

We’ve worked with coaches in every imaginable niche and from every corner of the globe for more than a decade...

And we’ve found that holistic success in business and life comes to coaches who understand how to maximize the power of the 4-Pillar Blueprint:

Pillar #1 Enhanced Personal Evolution for Peak Performance

Pillar #2 Freedom-Building Business Systems that Create Results by Working Less Not More

Pillar #3 Proven High-Profit Sales Processes for Breakthrough Income Growth

Pillar #4 Dynamic Progressive Accountability to Fast-Track Desired Results

This one-of-a-kind Roadmap is a distillation of thousands of hours of guiding, mentoring and empowering hundreds of thousands of coaches to achieve their greatest business and life goals…

And it’s been perfected over years of coaching business mastery and building dynamic accountability communities that offer a robust environment for coaches to get expert support for accelerated growth and progress.

It’s a custom-created Roadmap for coaches that gets you to your goals in a way that feels  doable, sustainable and repeatable…

So you don’t have to sacrifice your health and relationships and you can start seeing significant results plus continue to create massive income and impact as a coach in the months and years ahead.

Imagine if your greatest business & life vision becomes a reality by this time next year?

What if you…

  • Never have to worry about money again knowing you can create money abundance in your business (and all areas of your life) with ease
  • Apply proven business systems and process that give you back your freedom time, energy and freedom
  • Experience multiple, powerful breakthroughs so you can grow an incredibly successful, profitable business in months (not years or decades!)
  • Feel relaxed and confident on discovery calls and selling your offers without breaking a sweat because sales easy and fun
  • Master your personal and professional life so extreme goals begin to crystalize faster than you thought possible
  • Get empowered clarity on your niche so you know exactly how to become the go-to name in your chosen field or area of expertise
  • Understand exactly who you want to coach and why so you can effortlessly create coaching offers, services and programs your ideal clients love
  • Successfully build a reputation as a world-class coach in a year or less even if you’re starting from scratch… and more.


The Evercoach Accelerator

An Exclusive Hybrid Business & Life Breakthrough Growth Experience That Gets You to Peak Physical, Mental, Emotional & Business Performance in 13 Months or Less

The Evercoach Accelerator is the ultimate business and life growth container based on the custom-designed 4-Pillar Holistic Blueprint for coaches…

And it’s available only for Evercoach Certified Coaches and Evercoach Members.

The Accelerator offers unparalleled expert mentorship and support so creating business success becomes actionable and inevitable.

This is a unique, high-touch, results-driven program designed to trigger lightning-fast results with consistent progress by cultivating peak fitness in your mental, physical and emotional performance.

Every task, tool, exercise and strategy inside the Accelerator works like a step ladder where each element builds up to higher and higher levels and you’ll see powerful transformations happening in your business and your life every single day…

Culminating in massive overall growth in your business income, impact and your personal evolution by this time next year.

With the Evercoach Accelerator you’ll

  • Get access to Ajit Nawalkha -- one of the most respected, and successful master coaches in the world -- for peak performance and expert guidance and coaching to get you through any obstacle or challenge.
  • Receive powerful, progressive accountability with coaching mentors and systems to easily stay on track and crush inner resistance on a daily basis.
  • Begin each week with a precise, laser-focused prescriptions of actionable tasks  -- you’ll know exactly what to do and how to do for maximum progress
  • Develop your personal, custom roadmap that fits your unique life and business so you can experience phenomenal, repeatable success on your terms
  • Apply systematized processes that free you from doing low-benefit, unprofitable day-to-day work that takes up precious time and energy better spent on creative, profit-making tasks
  • Take action on proven business practices on a monthly basis that’s guaranteed to bring you more income than you’re currently making as a coach.
  • Get crystal clear on who you serve, what you have to offer, and the best ways to pursue coaching that gets you to the top of your field or niche in the shortest time
  • Master new and advanced sales practices and techniques that let you offer your coaching packages and programs with ease so ideal clients are excited to work with you again and again
  • Upgrade your beliefs, habits and consciousness so you’re ready to consistently take your life and business to higher levels

Your host Master Coach Ajit

Ajit Nawalkha is the co-founder of Evercoach by Mindvalley, the world’s leading coach training platform that has already impacted hundreds of thousands of coaches and business leaders around the world

Ajit is a highly sought-after coach, working with some of the greatest entrepreneurs and leaders  of our time, he is one of the most positively reviewed coach-trainers on the planet with over 1900+ glowing reviews for his coach training mastery.

A truly remarkable and accomplished entrepreneur, Ajit has played a pivotal role in building multiple multi-million dollar companies from the ground up. What sets him  apart is his unique approach to business development, rooted in the unwavering foundation of core values rather than chasing fleeting trends. Guided by this philosophy, he empowers his clients to embrace the same mindset, resulting in the creation of authentic and inspired businesses that serve as catalysts for their success.

Beyond the realm of business, Ajit firmly believes in the significance of balance across all facets of life. He serves as a genuine embodiment of this principle, living a life where harmony permeates every aspect. Within the Accelerator program, Ajit generously shares his personal strategies for cultivating abundance in all areas of life, transcending the boundaries of business or career. 

What you experience in Evercoach Accelerator comes directly from  Ajit’s first-hand growth experiences coupled with thousands of hours of hands-on coaching, teaching and leading entrepreneurs and coaches who are playing at the highest levels in the industry.

As a student of Evercoach Accelerator, you’ll get direct access to Ajit’s entrepreneurial and coaching mastery that isn’t available publicly.  This is a high-touch, high-support connection that can create instant breakthroughs and powerful, life-changing shifts you won’t find anywhere else.

A look inside the Evercoach Accelerator curriculum

This isn’t like any other coaching course, mastermind, or training program out there and it’s called an Accelerator for a reason!

You’ll achieve mastery in habits, behaviors, beliefs and overall consciousness for peak performance and apply specific, high-level business growth strategies to significantly improve your income in the short-term and massive income flow in the long-term.

And to bring all of this together seamlessly and in a way that guarantees ongoing progress every single day, you’ll have the exceptional, expert support of your personal group-coach and like-minded, generous, ambitious peer coaches plus empowering accountability that gets you on the fasttrack to your goals

Focus for Month 1:
Create Crystal Clarity for Inevitable Success

By the End of Month 1 You Will…

Cut through distractions and train your mind for unprecedented clarity on exactly what to shift, change and upgrade in your inner world and in your business for maximum productivity and progress toward your desired goals and vision.

This month’s highlights include:

  • Laser in on the state of your business now and where you want to be this time next year so you can start to build your success roadmap from Day 1
  • Understand how to customize and integrate what you learn so you can get the most from your experience in the Accelerator
  • Gain priceless insights on exactly how to apply clear thinking and decision-making in all aspects of your business
  • Learn how to tap into inner clarity no matter how crazy things get in your outer world
  • Bring forward a powerfully clear vision for your success moving forward so you can  connect into massive motivation and momentum at any time
  • Know best steps to kick off your 13-month journey and trigger breakthrough growth experiences for the rest of the year

Focus for Month 2:
Developing Authentic, Unshakeable Confidence

By the End of Month 2 You Will…

Apply mind, body and spirit tools and strategies to exponentially dial up your confidence levels and 10x your self-belief so you can achieve peak performance and awaken to a profoundly, confident new version of you

This month’s highlights include:

  • Practices, habits and behaviors to confidently rise up to peak fitness levels in key domains -- physical, mental, and emotional
  • Uncovering and overcoming subconscious mindset blocks and belief systems that are creating self-doubt in your business and coaching skills
  • How to invite powerful surges of genuine confidence to take decisive action even during difficult business situations or life challenges
  • Developing a strong, fundamental sense of self-belief so you never have to get stuck in confusion and overwhelm again
  • Shift into a permanent new identity and mindset of confidence to exponentially improve your coaching skills and business acumen

Focus for Month 3:
Transforming Your Relationship with Money for Abundance Overflow

By the End of Month 3 You Will…

Recognize that the energy of money is flowing through your life and business and you’ll know how to connect, redirect this energy for a powerful new relationship with money to explode your coaching income over the coming months

This month’s highlights include:

  • Gain complete know-how about the energy of money so you can start creating a phenomenal new financial reality
  • Esoteric and practical paths to de-program “money blocks” that get you to unknowingly hold back from opening up to greater levels of income
  • Deep skills and knowledge to fearlessly navigate the financials in your business and how to use financial metrics to make powerful, progressive decisions
  • Develop expert skills in balancing business income and outflow so you never have to get stuck in scarcity, lack and anxiety around money
  • Apply practical, game-changing financial systems in your business to expand income flow and support rapid growth

Focus for Month 4:
Business Mastery I for Massive Income Flow & Impact

By the End of Month 4 You Will…

Laser in on a clearly-defined Ideal Client Avatar to connect deeply with clients who are perfect for your specific coaching style and skill set so you can serve at the highest level with ease, create products and services that fly off the shelves and establish a rock-solid reputation as a master coach.

This month’s highlights include:

  • An incredibly process to activate your Ideal Client Avatar and breathe “life” into them, make them real and easily integrate their profile into all aspects of marketing, sales and business outreach
  • Understand exactly how to use your  Ideal Client Avatar’s character traits and attributes to create scroll-stopping content and irresistible coaching products and services
  • Begin building an ever-growing audience who perfectly fit your Ideal Client Avatar profile so you can easily sign on eager coaching clients and students who can’t wait to work with you
  • Create custom strategies to powerfully and effectively target your Ideal Client Avatar through a spectrum of marketing channels and sales systems
  • Unlock the full power of the Ideal Client Avatar by confidently applying your knowledge to stand out like a beacon and be seen and trusted by your ideal coaching clients

Focus for Month 5:
Business Mastery II for Massive Income Flow & Impact

By the End of Month 5 You Will…

Know exactly how to create clients even in an overcrowded coaching space, design an actionable, aligned marketing plan that positions you as a go-to coach for your ideal clients and discover the “secret sauce” for confident enrollment sessions that lead to on-the-spot sign ups.

This month’s highlights include:

  • Why “landing” or “converting” clients is an outdated mindset model stopping you from signing clients and how to adopt the empowering “creating clients” mindset to immediately skyrocket client sign ups
  • The hidden psychology of powerful enrollment conversations that lead to a massive success rate
  • How to come up with an effective and actionable marketing plan that feels aligned with your values
  • Recognizing self-sabotage and hidden mindset and communication mistakes coaches make during enrollment conversations exactly how to avoid each one
  • Learn the exact mindset and practices to take to master discovery conversations with any client, anywhere, anytime

Focus for Month 6:
Business Mastery III for Massive Income Flow & Impact

By the End of Month 6 You Will…

Totally transform how you think and feel about sales (even if you hate selling right now) so you can offer coaching services including high ticket programs with complete ease and mastery and see incredible results every time you sell.

This month’s highlights include:

  • Recognizing and dissolving limiting beliefs, embedded resistance and negative perceptions about sales keeping you locked in a perpetual state of scarcity and low income
  • How to adopt and prime a sales mindset that lets you fully enjoy the selling process even if you’ve resisted sales or never sold before
  • Supportive practices and routines for before, during and after the sales process so you can continue to upgrade your sales performance without doubt, anxiety or stress
  • Discover and implement unexpected, often counterintuitive, techniques top coaches use to successfully sell with relaxed confidence
  • The underlying energetics and psychology to successfully charge and receive payment for high end coaching products and services
  • 2 x sales intensives and sales integration to embody tools, practices and habits you need to achieve sales mastery in record time and sell with integrity

Focus for Month 7 :
 Unlocking the Unlimited Power of Stories

By the End of Month 7 You Will…

Discover the power of storytelling and how to create and share authentic, unforgettable stories that create a deep emotional connection with your audience, demonstrate your coaching expertise and keep you “front and center” as their ideal coach.

This month’s highlights include:

  • How to consistently come up with dramatically powerful ideas, insights and narratives that will keep your audience and clients hooked on your stories
  • Understand that stories are everywhere and know how to transform everyday, ordinary experiences into unforgettable narratives that serve your clients
  • Master the art of stories even if you think you have zero storytelling skills and use the power of story to build a remarkable personal brand as a coach
  • Simple yet powerful story frameworks that grab attention and give your audience high-value learnings that create loyal lifelong fans and followers
  • An exciting, transformative storytelling challenge that gets you into a long-lasting habit of creating stories that inspire authentic emotion and bridge the gap between you and your clients

Focus for Month 8:
Powerhouse Content Creation to Build Influence & Create Sales

By the End of Month 8 You Will…

Know how to use content to stand out in any coaching space, establish your skills and expertise and build a rock-solid reputation from the ground up using proven, repeatable content-creation strategies to produce and share high value, transformational content that get your ideal clients to sit up and take notice. 

This month’s highlights include:

  • Understanding different types of content -- audio, video, written -- and how to choose what works best for you and your business at this time
  • Honing in on the right marketing and social channels to share your content for maximum exposure so you can continuously grow your audience and draw in ideal clients
  • How to develop a custom step-by-step plan that transforms your content creation efforts into a marketing pipeline that works on autopilot and attracts ideal clients
  • Master the art of creating compelling, high-value content that resonates with your ideal clients even if you think you can’t write
  • Creating practices and business systems that support you in breaking through resistance so you can sharing amazing content on a consistent basis

Focus for Month 9:
 Business & Life Systems to Create Freedom & Explosive Growth

By the End of Month 9 You Will…

Organize and apply an all-powerful creative yet structured approach to achieve your boldest business and life goals using organic and automated systems that work like strong supportive foundational pillars you can rely on as you continue to create massive momentum and progress to consistently rise up to higher levels of success.

This month’s highlights include:

  • Adopt an empowering new way to think about systems for your business and life to see fast results in all key areas include health, relationships and finances
  • The core components of a successful system and how to build custom systems for your unique, and specific objectives
  • Implement critical systems for your life and business that lead to immediate positive impact including more time freedom and significant increases in income and growt
  • Get complicated business and marketing tasks done in less time than you thought possible using optimized systems
  • Experience the magic of multiplied, magnified results in your business even when you’re not “hands on” using systems that work on autopilot

Focus for Month 10:
 The Art of Amplified Income and Accelerated Client Results

By the End of Month 10 You Will…

Apply masterful, insider coaching techniques, and leadership strategies to rapidly harness the power of group coaching and exponentially increase your coaching income plus expand your reach with programs and offerings that connect and build a robust, dynamic community of loyal clients.

This month’s highlights include:

  • Step-by-step frameworks you can use to build your first high impact, results-driven group coaching program clients can’t stop talking about
  • The proven models you can immediately implement and use again and again to guarantee the success of your group coaching programs
  • How to design transformational group coaching packages and offers that are irresistible to your ideal clients
  • Leadership and management tools and skills to confidently and successfully run your group coaching program
  • Building engagement and communication so your group coaching community comes alive with shared stories and connections that lead to sustained motivation and powerful overall results

Focus for Month 11:
Powerhouse Practices to Skyrocket Return on Investment in Your Coaching

By the End of Month 11 You Will…

Learn how to focus Return on Investment in Coaching to create real-world results like solving major challenges and reaching outlandish goals with your clients while establishing your influence and impact as results-driven coach.

This month’s highlights include:

  • The key factors of on Return on Investment in Coaching and why prioritizing this will build your reputation as a master coach and rapidly increase your coaching income
  • How to build genuine trust and deep connection to set yourself up for a high Return on Investment in your coaching
  • Coaching practices, plus mindset and psychological  tools world-class coaches use  rapidly create results for clients no matter who they are and what their goals happen to be
  • Authentically create “Certainty of Outcome” to trigger endless motivation, creativity, inspiration and momentum to reach crazy big goals
  • How to help clients calculate their Return on Investment so they can understand and value your coaching services in  tangible, measurable ways

Focus for Month 12:
The Heart and Art of Attracting High-End Clients

By the End of Month 12 You Will…

Get access to everything you need including coaching and enrolling skills, marketing, positioning and sales strategies to attract premium clients serve them at the highest level and create outstanding results even if they are far more successful than you and you’ve never worked with high end clients before

This month’s highlights include:

  • How to lead transformational conversations that create outstanding results and impact for high end clients from the discovery call all the way to your final connection
  • Develop enrollment skills specifically tailored to draw in high end clients, get them to say a heartfelt yes
  • Understand the difference between working with a premium clients’ expectations and how to set the stage for success from the first session
  • Position and market yourself in a way that gets the attention of a stream of high quality premium clients who are excited to work with you
  • The exact coaching tools, techniques and approach to take when working with premium clients like business leaders and CEOs who need specific support through high pressure, high stress environments and challenges

Focus for Month 13:
 Harness Artificial Intelligence to Take Things into High Gear

By the End of Month 13 You Will…

Develop masterful expertise in understanding the virtually unlimited possibilities of using Artificial Intelligence in your business and how to fully embrace and maximize this incredibly powerful technology to simplify and speed up just about every aspect of your business

This month’s highlights include:

  • Why AI is the brilliant new wave of technology that could potentially grow your business faster and more effectively than any other marketing tool or technique
  • How to power up your marketing and sales campaigns using AI in a way that is fresh, exciting, and innovative
  • The ins and outs of working with AI and how to avoid common pitfalls and mistakes that can keep you stuck in mediocrity or lost and invisible in a crowded market
  • The most powerful and beneficial way to integrate AI in your coaching business without compromising the unique essence and energy of your brand
  • Using AI to overcome human issues like procrastination, demotivation, boredom and lack of creativity that can create serious challenges in your business

How the Evercoach Accelerator works

The Evercoach Accelerator is designed so you’re 100% clear and focused on the most powerful, needle-moving actions to take to hit your business goals in the shortest time possible using the newest tested and proven-to-work psychological, coaching and identity-shifting tools and strategies.

You’ll know exactly what to do every day, week and month over 13 months and get it all done confidently and systematically with dynamic support structure and accountability

The entire year’s strategies, tasks and techniques are laid out  in advance with the holistic teachings, video tutorials, live virtual classrooms, plus personal, breakout-group coaching where you can get answers that work for your unique business and life.

The Core Accelerator Framework

Weekly Live Classrooms with World-Class Master Coach Ajit Nawalkha & a Personally Selected Team of Expert Coaches

Designed around weekly themes to fuel each monthly Focus and build forward movement into the next week, Live classrooms are packed with step-by-step teachings and application tools and frameworks so you can easily build momentum, productivity and progress in your business. Live classroom experiences are  led by Ajit two times every month and the Evercoach master coaches will lead the other classes.

Theme for Week 1 Each Month: Inner World Rewiring

Recreate your and master your inner world with empowering habits and behaviors using emotional and energy management tools, while dissolving limiting belief systems and cultivating new belief systems that prep you for optimal performance in every life and business domain

Theme for Week 2 Each Month: Practical Output for Real-World Results

Learn to translate your newfound knowledge and learnings into practical application for rapid transformations that produce powerful, positive tangible results you can see in your coaching skills, business expertise and overall personal growth and evolution

Theme for Week 3 Each Month: Expert Business Skills for Revolutionary Growth

Expert business processes, systems and tools broken down into easy-to-understand components plus insights and guidance on application and action steps for maximum results in minimum time. These high-return business strategies work for coaches who want to grow high income businesses in every specialization, at any level, serving clients across any culture, gender or age group.

Theme for Week 4 Each Month: Progressive Accountability & Powerful Action

Deeply supportive, ultra high-touch accountability week led by expert accountability coaches to bring together and review everything you’ve learned in previous weeks and set you for the upcoming month. You’ll be guided, coached and mentored in a small, intimate group of peer coaches for maximum action-taking and confidence-building achievements.

To supplement and enhance the core Accelerator Framework you’ll be invited to

Game-Changing Weekly Mindset Calls

Work with your personal coach in your group to develop a resilient success mindset that lets you overcome challenges and transcend obstacles in any environment. This is powerful mindset work that leads you to commit fully to your goals and life vision boost motivation and self-discipline, upgrades your capacity to manage stress and more

Power-packed Bi-weekly Sales Training

Sales is not a talent you’re born with, it’s a learnable skill that will transform your entire business. During these bi-weekly trainings you’ll be introduced to million-dollar sales techniques that you can apply in ways that feel fully aligned with your values. In other words you’ll learn how to sell powerfully and from a place of love, service and ease.

Monthly review of Your Business Progress and Plan

What gets attention and energy gets results! You’ll get expert monthly reviews on your business progress and plan to keep you on track, focus on areas that need to be re-evaluated and fine-tuned and unwind “stuckness” to create clarity so you can move forward and enjoy ongoing progress without missing a beat.

Passionate, Driven Dynamic Global Community

There’s nothing like the Accelerator community! You’ll have access to the collective high-energy, support and inspired creativity of a global group of passionate peer coaches, master coaches and community leaders who are dedicated to helping you reach and exceed your goals and who want to see you succeed as much as you do! You can expect to build valuable business partnerships and meet life-long friends in this group.

Incredible success stories from previous
Evercoach Accelerator insiders


Evercoach Accelerator

I already see massive shifts in my life the first few two months into the journey

I took CLC and CBC before starting the business accelerator, and I had no idea how to begin my coaching business, let alone find my first paid client. I already see massive shifts in my life the first few two months into the journey. I got clarity on my niche; I could direct my message,

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Xue Xia

Singapore, Singapore


Evercoach Accelerator

The program has chunk-size “digestible” bites for learning, implementing, and polishing so that you experience change

Before taking the Business Accelerator with Evercoach, and during the pandemic, I needed to re-evaluate my life. I decided to pursue aspects that bring me joy and a higher-purposeful contribution to other people's well-being. So, along with the challenges I faced, I took a leap forwar...

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Victor Vilceanu

University Institutional Researcher
Weimar, Germany


Evercoach Accelerator

I have more clarity, awareness and a clear structure to create clients

Just to provide a gauge of how lost I was before doing this quest – the words I used for myself was FROZEN out of action. I am an IT Architect and have a well paying job, but knew I have a deep passion to coach and serve, but was deeply anchored into the mindset of having to work tooooo h...

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Payal Lamba

Leadership Coach
Melbourne, Australia

Exclusive Evercoach Accelerator insider’s bonus

Empty heading

4 x In Person Events with Master Coach Ajit and Special Guests 100% FREE (Total Ticket Value $10,600 )

Enroll in the Evercoach Accelerator now and receive private invitations to not  just 1 or 2 but 4 phenomenal in person events at zero charge in Austin, Texas and a beautiful location in Europe!

You’ll mastermind, brainstorm and immerse yourself in the unforgettable experience of receiving in person coaching and training from Ajit Nawalkha, one of the most successful and respected business and life coaches on the planet. 

On their own, each of these events is an incredible opportunity for growth and expansion but when you attend more than one or all 4, you’re on an surefire path to trigger exponential personal and professional success

During these events you’ll have direct access to Ajit and his unrivaled knowledge in training thousands of top coaches and entrepreneurs across a wide spectrum of niches and specializations plus his hands-on uniquely strategic and personalized approach creating million-dollar business from the ground up.

Exclusive Evercoach Accelerator 2-Day Intensive  in Austin

(value $4995, free only for Evercoach Accelerator insiders)

Supercoach Immersion (Austin)

(value  $499, free only for Evercoach Accelerator insiders)

Exclusive Evercoach Accelerator 2-Day Intensive in Europe

(value  $4995,  free only for Evercoach Accelerator insiders)

Supercoach Experience (Europe)

(value  $99, free only for Evercoach Accelerator insiders)

Let’s recap

Here’s what you’ll get with Evercoach Accelerator

Core 13-Month Evercoach Accelerator Training, Accountability & Support
(Value $5,000)

Fast-track your business growth with Ajit as your business coach, and his team of master coaches as your accountability partners

Weekly Live Classroom Trainings Over 13 Months (Value $15,000)

In-depth training on a critical facet of your life and business. Monthly Focus includes Creating Amplified Income & Accelerated Client Results, Developing Authentic, Unshakeable Confidence, Transforming Your Relationship with Money for Abundance Overflow, 3-Part Business Mastery for Massive Income Flow & Impact and more

Weekly Accountability Coaching
(Value $5,000 )

High-value task list designed to cut through overwhelm and doubt,  steadily build your competence  skills and create maximum results in the shortest possible time.

4 x In Person Events with Master Coach Ajit Nawalkha (Value $10,600)

4 phenomenal in person events in Austin and Europe where you get to mastermind, brainstorm and immerse yourself in the unforgettable experience of in person coaching and training from world-class master coach Ajit Nawalkha

Personal Note from Ajit

You Owe it To Your Clients, Your Family and Yourself to Reach Your Greatest Potential & Become The Successful, Happy, Healthy Coach You’re Meant To Be…

I believe coaching is one of the most sacred pathways to make a powerful, positive difference in a turbulent, uncertain world.

It’s why I’ve made it my personal mission to empower a million coaches (or more) so they can create life-changing results for clients while living a life of freedom and abundance.

It’s why I started Evercoach, Evercoach Certified Coaches and Evercoach Membership…

And in Evercoach Accelerator I’m giving everything I have to fast-track progress for coaches who are fired up to take their life and business to the next level.

The Accelerator is unlike anything I’ve done previously and so the question that remains is…

Are you going to go through the painful trial and error journey that doesn’t guarantee success OR…

Do you want to transcend the business pitfalls, money mistakes, and serious life problems like health and relationship breakdowns by taking immediate and consistent action…

Using proven-to-work business and personal growth processes and methodologies to hit your biggest, boldest life and business vision by this time next year?

I know the right answer is in your heart right now… the next step is totally up to you!

Love, Ajit

Your frequently asked questions…

Q: What if I need to take a break from the Accelerator?

The Evercoach Accelerator is guaranteed to support you in creating massive upgrades in your mental, emotional and physical well-being and see significant improvement in the income and impact of your coaching business. We’re confident about these results which is why the Accelerator is non-refundable. We encourage you to commit fully and devote the next 13 months to this experience. Dropping off in between is not recommended.

Q. Will the Evercoach Accelerator work for me?

The program is designed so you will succeed if you consistently take action on the weekly tasks and to-dos that have been assigned to you, plus follow through with the expert guidance and advice you receive from Ajit and his team of expert coaches.

Q. Can I ask for a discount if I can’t make it to the Bonus in person events?

Since the live events are bonuses that you’re getting free with the program, you do not get a discount if you are not able to make it.

Q. Will I have access to Ajit and his team any time I want?

Ajit and his team of expert coaches plus support team are always accessible via email. You can also connect with Ajit during live calls to get your burning questions answered.

Q. I’m located outside the United States. Will that be a problem?

Not at all! The Evercoach Accelerator has coached and trained individuals from all around the world. The entire program is designed so it’s easily accessible to any coach with an internet connection, anywhere in the world.

Q: How is the Accelerator different from Evercoach Certifications or the Evercoach Membership?

Evercoach Certifications and the Evercoach Membership give the coaching skills, tools and techniques you need to create results for your clients. The Evercoach Accelerator is a 13-month experiential journey developed around a step-by-step custom-created 4-Pillar Holistic Blueprint with weekly actionables to ensure you reach your goals in your business, while also experiencing growth and breakthroughs in your personal life and finances.

Q. Do I have to attend all live trainings?

You are encouraged to be on all live training calls and classes. But if you have to miss some of them you’ll be able to catch up via replay recordings which will be made available in your online learning portal.

Ajit’s Private Coaching Rates Begin at $150,000 Per Year

The Accelerator gives you access to his unrivaled expertise in a transformational high-touch group setting with built-in accountability and support

One Payment of Just


12 Payment of Just

$679 x 12 Months