We're Creating The Trainers
Humanity Deserves

Evercoach by Mindvalley is a global school of trainers, coaches, authors, speakers and educators.
We produce the top training to empower other educators to drive humanity forward.
We do this by working with the world's greatest teachers, and spreading their ideas for our leading-edge learning technology.
Evercoach by Mindvalley is the train the trainer arm of Mindvalley.

We understand that in order to see our vision of touching a billion lives by 2020 come true, we cannot work alone. Educators are uniquely placed to have transformative impact on their students. We want to create a ripple effect of positive change and personal transformation throughout the world by empowering educators to powerfully impact their students lives while living a life of abundance.

How Evercoach by Mindvalley Works

1. The World’s Best Teachers

Evercoach by Mindvalley works with the world’s leading authors and teachers to produce best-in-class learning experiences in every area of life. Whether it’s Rich Litvin, Michael Neill, Lisa Nichols, Christine Hassler or Steve Chandler, our teachers are men and women at the peak of their field.

We guarantee the best.

If any program on Evercoach by Mindvalley is not the absolute BEST in its category from a design, teaching, or learning experience perspective, our students are entitled to a full refund. We guarantee the best.

In addition to core teachers on our learning platform, we also provide shorter training from 100+ additional teachers: each one a respected leader in their field. You can access this training via our Master’s Circle subscription program.

2. Learning Tech For 500% Better Results

With Evercoach by Mindvalley, all your programs are available for life on Mindvalley Home, which brings together tech and art to make learning convenient, fun, and sexy.

Our programs are about deep educational transformation – but they’re also fun and beautiful works of art that are as much of a joy to experience as a good film, documentary, or music video.

We commission award-winning visual and video artists from across the world to make this happen.

3. A Curriculum For The Future

The Evercoach by Mindvalley curriculum is designed for a future that’s already taking shape. For instance, by 2029 most of us will have access to unbelievably powerful personalized AI on our smartphones – think Iron Man’s JARVIS. According to McKinsey & Company, developments like this, along with monumental innovations in machine learning, robotics, and 3D printing, will cause 45% of jobs to be wiped out in under two decades.

Evercoach by Mindvalley Elevates 3 Key Areas Of The Education Experience

Elevating Personal Self

To be able to create transformations for others, you continually need to upgrade your personal self. Discover how to achieve higher states of self-awareness through practices like meditation and mindfulness.



Advance Strategies To Coach & Train

Transform your coaching practice with the advanced strategies and methodologies taught by world leading coaches and experts — so you can create more profound transformations for all of your clients.



Business Trainings

We don’t just train you on how to coach and create transformations — but to also create clients, build packages and sell with love. So you don’t just share your knowledge with a few but you impact hundreds, even hundreds of thousands.