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Christine Hassler is a best-selling author, keynote speaker, master coach, podcast and TV host committed to guiding people and organizations into their highest potential.

She began supporting people as a life coach and speaker in 2004 after leaving her job as a successful Hollywood agent to pursue a life she could be passionate about. Her powerful combination of qualifications and life experience has made her a world-renown master coach who can move people out of suffering and limitation, and into fulfillment.

Christine holds Masters Degrees in Psychology and Consciousness, Health and Healing, and a Masters Degree in Spiritual Psychology, and is also a certified NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) Practitioner. Her most important and extensive training, however, is from her life experiences. Getting to the other side of career confusion and failure, debt, a body image disorder, family breakdowns, relationship issues and endings, divorce, and health challenges (including depression) have taught her life lessons that she transmits in her coaching to transform people's lives.

She has appeared as an expert on the Today show, CNN, ABC, CBS, FOX, E!, Style, and PBS. She is a member of Northwestern University's Council of 100, the Young Entrepreneur Council and is on the faculty of the University of Santa Monica

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If you're ready to take a deep dive and see real results manifest in your life, say yes.

Boy, I am so grateful that I found Christine and her body of work. Everything she says completely resonates with me and I just know I'm in the right place. When I heard about the course I was so excited because I knew it would be a game changer. You see, reading the books and listening to the podcasts are wonderful, but 100%[expander_maker id="1" more="Read more" less="Read less"] committing to the transformational process and having the courage to do the work are where the magic happens. This course doesn't disappoint - it's the real deal. Say yes to yourself, you're worth it.[/expander_maker]


Her coaching expertise was consistently above and beyond anything.

Christine Hassler's coaching expertise was consistently above and beyond anything I expected. Whether I was working on answering a specific question, or just stuck and looking for guidance, her intuition, business savvy, and creative joy helped to steer and inspire me in extremely helpful directions. She is a godsend!


With Christine's help I feel I have not only found self-love and self-acceptance.

Thanks to Christine's valuable coaching, I was able to shift some major issues that I had been carrying around for years, and that prevented me from living a happy and fulfilling life. With Christine's help I feel I have not only found self-love and self-acceptance, but have also been given some tools that will help me to continue to grow.