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About Ajit

With a passion to love and serve, Ajit Nawalkha has successfully built numerous online brands for coaches, authors, speakers, and online educators. This includes co-founding Evercoach, the leading brand in helping coaches reach their full potential, that has impacted over 140,023 coaches, teachers, and educators.

Ajit is also a business coach that helps companies scale from start-up to $10 million in revenues. With his coaching centered around leadership, management, mindset, product, team and marketing, his clients often report a 30%-200% business growth as a result of Ajit's coaching.

From his experience at Evercoach and his own coaching experience, Ajit co-authored,The Book of Coaching and The Business Book of Coaching. His books have gone on to become best-sellers and have since helped over 10,000 readers discover how to start a coaching business.

Ajit is also known to be the brain behind many successful businesses that are household names. His latest book LIVE BIG: The Entrepreneurs Guide to Passion, Purpose and Practicality is helping thousands of coaches and other entrepreneurs to live a more fulfilling life while building a successful business.

One of his core beliefs is that a life worth living is a life that is dedicated to being of service to others. Ajit's passion and purpose revolve around helping coaches, authors, speakers and entrepreneurs create a positive impact in the greater world. Nothing makes him happier than watching honest, dedicated individuals achieve their dreams; knowing that he played a part in making those dreams come true.

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What Our Students Are
Saying About Ajit

I secured my first coaching client. 

I secured my first coaching client. I have done other coach training but the Quest is the only one that guided me to take action daily. I now focus my mindset on serving

my clients and helping them to get results. This is something that every coach or aspiring coach should go through to help them get on with building their coaching business.
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Larry Scarbeau

Overcomer Coach, Edmonton Canada

I have a clear understanding of who I am, what value I have to offer and who it is exactly that I want to work with and serve on a daily basis.

Before this Quest, I was an aspiring Life Coach with somewhat

of an idea on how to work my Coaching Business. After this Quest, I have a clear understanding of who I am, what value I have to offer and who it is exactly that I want to work with and serve on a daily basis. I set my intention at the beginning to establish a foundation of knowledge to get my Coaching practice off the ground. Not only do I now have the knowledge I need , but I also have the confidence to move forward with my business and become an Extraordinary Coach.
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David Delarosa

Health & Life Coach

I loved the simplicity..

I loved working through this quest on the app when it was convenient to me. I loved the simplicity of the pdfs of the lessons and journal prompts..


Life Coach, Bentonville, AR