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Find your personal brand voice, magnify your unique message and call in your passionate tribe - simply by being in alignment with YOU

Are you a coach, author or speaker struggling to get your unique message heard... by the RIGHT people? In this free Workshop, positioning expert Marisa Murgatroyd will walk you through the Personal Brand Attraction Blueprint and teach you exactly how to create an authentic brand, call in your passionate tribe and achieve superhero status in your field!
Marisa Murgatroyd
Personal Brand Attraction Blueprint

With Marisa Murgatroyd


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Marisa Murgatroyd – Speaker of Personal Brand Attraction Blueprint | Mindvalley Academy

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Join us for this free Evercoach Online Workshop and you’ll learn:
  • Marisa’s formula for uncovering who you are and what differentiates you in your field - plus how to communicate it in a way that truly matters and resonates with your dream clients
  • How to translate the essence of YOU into your communication and visuals to create a highly influential brand and unleash the boldest, most colorful and vibrant expression of who you are online
  • Why having valuable information and sharing it with your “niche” is not enough in today’s oversaturated market... and what to do instead to become visible and stand out
  • How to become an unmistakable voice in the market so that people remember you easily, recognize you quickly, and you’ll never be lost in the noise
  • Why leveraging your values and core beliefs is KEY to building and leading a passionate following, and how to call in your loyal tribe
  • How to stop having an “accidental impression” on people (where they just judge you and walk away) and how to consciously choose who you want to show up as instead
  • ONE powerful 5-minute creative visualization technique to permanently fix problems in your life (you’ll see results in anywhere between a few hours to a few days).
  • The #1 trap that coaches who are insanely good at what they do and truly want to serve fall into when it comes to personal branding… and how to avoid it for yourself
  • Why holding back your true self, trying not to offend others actually limits you in your ability to serve and how to find the courage to fully, boldly express yourself
  • How to shift from not knowing what to say or how to say it to simply BEING and EMBODYING your message to create a stronger connection and deep levels of trust
  • The single most important shift you need to make to break out of the start-and-stop pattern that keeps you going around in circles of resistance instead of sharing your core message with the world
  • And much, much more…. 


Marisa Murgatroyd – Author of The Personal Brand Attraction Blueprint
Instructor Profile

About Marisa Murgatroyd

Marisa Murgatroyd is the founder of Live Your Message and a personal branding expert with an extensive track record of building incredible personal brands that help coaches like you to stand out, become visible and attract a passionate tribe.

For the last four years, she’s been providing branding solutions for 6, 7, and even 8 figure entrepreneurs. Marisa has successfully built, branded and grown her online business from zero to over $1.5M in less than 5 years, while building an amazing tribe of world changing superheroes.

Over the years, she’s watched so many talented and worthy people fail because they didn’t properly brand themselves. It’s a sad, frustrating thing to watch… and it’s absolutely unnecessary.

And in this Evercoach Online Workshop, she’s making her in-depth knowledge about the power of personal branding available to you so that you can achieve superhero status in your field and create a powerful personal brand that’s in alignment with who you are.

As Seen On:

Marisa Murgatroyd – Speaker of Personal Brand Attraction Blueprint | Mindvalley Academy

What People Say About Marisa Murgatroyd

I’ve learned to be more present in my brand...

"I’ve learned that I need to be more present in my brand. Meaning, ME. I’ve thought of this business – dreamt up almost exactly a decade ago as I type this – as a THING that no one would care about. Much less be interested in what I had to say.

I’ve tried four different web design companies at this point. Eating up more than two years and the last dribbles of savings. I feel that I’ve tried everything BUT letting my brand reflect more of me. I am now bringing more of ME into the website. And it feels great."

Testimonial By Mary Ann Einarson – Mindvalley Academy
Mary Ann Einarson
Change Of Art Frames
“Gave me the confidence to put myself, my business and my vision out there”

"I was really struggling with feeling with feeling inadequate and incompetent in my role as entrepreneur and was too much focused on gathering knowledge and not enough on putting myself out there in public. Personal Brand Power gave me the confidence to put myself, my business and my vision out there without holding back. I am now ready to launch and be unstoppable. I feel liberated through the Personal Brand power program."

Testimonial By Anna Herremans – Mindvalley Academy
Anna Herremans
Financial Business Consultant
“I have gotten noticed by other personal development gurus”

"Marisa goes DEEP in helping you understand the psychology behind WHY you need to do what you need to do to market your business and stand out as the leader. Her programs have reinforced that it’s at the “edges” that others notice you and I am not afraid to be “edgy.” I use to sound like every other life/health coach and now I get noticed because I’m being BOLD and edgy with who I am and what I have to offer.

I have gotten noticed by other personal development gurus - because of my story and because of my brand. People email me to say how powerful they think my website is. My following is growing fast because of my message

Testimonial By Emily Filloramo – Mindvalley Academy
Emily Filloramo
Success and Joy Now
“I TRUST more than ever who I am”

"Wow! This is a HUGE shift! I TRUST more than ever who I am and my natural personal and professional abilities to be the perfect foundation to build a successful business. My most important inner shift is the certainty that I am indeed creating a “successful business” that is at the same time “personally rewarding, financially sound, and a great service to the world.

Having been for many years deeply committed to my spiritual path and the values of “awakening consciousness and inner transformation”, the words “business, finances and success” were NOT at all my keywords! Now they are! How good is that?"

Testimonial By Dr. Amore– Mindvalley Academy
Dr. Amore
Sex Coach
“Marisa is the Einstein of message marketing and personal branding”

"I absolutely love what Marisa does. She is the Einstein of message marketing and personal branding. She makes this process so easy to get and implement!"

Testimonial By Margherita Crystal – Mindvalley Academy
Margherita Crystal Lotus
Intuitive Life & Business Mentor
"I have found clarity"

"I have become better at not selling myself short and fully giving away what I have worked on and spent thousands of dollars on over the last 10 years. I have found clarity on the messages I was sending out to the world about my work and my self. I am now ready to get paid exceptionally well for what I have to offer."

Testimonial By Heather Eschuk– Mindvalley Academy
Heather Eschuk
Lifestyle Educator, Yoga and Meditation Adventurist

You are not everybody else

You are unique, special, significant and important in your own authentic way.

So why should you sound and look like everybody else in your field?

Well, the obvious answer is: You shouldn’t :)

Because if you’re just doing what everybody else is doing….

Then nobody’s going to pay attention to YOU.

But I know this is easier said than done.

See, in these noisy, crowded times it has become SUCH a big challenge for coaches, speakers, teachers and online educators like us to be seen. To be heard. And to be recognized by OUR tribe.

It’s becoming more and more difficult for us to communicate our unique message in a way that truly resonates, to attract our ideal dream clients and to connect with them - on more than just a superficial marketing level.

And the most efficient (and rewarding) way to finally stand out, become visible and claim the attention your expertise truly deserves?...

Is by creating a powerful personal brand.

“But I have no idea how to create a personal brand?!

Or what I need to do to stand out in an authentic way….”

You might be thinking that right now. (And you’re not alone!)

But this is exactly why I brought on Marisa to share her Personal Brand Attraction Blueprint in this workshop with you.

So if you’re struggling to figure out the HOW so that you don’t end up as yet another invisible, forgotten brand...

And you’re ready to stand out, be seen and heard - both online and offline...

Then join me and Marisa as we walk you through the exact process of how to identify your voice, attract your loyal tribe and create a personal brand that’s 100% in alignment with you!

Marisa Murgatroyd – Speaker of Personal Brand Attraction Blueprint | Mindvalley Academy

Secure your spot for this Free Evercoach Online Workshop now and learn how to create your Powerful Personal Brand: 

Choose your preferred session to attend, all dates and times are shown in your local time zone.