An Invitation To All Coaches, Trainers and Healers Who Are Fed Up With “Marketing”…

Discover How To Build A 6-Figure Practice Working With Dream Clients… Simply By Focusing On Transforming Lives And Doing What You Were Born To Do

Most coaches mistakenly think that getting clients is about internet marketing, social media, fancy business or email lists. It’s NOT. Join Rich Litvin, co-author of The Prosperous Coach in a brand new peer-to-peer community for coaches and you’ll discover the deep, powerful yet simple principles of 6 figure Client Creation. You’ll learn how to grow your business — on your terms — and focus on what you love to do most: coach.

Dear Coach,

You are driven by a vision.

Confident, successful, powerful—you are driven to make a difference. You are driven to contribute. You are driven to achieve at the highest levels. You have cause to fight and a compelling drive to step up.

That’s why you chose to be a coach.

And now you’re here because you know you have a lot to offer to the world and you are genuinely devoted to making a difference in the lives of others.

You’re also determined to learn how you can become one of those coaches that have figured how to earn six figure annual incomes or more, so you can have both personal freedom and satisfaction.
But at the same time, you’re frustrated because you know that you’re not earning anywhere close to what you sense you can achieve. And you know you could be creating a larger impact with what you have to offer.

And this has you asking, “Why? Why? Why isn’t this working? What am I doing wrong?”

Fortunately, today you’re in the right place.

In this letter, you’re going to discover the key difference between the coach that earns six figures and the struggling coach that barely makes 20 grand.

In fact, just reading this letter will cause a mind shift that will probably add thousands of dollars to your income this year (and possibly tens of thousands if you take what I recommend).

So let’s get started.

Mindvalley has been recognised for Workplace Happiness (World Most Democratic Workplace Award 8 Years Running) and as Top Ten in Customer Support worldwide by So when you order from Mindvalley, you know your happiness is our top priority.

There are high quality clients who are
willing to invest top dollar for your life-changing service.

This is a fact.

The $100 billion coaching industry is pitted to grow 83% by 2018 to make it a $183 billion industry. Not only is coaching a lucrative opportunity, but also it:

  • Is one of the most thriving businesses in the US
  • Allows you to live your dream lifestyle
  • Allows you to NOT hunt for clients but create clients and work with people that you love
  • Has no overheads, complicated tactics are required to learn to absolutely meet your financial goals
  • Is very, very high paying

The opportunity for you to earn a 6-figure income from a fulfilling coaching career is thus highly feasible when you know what to do.

Problem is, most coaches don’t know what to do.

Before I carry on, let me introduce myself.

What if you could join the group of top income earners among coaching professionals?

Here is what I want you to do first.

Go ahead and think of that number that you have been trying to manifest in your bank account. Go ahead, is it $100,000, $250,000 or more…

Take a step forward. Imagine a career where you can coach from anywhere in the world. Imagine a career where you create clients by doing what you love…coaching.

Now think about all the freedom you wanted to enjoy. The time that you get to spend with your family, your loved ones, your friends, your kids.

This is all possible for you.

I don’t say it because of some bizarre distortion of reality I have. I say it because I am living it — right now. I’ve helped many top coaches create this for themselves. And I want you to live it too.

Let’s first look at why you’re struggling.

Most coaches face a “Four Dark Horsemen” problem that shadow their coaching careers and leave them struggling.

“The Four Dark Horsemen Of The Struggling Coach”

You’re an outstanding coach struggling to sign on clients. You find yourself spending more time acting like “The Client Hunter”, while your best talents of coaching sit on the back burner. This leaves you exhausted and unfulfilled.

“The Income Swings”

It’s worse than living from paycheck to paycheck. The struggle to secure consistent, recurring income leaves you stressed and anxious. It can even have you questioning if coaching is the right path for you.

“The Mythical Freedom”

The promising freedom of a coaching career is starting to feel more like a myth. You’re just not finding the time you always wanted, and you spend more hours pinned to your desk instead of spending it with your loved ones and kids or enjoying your hobbies and this leaves you feeling more pressured and upset than ever.

“The Inner Fraud”

You’re brilliant yet you feel like a fraud. This impacts your ability to confidently sell your coaching services, and can even impact the quality of your coaching. And yet you have a sensation deep down that so much more is possible. This leaves you constantly battling between hope and guilt.

“The Client Hunter”

You’re an outstanding coach struggling to sign on clients. You find yourself spending more time acting like “The Client Hunter”, while your best talents of coaching sit on the back burner. This leaves you exhausted and unfulfilled.

The 4 Positive Qualities of Coaches That Hold Them Back The Most Without Them Realizing It

01 You’ve made a difference

Your friends and family have often told you how life-changing your advice has been. And you love supporting them. This however makes you think you will be successful as a coach and that your “future clients” will magically fall into your life and clamour for your advice in the same way your friends and family do. You’re totally unprepared when you suddenly have to become “The Client Hunter”.

02 You strive for growth and perfection

This is a special quality. Part of being a good coach is a strong personal development journey, and you’re used to pushing yourself to learn new skills. However, when it comes to your coaching business, you wait until everything is perfect before you feel you deserve to charge high. This makes you extra hard on yourself, as you doubt your own brilliance and battle with “The Inner Fraud”.

03 You have a strong desire to help others

You also have a strong empathy for people who are struggling in their lives. You can see their pain, and you can also see their solution. You also want to coach anyone and everyone. So the good Samaritan in you then finds it hard to ask for money. This leaves you struggling with “The Income Swing”.

04 You have experienced exponential personal success

You’re a high-achiever. The people around you admire you for your accomplishments and see you as having it all “sorted out”. Problem is, now you are missing your very own support team. And you don’t know how you can break free from “The Mythical Freedom” to achieve true freedom and fulfilment from your coaching career.

Now here’s the good news

You don’t have to change any of these qualities. These are the very qualities that make you a good coach in the first place.

However, as you can see, each of these qualities have an accompanying “Dark Horsemen” that shadow your progress and holds you back.

Now here’s the better news.

By the time you finish reading this letter, you’ll experience a mind shift that can free you from these “Four Dark Horsemen”…

And this will open up your potential to earn $100,000… $200,000… or more a year from your coaching business.

Author Profile

About Rich Litvin

Rich Litvin

My name is Rich Litvin and I am co-author of the book “The Prosperous Coach”

I am recognized as one of the world’s most exclusive coaches and I have a background in behavioural physiology and a Masters degree in Educational Improvement. After two years at the University of Oxford, training as a teacher, I taught in inner city London, rural Africa and South East Asia. I taught psychology and science, I’ve lived in seven different countries and I once taught the son of the world’s wealthiest man.

I started coaching over 12 years ago. And I became a Professional Coach about 10 years ago. Over the years, I’ve coached dozens of coaches—and I’ve had hundreds attend my private Intensives—to take their businesses from five figures to higher 6-figure incomes. I’ve since become one of the most sought after coaches in the coaching world. And I’m the founder and leader of 4PC – an extraordinary community of the top 4% of coaches, leaders and entrepreneurs.

But it wasn’t always that way.

When I first started my career as a coach, I only made $4,500. In the second year, I made $22,000.

It sucked.

And I didn’t know what was the problem.

That’s when I began working on developing the skills and know-how to create high-end coaching practice, and it propelled me into 6-figure income levels faster and more effortlessly than I ever thought possible.

And I’m here to save you from years of struggle by showing you too can do the same. I’ll tell you more about it, but there’s something I need you to do first.

Why should you trust me to take your coaching business into six-figure levels?

Let me tell you a little bit more about my journey of going from a “Struggling Coach” barely making ends meet to a coach that earns at least six figures a year.

I was on a fast-track to becoming a Headteacher in London. But then, I lost my job as a Vice-Principal in 2005.

Just like that—my 15-year career as a teacher was over.

I was devastated. I was embarrassed. And I was humiliated.

Not knowing what to do, I flew to Thailand and spent the next six months living on a beach.

Being trained in deep coaching skills, I’d sit on that beach, day after day, playing with a pack of cards that had coaching questions on the back. And people would come over and ask if they could play.

So I’d coach people.

And I was hooked. I knew this was what I wanted to do.

I used the very last of my savings and flew to San Francisco—where there were more life coaches than anywhere on the planet—because I wanted to master this thing called coaching.

I began a new career, but I only had a few clients, paying only a few dollars a time.

And I had no idea how to get more clients or how to get my clients to pay more.

So I immersed myself in learning how to create clients.

I invested thousands of hours of my time and energy and focus and attention. I read hundreds of books and invested hundreds of thousands of dollars in my professional development.

I traveled the world to learn from the most successful coaches I could find. Some are well known, some you will have never heard of.

I read constantly. I never stopped learning. I risked everything. I failed far more often than I succeeded.

Eight years almost to the day after that humiliating moment where I was fired, I had my first $500,000 year.

I now coach some of the most successful people on the planet (from Presidential candidates to Olympic athletes and Hollywood Film Directors). I coach only three days a week and three weeks a month. I take at least 8 weeks of vacation a year.

And all of this I achieved… during a time when I didn’t have an email list, a landing page or even a business card.

That might surprise you, because it probably goes against everything you’ve heard the “experts” tell you to do, right?

Well, here’s the problem.

The problem is that most of the people marketing to coaches are not coaches.

They are internet marketers, direct marketers, social media ‘specialists’ or coaches who don’t really have a thriving practice of high-paying, high-performing coaching clients.
They don’t know how to actually address the real problems coaches face.

Here’s a question for you: Do you want to coach or do you want to learn the latest fad in marketing?

You want to coach, right?

Then stop worrying about “getting the word out” in order to get clients, or that you need a website and a Facebook page and a Twitter account and an email marketing list and business cards, and…

Stop. Just stop. Because you don’t need any of that.

You already have all the skills you need to create a high-end coaching practice.

While marketing techniques are fantastic at selling books, CDs, products and sometimes even low-priced services, they simply do not work at selling high-priced coaching to high-performing clients.

That’s right.

No internet marketing. No email list. Just one great relationship at a time.

I discovered instead that the only real competitive advantage you have as a coach is to go high-touch not high-tech.

Stop marketing and start coaching

Most coaches are confused and frustrated because every time they connect to the internet they are bombarded with messages about how to succeed as a coach. Ever heard any of these?

Now I need you to throw all of that out of your mind and get ready for a mind shift that can change the way you approach your coaching business and immediately boost your revenue.

Here it is…

Maybe it’s time a coach got coached by a coach.

You don’t need the next internet fad coming from someone who doesn’t understand the coaching business.

You need to learn how to build a coaching business from a coach.

A coach who can support you through overcoming the “Four Dark Horsemen” that’s holding you back. A coach who knows how to guide you through your own blind spots that limit your abundance.

Today, I invite you to learn the secrets I’ve learned about building a successful, prosperous coaching business that gives you the freedom and satisfaction you’ve always dreamed of.

I invite you to stop learning from internet marketers, and join a powerful group of coaches that know how to take you to higher levels of Coaching Mastery.

For the first time ever I’ve decided to share everything that I’ve learned over the last 8 years with a larger audience than my very elite mastermind groups.

After three years of people pleading with me to share with them how I do what I do—and after and an invitation from a mentor and friend to co-author a book— I realized that so many coaches who were just like me…

Outstanding coaches, struggling to sign clients

I even noticed that many of the very best coaches I knew were still billing by the hour and living paycheck to paycheck.

So I began to share my stories. I began to support coaches.

And I began to challenge the way that most people online were telling coaches how to succeed.

For over five years, I have built and run a private community of coaches who interact with each other on a daily basis. These are coaches who have invested thousand or even tens of thousands of dollars to be my one-on-one clients or members of my private Salons. Some of them have flown thousands of miles to join me at my private Intensives.

Today, I’m opening the door to this private community of powerful coaches to you.

Immerse in an elite peer-to-peer learning environment at Evercoach Tribe – a mastermind tribe of powerful and successful coaches.

What You’ll Learn

Introducing Evercoach Tribe:

A Mastermind Tribe Of Powerful And Successful Coaches

Evercoach Tribe is designed to take a community of powerful coaches deeper still into the journey of coaching mastery – so you can stop marketing and start coaching!

By joining Evercoach Tribe you’ll:

01 Learn how to build a successful coaching business from successful coaches

We are not training you to become the best internet marketer. We are giving you the inside ropes to attract quality clients without drowning yourself in marketing, social media, branding, events, books, technology, blogs, infographics and so on. This way, you can finally focus on what you love to do and what you’re best at doing: coaching.

02 Learn the latest coaching tips and powerful strategies online each month

Each month, you will receive a pre-recorded training from me that will help you create a prosperous coaching business. You will also have access to all the recordings of past trainings. As the Mastermind community progresses, I will also be creating new content, classes and trainings to address the most pressing concerns of the community, so you’ll always have relevant training that pushes you to the next level of growth in real time.

03 Interact and engage with me and Evercoach Ambassadors online

Other Evercoach Ambassadors and I will check in on the Mastermind group for your comments and questions. I’ll be answering some of your posts. You’ll be able to actually observe me coaching.

04 Have opportunities to connect with other extraordinary coaches

It will include opportunities to experience what it takes to bring your coaching practice and your clients to the next level. It could take you years to connect with the world’s top coaches, assuming that you can succeed to connect with them all on your own. Evercoach Mastermind is your shortcut to stand on the shoulders of the world’s greatest coaches and join their ranks.

05 Learn from Mindvalley’s “tribe-learning model”

Your learning environment is based on the new technology for peer-to-peer learning developed by Mindvalley that adheres to strict, high quality standards.

Why is peer-to-peer learning regarded by experts as a transformational teaching tool?

Traditional classes give you all the information in one LONG course that frankly, statistics say you’re highly unlikely to complete. Besides if you did — most of that information would be obsolete by the time you got it.

With Mindvalley’s peer-to-peer model, you get powerful insights that are relevant to the coaching industry right now, in real time, from real people finding success in the industry.

But you also get much much more…The Evercoach environment is like being in a constant creative space where you have friends who are in trenches just like you, friends that “get” you, they get your work and they get your challenges. Evercoach is amazingly supportive, accomplished and primed to help each other in our never ending quest to be better coaches.

With peer-to-peer learning:

  • You stay in a creative space where learning is a constant process. New ideas are shared almost every day.
  • You’re able to collaborate with other coaches in the same space as you. Why do it alone? Odds are that another member has had the same challenges and already found a workable solution you can copy.
  • Have a sounding board to share your ideas and get real feedback from other top coaching professionals. In the Evercoach environment, you’ll get immediate and highly profound advice when you need it.
  • Get advanced trainings from Rich Litvin and his trained team of Evercoach Ambassadors on various aspects of Client Creation and the coaching business.

How will the peer-to-peer learning in Evercoach Tribe group work for you?

Peer-to-peer learning is an invaluable learning environment that cannot be replicated in any text book, course, or individual coaching. The high level of conversation, interaction and learning that you will gain from Evercoach’s peer-to-peer learning is based on the high quality standards of listed below.

With this level of quality and transparency, you can expect to be pushed beyond your boundary, to be liberated from the looming shadow “Four Dark Horsemen”, and to stand on the shoulders of other great coaches that propel you into a sustainable and lucrative coaching business, year after year.

  • Improve vs. Prove: Show up ready to improve yourself by learning and experimenting. No need to prove yourself in our community. We’ve all been where you stand.
  • Hide Nothing: Perfect vulnerability is perfect protection, so you’ll gain the maximum value from this group when you are willing to share what is really going on for you—both the lows and the highs.
  • The Lost Art of Bragging: Bragging is not just allowed, it’s encouraged. There are too few truly successful coaches so let’s learn from the best of what we are all doing.
  • Action Over Perfection: Don’t try to create the ‘perfect’ post. Jump right in. Don’t over think what you write. This is the place to make “mistakes”. They’re not mistakes, of course—here is where you get to learn.
  • Specificity Rules: Be specific in everything you discuss, examples are great and detailed questions are even better! Leave no room for someone to pose the question, what do you mean by that?
  • In-person vs. Online: Don’t wait on someone before you take action: reach out to people you find interesting, set up skype calls, meetups, etc…
  • Give vs. Get: You’ll get most value when you show up and really serve others in the group. Don’t hold back. Your insights are valuable. Your fears are valuable—I promise you won’t be alone. Your questions are valuable.
  • Never Coach Without Permission: When you help others solve their problems it will help you solve your own. So please share your insights—but in this group we never coach anyone without permission. Check your coaching hat at the door.
  • Experiment and Play: Put everything you learn here into practice. Test. Test. Test. Do more of what works. Let go of the rest. But this is not a place to lose yourself in reading. It’s your sandbox for imperfect action.
  • Confidentiality: It’s fine to share key insights—but we commit to never share specific details of discussions in this group.
  • Be You: Be vulnerable. Hide nothing.

In Evercoach, you’ll have a safe and confidential space for powerful conversations about coaching and creating clients

I set the bar high for my clients—and I have discovered that you really can set the bar high for an online group, too.

Here are the high standards you can expect when you join Evercoach:

  • A safe space to share your successes. A safe space to share your ‘failures‘—it’s the only way to learn and grow. And a safe space to ask your questions on any topic related to coaching at any level of intensity.
  • We’ll be training a team of Evercoach Ambassadors as active leaders in this community. Each of our selected Ambassadors come from different backgrounds, stories and struggles, so you’ll be able to tap into a variety experiences to overcome different challenges with proven strategies from coaches who have succeeded.
  • And as you demonstrate your commitment to coaching and your support for other coaches, there will be opportunities for you to take on a leadership role within Evercoach.
  • Over time we will create groups for new coaches and coaches who already make 6-figures as well as groups for business coaches, life coaches, marketing coaches, health coaches and more.

Imagine just how much you can learn from a community of successful coaches. Imagine how priceless it will be to have the most powerful coaching network support system at your fingertips accessible to you every day to grow your coaching business exponentially.

Most coaches struggle to share their value with the world. Not Evercoaches.

The Struggling Coach tries to please everyone. Evercoaches serve people and do not try to please them.

The Struggling Coach wants to be comfortable. They want to be liked. They people‐please. And they wonder why their clients miss sessions and don’t show up on time.

Evercoaches know that being uncomfortable is the only way to grow. And because they create such powerful agreements, their clients never miss or are late for a session.

The Struggling Coach has huge dreams that overwhelm them.
Evercoaches have huge dreams, and take tiny steps every day.

The Struggling Coach is scared to ask for money or to state bold fees because they are afraid of rejection.

Evercoaches know there is no such thing as a high-paying client. Your fees are just a filter for the clients you’d love to coach.

The Struggling Coach spends their time creating a beautiful website, stunning business cards, requesting “likes” for their Facebook group and sends out tweets on the hour. Evercoaches coach their butt off.

The Struggling Coach never invested in their own coach. They don’t see the message this sends, that they don’t even believe in coaching enough to invest in it for themselves.

Evercoaches understand that receiving coaching is part of their professional development. They model the power of coaching by devoting a significant part of their time, energy, focus and income to being coached by the best coaches they know.

Are you ready to join the ranks of being an Evercoach?
  • If you are ready to play full out and hold nothing back — you are in the right place.
  • If you are ready to create even one new client — you are in the right place.
  • If you are ready to get vulnerable and dive deeper than most coaches — you are in the right place.

And I look forward to seeing you.

But this intense work is not for everyone.

So if this is not right for you, that’s perfect, too.

Course Information

What you will get in “Evercoach Tribe”

There are four levels to learning: awareness, awkwardness, application, assimilation.

In Evercoach you will journey through each of these levels.

We will explore the language of creating clients. We will explore what it takes to be a leader. We will explore the power of storytelling. We will practice slowing down, saying less and creating space. We will experience putting action before perfection.

In Evercoach Tribe, we will explore six areas:


Creating Clients

In Creating Clients, you will learn effortless and powerful ways to sign clients you love while maintaining your integrity. There are no gimmicks or manipulative techniques. You will develop a system that works for you, building deep, meaningful connections that lead to referrals and clients, time after time.


Fearless Coaching

In Fearless Coaching, you will explore the two levels of fear that coaches face. There is a fear within your coaching which is often expressed as people‐pleasing instead of powerful service. And then there is the fear of “selling” and enrolling clients that typically results in never making bold, life‐changing proposals and having only uncommitted clients.


Deep Inner Work

In Deep Inner Work, you will examine — and move beyond — the deep-seated beliefs that hold most coaches back from success for themselves and their clients.


Building Business

In Building Business, you will learn the formula of creating community. It’s a formula designed to build a relationship. Not even relationships, plural — just one relationship at a time. Honoring the individuality of the person in front of you. Great businesses have always known that the magic is in building great relationships. Coaching is no different. And for you and your career, that is very good news.


Be You

It’s very hard to do what you love when you feel inauthentic. It’s very hard for people to be drawn to you when you don’t feel authentic yourself. Be You. There is no one like you in the world. In a planet of 6.5 billion people, you are a very, very scarce commodity. The more “You” you become, the more you will draw the right people to you. The more “You” you become, the more fun your life will be. And the more “You” you become, the more your clients will pay.



Thrive Calls

There’s a solid reason why we called this platform Evercoach TRIBE. It’s all about community. It’s about interaction. And so, as you already know, there are Evercoach Ambassadors (our “special guests”) among us. You can meet these experienced coaches and mentors in our tribe group, where they are sharing their stories, expertise, offering insights and feedback. But you see, they didn’t want to stop there. They wanted to give you even more support and…

This is how the Thrive Calls have been created.

Thrive Calls are live, group Q&A calls with the Ambassadors, open to all tribe members. This is YOUR chance to mastermind, ask questions and get LIVE answers and feedback.

Now remember, I will be creating new content, classes and trainings to address the most pressing concerns that are being discussed in the Evercoach community, so you’ll always have relevant training that pushes you to the next level of growth in real time.

What Students Say

What Our Community Has To Say About Evercoach Tribe

“I have to say that I feel a bit overwhelmed with joy. I’ve been a coach and consultant for over 11 years and it’s only now, thanks to the encouragement of Rich that I’ve started really reaching out to my friends and setting up Skype video chats, phone calls and in-person coffees. So far, this week I have 15 conversations of various lengths scheduled…for this week alone! And I’m a major introvert but like Rich said, one person at a time, I’m doing good. I’m loving it. A couple of those already ended up with coaching conversations booked. Again, thank you to this group and to Rich for this encouragement!!!”

Christiane Holbrook

Founder of Wild Horse Wisdom


“Am totally swooning at the incredible information and resources available in this space. Wow, wow, wow. Best investment ever. THANK YOU!!”

Hannah Hempenstall

Writer, Personal Development Coach, Healer and Meditation Facilitator


“Since working with Rich, my relationship is re-vitalized, lit-up and big on communication. On a scale of 1-10 for Rich’s coaching, 10 being the best, I felt heard (10), understood (10), and gotten (10) …. 10 any way you call it. Rich Litvin is “the most awesome coach” I have ever, ever had… couldn’t have dreamed of anything more! I felt safe, heard, gotten AND understood! I thank you, Rich, from the bottom of my heart. I love you … thanks!”

Lynn N

“Thank you. I’ve been working toward creating more powerful conversations with prospective clients, but you’ve framed it in a way that allows me to take to another level altogether. Great stuff!”

Kayt Wolf

Los Angeles – Health and Fitness Coach

“WOW watching you in action Rich Litvin has moved me so deeply and something has clicked. I finally feel free to coach how I coach, and to trust that we go where we go and I don’t need to know anything more than what reveals itself to me and my clients in each moment. I feel liberated to commit fully to going deeper and deeper and deeper, because after all, why else am I coaching if I am not deeply coaching every chance I get? I feel that in the week I have been a part of this community, I have taken my time to read the emails, to listen and watch the videos suggested, and I have shifted so much already as a coach, and even as a yoga teacher. Being a COACH takes me to my edge, and because of my deepest desire to shake up, shift, move, inspire, and facilitate the opportunity for transformation, being a coach makes me have to go deeper and deeper and DEEPER into my own journey. And I LOVE that, and then some. AND the freedom and learning and insight I feel as a result is so freaking wildly intense that I cannot help but want to give it away, to share it, and to ILLUMINATE the path for those who want to walk it with me. Your masterclass felt like the missing piece to my questions. Thank you!!!”

Erin Elizabeth Lanahan

Fitness Expert and Health Coach


“Since beginning working with Rich, I now have multiple job offers coming in the door, I’m living in the most luxurious apartment I’ve ever lived in, and have been receiving calls left and right for interviews about my writing. There’s an almost constant feeling of exhilaration in my life. Rich continues to push me to think bigger than I’ve ever thought before and the results are starting to pour in!”

Shane Metcalf


“I would like to acknowledge you, Rich, as you really helped me take the first step on this amazing journey and I have often thought of you. I speak so highly of you. Yesterday, I was speaking of you as someone asked me to write a book. I am currently coaching people on how to build up property portfolios and wealth creation for people earning $300k-$1m+ and we always end up including the mindset you introduced me to.”

Martyn A

“The two years before Rich, I made $50,000 combined. The two years since hiring Rich – $449,000.”

Christina Berkley

Christina started as a struggling coach who became an Evercoach Tribe member, then she became a member of one of my coaching Salons, then I invited her to become an Evercoach Ambassador, then she became one of my private clients and finally she was accepted as a founder member of 4PC.

Impossible is Nothing

I know, I know. But Nike did get it right. You see I watch people do “impossible” things on a regular basis.

Here are just a few examples:

  1. A woman I helped transition from the corporate world to becoming a consultant was offered her first ever contract with a top Hollywood studio at $350,000 for 6 months of consulting.
  2. One of my clients, a British mother of three, came to me with a ‘crazy’ dream of convincing a billionaire entrepreneur to write the forward to her book and become President of her organization. He agreed to do both. And just last month he flew her out to California to meet Oprah.
  3. An Olympic Athlete I worked with was struggling with her blocks around money. Within 24 hours of our first session together, she raised $40,000 of corporate sponsorship.
  4. Last year I spent a single day with a coach. I taught him deep, powerful, yet simple principles of Client Creation. A week later he signed his first-ever $50,000 client.
  5. One of my Apprentices created $250,000 in our first five months working together. He recently signed his second $100,000 client and his practice is now full.
  6. One of my clients is fundraising for his exclusive animal sanctuary. He has now received his first backing from a Hollywood star and is in conversation with one of the wealthiest philanthropists in the world about her becoming a million-dollar donor.
  7. An author I coached was asked to speak at Google about his initiative around Corporate Social Responsibility. After this speech, one of the senior directors of Google joined his Board and he was invited to partner with a Nobel Prize winner to launch his non-profit.
  8. A consultant client generated $200,000 in a year, working just two and a half days a week. She creates clients purely by invitation & referral.
  9. One of my Apprentices now takes a three month sabbatical each year to spend with her four kids. She’s now regularly on tv, her book is about to be published and she fills her coaching programs with ease.

Think you can’t get results like this yourself?

Think again.

Every one of these people thought they had an “impossible” goal. Until they achieved it, of course.

Every one of these people have achieved the “impossible”, and you can too when you’re backed by the powerful support network and unique coaching at Evercoach.

The Mindvalley Advantage

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  • Advantage 1 Evercoach Tribe provides you a peer-to-peer learning environment so you can learn from people doing the same thing as you all around the world. You no longer have to do it alone. There’s a community waiting for you!
  • Advantage 2 We promise you almost immediate results! By joining Evercoach Tribe community, you’ll discover the deep, powerful yet simple principles of 6 figure client creation
  • Advantage 3 Improving the quality of your coaching will accelerate and elevate your business and allow you to make an even greater impact in this world

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Here is what you get when you join Evercoach Tribe today:
  • Monthly pre-recorded trainings where I share best case practices and trainings to be a successful coach
  • Access to the mastermind tribe and connect with other extraordinary coaches
  • Constant support on the group with your biggest challenges
  • Real life solutions from real coaches to problems that coaches face

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It’s Time to Reach Your Greatest Level
of Success

You don’t have to struggle for years trying to get more clients or “more experience” before you can start enjoying a prosperous coaching business that gives you personal satisfaction and freedom.

My clients who are coaches are the top 4% in their field. They make at least $100,000 a year or they have had success in another arena—because success is transferable. I’ll guide you in the exact same way so you too have a thriving coaching practice that gives you the freedom and lifestyle you want to live. I will also answer the most-asked queries from the group, and even better, I am bringing some of my top coaches to come in and help out when in doubt.

This is easily the number one mastermind on coaching business in the world. This is your opportunity to shine.

It doesn’t matter if you want to drive a newer car or take a 5-star family vacation — changing your game in your coaching business is the key — and I am going to help you do just that!

Warning – Time Is A Factor

P.S. A wise man once said everything that we have in life is a direct result of the choices that we make and don’t make. I think the choices that we don’t make are the ones that really matter. I don’t think you ever hear anybody sitting in a nursing home at 80 years old talking about the mistakes of the things that they did do in their life.

It’s always the regrets of the things that they didn’t do that sadden them and depress them in their old age. Make sure you don’t regret this.

P.P.S. Most coaches reach an income limit because they don’t have the skills, resources and support to create a high-end coaching practice. And so they end up being stuck as a struggling coach who spends hours trying to market themselves instead of doing what they do best — coaching.

Which way are you going to go? Are you going to go back to spending a good part of your working day cold calling and giving 30-minute taster sessions?

Or… Are you going to take action and dedicate yourself in an environment where you will learn from a community of thriving coaches, discover how you too can propel to your highest level of success, and take charge of your life and your own business growth?

I know what I’d do. What about you?

Click the “Add to Cart” Button Now to Join Evercoach Tribe and Unlock Your Fullest Potential As a Coach!

Here is what you get when you join Evercoach Tribe today:
  • Monthly pre-recorded trainings where I share best case practices and trainings to be a successful coach
  • Access to the mastermind tribe and connect with other extraordinary coaches
  • Constant support on the group with your biggest challenges
  • Real life solutions from real coaches to problems that coaches face

Monthly Subscription

Flexible payment option for you to get access to the program

(billed monthly)

$299/mo $199/mo

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Yearly Subscription

Get Yearly & Receive 2 Months (worth $389) Absolutely FREE

(billed annually)

$3,588/yr $1,999/yr

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What Experts Are Saying About Rich Litvin

“Rich is a world-class coach”

“Rich is a world-class coach and one of the most naturally confident people I know. If you’re ready to make a real and tangible difference in your life I highly recommend you work with Rich.”

Michael Neill

Internationally renowned Success Coach and author of “You Can Have What You Want” & “Supercoach”

“Rich is a man of deep authenticity, passion & courage”

“Rich is a man of deep authenticity, passion & courage. He is also one of the most skilled & intuitive coaches around. I strongly recommend Rich to anyone looking to take their lives to the next level.”

Jamie Smart

Internationally renowned consultant, coach and author of #1 bestselling book, Clarity

“Rich is THE man to coach you”

“Rich is THE man to coach you if you are looking to be more authentically successful, do less, achieve more, be happier and be your most amazing self. I was a member of The Confident Woman’s Salon and a one-on-one client and I created over $75,000 as a direct result of working with Rich.”

Evelyne Brink

Los Angeles – Author, Performer, Coach, Mother

Frequently asked questions

Come ready to play full out, hide nothing and hold nothing back and you will generate what you are asking for. Do not let anything get in your way.

Life really can be exponential. You are far closer to everything you want than you could ever imagine. Miracles are far closer than you think.

You are not alone anymore. It’s time to put these skills into practice until you are independently wealthy.

Your hunger is inspiring. You’re in the right place.

It’s time to realize your potential. Don’t let it remain bottled up.

It’s time to ask for what you really, really want. It’s time to only coach clients who inspire you. It’s time to master the way you communicate. And, it’s time to recognize the value you create for your clients and make bolder proposals!

So if you are a world-class coach — or you are ready to be…
 If you are a high achiever with a big vision ahead of you…
 If you want to create a bigger impact and to leave a legacy…
I’ll see you inside the Evercoach Mastermind.

Click the “Add to Cart” Button Now to Join Evercoach Tribe and Unlock Your Fullest Potential As a Coach!

Here is what you get when you join Evercoach Tribe today:
  • Monthly pre-recorded trainings where I share best case practices and trainings to be a successful coach
  • Access to the mastermind tribe and connect with other extraordinary coaches
  • Constant support on the group with your biggest challenges
  • Real life solutions from real coaches to problems that coaches face

Monthly Subscription

Flexible payment option for you to get access to the program

(billed monthly)

$299/mo $199/mo

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Yearly Subscription

Get Yearly & Receive 2 Months (worth $389) Absolutely FREE

(billed annually)

$3,588/yr $1,999/yr

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