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Master’s Circle

by Jason Goldberg & Ajit Nawalkha

Master’s Circle is an exclusive, one-of-a-kind program that takes you behind the scenes and teaches you step by step HOW the best coaches in the industry personally achieve their greatest results - both financially and for their clients. We’ve created Master’s Circle for you in order to provide answers to all of these burning questions!

As a Master’s Circle subscriber, you get:

  • Monthly exclusive coaching demonstration and training with Jason Goldberg and other best coaches in the industry.
  • Monthly business building strategies and models training with Ajit Nawalkha.
  • Step-by-step systems and strategies to consistently enrol new clients & grow your coaching business.
  • An online community where you can engage, interact and grow with your hosts – Jason & Ajit, and other coaches from around the world.
  • Learn on-the-go with the Mindvalley Academy mobile app for iOS and Android.

Evercoach Tribe

by Rich Litvin

Most coaches mistakenly think that getting clients is about internet marketing, social media, fancy business or email lists. It’s NOT. With a brand new peer-to-peer community for coaches, you’ll get powerful insights that are relevant to the coaching industry right now, in real time, from real people finding success in the industry. You’ll learn how to grow your business - on your terms - and focus on what you love to do most: coach.

As a Evercoach Tribe subscriber, you get:

  • Instant access to over 30 hours of previous episodes, plus two new episodes every month.
  • Access to an unique peer-to-peer learning environment at Evercoach Tribe – a mastermind tribe of powerful and successful coaches.
  • Opportunity to engage, interact and grow with your host – Rich Litvin, Evercoach Ambassadors and other extraordinary coaches.
  • Learn on-the-go and access all episodes with Mindvalley Academy mobile app for iOS and Android.


by Christina Berkley

The key to building a 6-figure coaching practice is to learn about ALL the elements of a successful coaching practice, how they work, and how to apply it with your own creativity to design A PERSONAL recipe of success that perfectly fits your individual style and life goals. In this program, you’ll learn how to master the elements of a 6-figure coaching practice and build yourself a larger, more encompassing coaching practice that is truly satisfying — both for the bottom line and for your heart.

Client Mastery

by Bryan Franklin & Jennifer Russell

Even if you’re afraid of selling, feeling insecure or never led a sales conversation in your entire life, joining Client Mastery will turn you into a heart-centered sales master who’s easily making 6-figures or more. Client Mastery is a highly effective 3-step training designed to activate the natural sales person that’s already within you! So that you can confidently close sales with ease and joy while establishing a true connection with your clients.



by Franziska Iseli

Doing successful workshops and live events positions you as an expert and authority in your industry and allows you to build a reputation in the marketplace faster and more efficiently than anything you could ever do online. With this systematic framework for coaches, you’ll learn how to amplify your message, get high-paying dream clients with ease, and make an extraordinary impact in this world… by leveraging the power of workshops and live events.

The Prosperous Coach Power Pack

by Rich Litvin & Steve Chandler

Thousands of coaches have already transformed their lives with “The Prosperous Coach” ebook that helped them break free from being a “struggling coach” to becoming an extraordinary coach who creates more impact, earns more income, and enjoys more freedom. For the first time, you can access “The Prosperous Coach” by Steve Chandler and Rich Litvin as a multimedia learning experience in “The Prosperous Coach Power Pack” for deeper learning and transformative results.


by Lindsay Wilson

Booked is not just another sales program that teaches you the standard tricks you can find in any corner of the internet…. Booked is Lindsay’s life work packaged into a program that’s tailor made for coaches like you - because it honors your values, beliefs and, most importantly, your integrity. Joining Booked will allow you to skyrocket your sales and your business, to create sustainable transformation with your prospects, to serve at the highest level possible and to get your gifts out there…. in a way that feels authentic and true!

Three Dimensional Coaching

by Blaine Bartlett

For the first time ever, Blaine Bartlett in collaboration with Evercoach has created and opened to the public a comprehensive home study course — based on his 40 years experience and a book of the same title. With this holistic Three Dimensional Coaching model, you’ll learn how to become a transformative coach & phenomenal leader.

HP² — The High-Performing, High-Performance Coach

by Rich Litvin

High-Performing, High-Performance Coach — or HP² for short — is a super-effective training program for coaches who want to overcome their own success blocks, access their highest performing self, rapidly increase their income and simply thrive at what they do best… coaching! In this program, you’ll learn a 4-pillar plan to building a highly profitable & prosperous coaching practice in a better, more powerful & more efficient way.

The Creation Method

by Michael Drew

From The New York Times to the Wall Street Journal, Michael Drew has put 85 consecutive books (and counting!) on national bestseller lists. With this proven step-by-step system, you’ll discover how to write the bestselling book that you always dreamed of writing, how to capture your expertise and craft your masterpiece minus confusion, procrastination, and writer’s block. You’ll be able to write a bestselling book that will change your life and the lives of the people you touch with your words and wisdom.

Master Coach Training Program

by Blaine Bartlett & Jessica Nazarali

Led by Blaine Bartlett – experienced Master Coach of more than 25 years – and Jessica Nazarali – younger Master Coach and expert in modern day marketing practices specifically tailored to the needs of new coaches. This self-paced training program will not only enable you to become a skilled, confident and results-driven coach, it will also give you all the tools, frameworks and strategies you need in order to market your practice successfully and find the perfect paying clients for you.

Your Keynote

by Sam Cawthorn

Imagine if you could step onto any stage, anywhere in the world, and give a speech no one in the room would ever forget… Rockstar coach, best-selling author, and one of the top names in the speaking circuit — Sam Cawthorn — reveals his personal secrets to becoming a well-paid professional speaker... even if you’ve never delivered a speech in your life! Your Keynote is a power-packed, step-by-step video training series that will show you how to write extraordinary speeches and create amazing onstage presence that will wow your audience.