Coaching packages.

Two words that are thrown around a lot. Marketing and sales gurus advise that if you’re a coach, creating packages for your ideal clients is the way to go.

But what are coaching packages? How do they actually help you grow and expand your practice?

At its core, a coaching package involves a number of defined elements — a definite timeframe, a specific result and a set price point. Packages can range from a few hours to a 6-month timeframe or even longer.

Some of the rockstar coaches I know create long-term packages that stretch out over a year. Clients who follow through with these often achieve epic results.

But not all coaching packages are created equal. There are a number of serious mistakes many great coaches make when it comes to putting together their packaged services. 

These mistakes will cost you a lot — in terms of reputation and income. Here are the 3 massive mistakes I’ve seen coaches make when it comes to creating packages that sell.

Mistake #1: Style Minus Substance

This one is so common that even the best in the business make this mistake.

Let’s imagine you’re starting to create a coaching package.

You think about how much your clients will dig the 2 live retreats you have planned, the group mastermind calls, the one-on-one calls and the follow ups for accountability…

So you go ahead and focus on these elements. 

You tell your clients all about them. You design your marketing strategy around them and your copy highlights these elements. You’re excited and you can’t wait to see who signs up. But when you put the package out there, you’re met with stone, cold silence.

Maybe one person signs up. Maybe no one does. You’re left wondering what went wrong.

This is a good time to reexamine your coaching package with fresh eyes and ask this question: Did I highlight the features or the results?

A result is the actual outcome that your client can expect to achieve. Live retreats are great but what is the outcome that your client will get from attending?

For instance, you could highlight that a live retreat offers opportunities for incredibly powerful, spontaneous ideas that arise from unplanned conversations…

This is something that rarely happens in an online meetup where everyone is locked behind a screen, thousands of miles apart from each other. 

When you’re designing and marketing your coaching package, never opt for style over substance. Always focus on the results or outcomes your clients can look forward to and not just the features.

Mistake #2: Confusing Options


When you create coaching packages, you must minimize the number of options you offer your clients.

It sounds counterintuitive but fewer package options equals to more sign ups.

For instance, if you design a 6-month package with 2x one-on-one calls a month with another option that includes 2x one-on-ones plus a group mastermind call and yet another that includes 3x one-on-one calls but no group call…

You’ll end up with just one thing — a confused potential client.

And let me just say here that a confused potential client is a lost client. It’s a simple as that. 

Keep your coaching packages simple and offer 2 options at most. This makes it easier for your clients to make a decision to hire you — which is exactly what you want. 

Mistake #3: Going For Everything

Never dilute your ability to create results by spreading yourself too thin. 

If you’re a mindset coach, think about the areas that you want to be known for… The areas where you have already created results for your clients.

Are you exceptionally good at increasing your clients’ self-confidence? Maybe you’re good at helping them overcome procrastination or perfectionism?

Your coaching package needs to be designed around one, powerful, solid result.

Not a range of disappointing, “almost-there-but-not-quite” outcomes.

You can always branch out from a key area…

For instance, marketing is also related to sales and copywriting — but always return to your central zone of genius…

This is the area where you can pretty much guarantee a positive outcome for your client.

Great, results-driven coaching packages are a smart and simple way to establish your expertise and create a reliable, consistent income in your practice. 

Keep in mind that a carefully crafted coaching package that delivers results can turn you into the hottest coach in town with a long waiting list of repeat clients.

So, if you’re a brand new coach, creating coaching packages should be your priority.

If you’re an established coach, never stop looking for good ideas for your next package and always focus on improving the ones that you already have.

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Ajit Nawalkha

Ajit Nawalkha

Ajit Nawalkha is the Co-founder of Evercoach. He is passionate about disrupting industries and creating positive change. Ajit is a business coach himself.

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