Most coaches I know have a love-hate relationship with social media platforms.

I used to be in the hate camp for the longest time.

The thought of sharing my personal stories, my business ups and downs, and my vulnerabilities all over social media would make me cringe, and go hide under a blanket. And yet, as I learned to embrace these platforms and use its power to attract clients into my business, I realized its true potential.Today, I use Facebook to build my brand, collaborate with industry leaders, share my content, grow my audience and attract dream clients. The truth is, Facebook has the power to explode your coaching business for you. 

Contrary to what many coaches believe, you don’t need to set up base on each and every social media platform to create a winning business. I see a lot of people out there dabbling on different platforms – a few Facebook posts here and there, a couple of tweets, some LinkedIn connections, a little Instagramming. Social media doesn’t work that way. You’ll simply end up wasting hours of your time if you keep showing up as a social media butterfly or without a consistent online marketing plan.

The trick is to focus on and master one or two platforms, and use them in a strategic manner to build your brand, grow your tribe and attract paying clients.

And Facebook serves as the perfect platform for both emerging and established coaches, because no matter what your niche is and who your clients are, you will always find them on Facebook.

In this article, I am sharing 4 powerful ways in which Facebook can explode your coaching business for you.

#1 - Build Relationships Through Facebook Groups

Facebook groups are a great way to connect with potential clients and collaborators. However, there is an art to promoting yourself in Facebook groups. Here’s what it looks like –

Start with posting and engaging in two or three groups that are full of thousands of your ideal clients. Make sure the groups you pick are engaged, allow promotions and aren’t flooded with offers.

  • In Week 1, start with introducing yourself, sharing your story and offering valuable posts around your area of expertise. Let people learn more about you and the work you do.
  • In Week 2, start delivering more value in the form of tips, how-to’s, and free assessments and sessions so people can experience your work.
  • In Week 3, invite people to join your email list, or attend a free webinar, tele-call or challenge that you host. This helps you to establish yourself as an expert, and since people already know who you are, saying yes becomes easy for them.
  • Finally, in Week 4 and beyond, start promoting your paid offers. Even at this stage, remember to still continue providing valuable content to potential clients.

The key is to build relationships with people in these groups. Engage with other posts, start conversations, take genuine interest in others, and most importantly, stay consistent. You may not get much engagement in the beginning, but as people get to know you, they’ll be more inclined to respond to your content and offers.

Promoting myself in Facebook groups is exactly how I signed up my first five clients within a few weeks of starting my coaching business.

#2 - Start Your Own Facebook Group

If you enjoy mingling in Facebook Groups, starting your own Facebook group may be the perfect next step for you.

Creating your own group is a great way to gather and grow your community, and inspire others to become raving fans and paying clients. Yes, you can do this through your weekly emails too, but your Facebook group will expedite the know, like and trust factor for you, because your tribe will see you live in action - answering questions and providing value.

Facebook groups also allow you to host great Live Videos, which means your people can actually experience your work firsthand and connect with you on a deeper level. A great win-win for both you and your clients!

Plus, Facebook groups showcase you as your most authentic self, and allow your followers to be honest and vulnerable with you. After all, people are more likely to engage and share their struggles in closed communities.

My favorite way to grow a Facebook Group is to host a challenge or a free course, that requires people to join your group to participate. Choose the topic of the challenge or course carefully, to ensure that only your ideal clients are joining your Facebook group.

Focus on providing lots of value during the course or challenge, and you’ll create life-long fans for your work within a short amount of time.

#3 Use Facebook Advertising to Grow Your Audience


Facebook Ads have been one of my best marketing investments as a coach.

I’ve used Facebook Ads to market my webinars, challenges and opt-in offers, which in turn have exploded my email list, and helped me book my coaching business solid in a few short months.

Facebook Ads can be used in multiple ways. You can choose your budget, demographics, location and other details that will allow you to best target your ideal clients. A great way to use ads is also to retarget back to your website visitors and your Facebook Page fans. This way, you can expose your ads to people who have already shown interest in your business and your offers, and lead them to either subscribe to your list or sign up for a low-investment offer.

However, it’s important to remember that you are burning your hard-earned money with paid advertising of any sort. So, if you haven’t set up Facebook Ads before and are doing it for the first time, I urge you to learn how to set up ads properly or hire an expert to do it for you.

#4 Optimize Your Facebook Business Page

This is by far the easiest one, and yet the most neglected one by most coaches.

Whether you are mingling in Facebook groups or running Facebook Ads, the first point of contact for your potential clients is going to be your Facebook Business Page. So make sure it is set up for success.

Here are a few things to take care of-

Keep your page updated. The worst thing you can have on your Facebook Page is a post that is several months old. Be sure to share consistent valuable content, upcoming events and real life stories on your page, to keep your content fresh and your audience engaged.

Set up an eye-catching cover photo
that promotes your latest webinar, tele-class or opt-in and add a call-to-action button to encourage potential clients to sign up for your opt-in and grow your list. This is a great way to turn curious visitors into subscribers.

And finally, invite potential clients to like your page. With the recent changes in Facebook’s algorithm, a very small percentage of your page fans can actually see your content organically. But a big fan base has several advantages. Firstly, it showcases that you are an industry leader, because people often associate Facebook Page likes with your expertise and your reputation in the industry. Secondly, you can retarget your fans with your Facebook Advertising – this will help to significantly lower the cost of your ads.

So those are the four ways you can explode your coaching business by simply leveraging this one social media platform.

Whether you’re an emerging coach or an established one, it’s time to embrace Facebook and use its power and reach to multiply your following, cultivate raving fans and bring in those paying clients.

Avni Palekar

Avni Palekar

Avni Palekar is a Business Coach and Marketing Expert, specializing in helping coaches and entrepreneurs stand-out online, build a tribe of raving fans and attract dream clients. With an elite business degree, five years of marketing experience and a coaching certification under her belt, she now helps women quit their day jobs to create a profitable online business.

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