You need a lot of time, effort and energy to become a great coach and create a successful coaching practice.

You’ll need to survive on very little sleep and even less exercise before you’re finally rewarded with a practice that draws in a great income…

This is what many coaches believe, but it's not the ultimate truth.

Yes, you do need determination and that burning desire to create change and transform the lives of your coaching clients.

You need to be persistent, consistent and ready to receive feedback.

But none of that matters if you don’t have the right mindset and actionable strategies.

The right mindset will help you fine-tune your abilities and capabilities as a coach and the right actionable strategies will help you grow your practice and accelerate success.

Here are some of the most powerful, effective and fast-working strategies and mindsets you need to adopt to become a rockstar coach with a thriving practice.

Game-Changing Technique #1: Go Deep


The fastest, most effective way to achieve success as a coach in terms of income and results for your clients is to reduce — or even remove — random one-on-one coaching sessions from your offerings.

It is exceptionally hard, maybe even impossible, to help a client achieve lasting results in just 60, 90 or 120 minutes.

If you currently rely on one-on-one model as your central income or revenue source, you need to stop. Now.

Replace this with long-term coaching packages that deliver a specific result.

For instance, if you’re a mindset coach, you could offer a coaching package to help your clients overcome procrastination, or if you’re a health coach, you could offer a package that will create lifelong healthy eating habits.

Packages are essentially a series of coaching hours where you work with a client for a set number of weeks or months.

Your coaching packages could be 10-hours, 20-hours or even longer.

When you offer results-driven coaching packages, it’s great for you because you’ll get to generate more income with each client you enrol and you’ll get to go deep and work with clients who are ready to take action …

And it’s great for your clients because they’ll achieve the outcome that they’re looking for.

Everybody wins.

Game-Changing Technique #2: Consider Your Phase


If you’re keen to create a successful, profitable coaching practice, you need to ask yourself this question, “Where am I in my life?”

The phases of life matter a great deal. Where you are in your life will influence every part of your journey to success.

It will influence all of your decisions, from the time you have to spend building your practice to even your income goals.

If you’re in your 20s, your responsibilities, interests and what you have going on in your life would be very different from that of a 45 or 50-year-old coach.

So, know your life phase and take it into account when you create your business goals.

Game-Changing Technique #3: Don’t Be a Friend


One of the biggest mistakes I see new (and even established) coaches make is that they allow their clients to treat them as a friend.

This is may not seem like a bad thing on the outset, but it is and here’s why…

The relationship between a coach and a client is one that is powerful yet delicate.

If your client begins to see you as “just a friend”, you lose some of your authority and maybe even your credibility.

While an emotional connection is important when you work with your client, coaching is ultimately a profession and your relationship with your client must remain professional at all times.

If your client thinks of you as a friend, your coaching session can quickly turn into an off-track, time-wasting conversation about your client’s favorite series on Netflix.

Be approachable, be kind but always maintain a respectable distance that allows you to do your job as a coach so you create the results your clients want and need.

Your reputation and your client’s future depend on this.

Game-Changing Technique #4: Become More Than a Coach


You became a coach to help. You became a coach to serve. You became a coach so you could make a difference in people’s lives…

But you can’t do any of that if no one knows you exist.

The coaching industry is getting more crowded and more competitive even as you read this sentence.

And while you may not feel naturally inclined to be “visible” and “ talk about yourself and your services”, you need to take action in this direction if you are serious about creating a thriving practice…

Begin to see yourself as more than “just a coach.”

Start to build a brand.

At its core, a brand is a promise. Your message is at the center of it and your logo, your copy, your colors and all the rest are aligned with it.

These elements need to work together to support your central message or promise and shape a client’s perception of who you are, what you stand for and what you can do for them.

Without a brand, you are just another coach in a sea of coaches…

And that dream you had about transforming lives is likely to remain just that…

A dream.

I connect with coaches all over the world and I’ve found these strategies and mindsets are some of the most powerful game-changers that you can use to be the best coach you can be as you create a successful coaching practice.

Start implementing any one or all of these techniques and you will immediately see a massive improvement in your income and your ability to create results for your clients.

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Ajit Nawalkha

Ajit Nawalkha

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