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The Ultimate Facebook Guide For Coaches

Social media can be an incredible waste of time! But social media can also be a tool that, if used properly, will help you to expand and grow your coaching business and brand like nothing else can! Check out this Ultimate Facebook Guide for Coaches! We’ll help you learn how to get started using Facebook to build your brand and business, and give you a few tips to help you expand and reach more people via Facebook.

The Power Of Vulnerability: How Vulnerability Helps You Get Through To Your Clients

There’s a common conundrum that many coaches suffer from at some point in their careers. Example: “I’m a business coach and I’m having some cash flow issues in my own business right now. How can I possibly coach someone on how to run their business?” In this article, we’re going to discuss that being vulnerable is not bad at all. In fact, vulnerability is hot right now. Not only is vulnerability in style, but your market is also craving it from you.

How To Build A Group Coaching Product

There are two very simple ways of growing your business: offering more products to your audience or finding more audience to engage with your products. It is usually much easier to offer more products to your audience. This is also true as getting new audience is pretty expensive these days. One of the easiest, less time intensive additions you can make to your portfolio is a ‘Group Training’ or ‘Group Coaching’ program. Check out this article, where Ajit Nawalkha explains exactly how to build a Group Coaching Program.

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